FEBRUARY 15, 2024

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Caracal USA announces its CAR816 A2 SBR was awarded the 2023 On Target Magazine Editors’ Choice Award. The CA816 A2 SBR is featured in On Target Magazine’s most recent edition in the article “Caracal CAR816 A2 SBR: The Most Durable AR on the Market Today?” written by Dave Bahde.
Silencer Central announced its participation in the 2024 Western Hunting & Conservation Expo, February 15-18, 2024, created by the Mule Deer Foundation and Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife, in Salt Lake City.

Shoot Like A Girl kicks off its 2024 Elevate Tour at Bass Pro Shops in Daytona, Florida for NASCAR’s Daytona 500 this week. The interactive event aims to introduce women and their families to shooting sports in a fun, safe, and comfortable atmosphere.
AG Composites is now offering bottom metals on its best-in-class custom rifle stocks. The company currently offers two configurations of bottom metals: the AG M5 and the AG BDL.
High Speed Gear® unveils its latest innovation, the SF Wrap Pads. Featuring G-Form’s patented SmartFlex™ Non-Newtonian impact additive technology, these revolutionary pads are meticulously designed to mitigate shock, effectively reducing fatigue by dampening the transfer of energy to the end user.

On Friday, February 2nd, 2024, The NRA Foundation presented four Pennsylvania groups with grant awards at the Opening Ceremony of the Great American Outdoor Show. Each year, The NRA Foundation allocates half of all net event proceeds for use by the state in which it was raised.
Media Lodge announced that Katey Powers has been promoted to the position of Vice President of Sales. Formerly serving as the company’s Senior Sales Director, and prior to that, Director of Operations, Katey's elevation underscores her exceptional contributions and leadership in driving the company's growth and success.
Reptilia announces the assignment of NATO Stock Numbers (NSNs) to several of its flagship products, a significant step towards enhanced global accessibility and recognition within the defense industry.

Dead Air Silencers announced the hiring of Dallin Hanchett as the new Customer Service Manager based at the new Dead Air Silencers headquarters building in Heber City, UT.
Old Glory Bank released a new radio ad which uses humor to highlight the "woke bank cancel culture" infecting many of the nation’s financial institutions.
The Outtech Sales Services team continues to grow and is excited to announce the addition of Dyson Renn as a Regional Manager for the independent channel. Dyson will be working with retailers in Pennsylvania and western New York.

GOSAFE announces the sale of GOSAFE Mobile Safe units to the United States Marshals Service. Deployment of the Mobile Safes will begin with personnel serving in the Minnesota District.
Celerant Technology announces a new integration with Orion Wholesale. The partnership and new integration allows FFL dealers to streamline inventory replenishment and expand their offerings, both in-store and online.
Weatherby and renowned outdoorsman Remi Warren announced their partnership in mid-January. The duo unveiled the Live Wild Edition rifle — a masterpiece born from Remi's wealth of hunting experience and Weatherby's legendary craftsmanship.

Henry Repeating Arms introduced a collection of officially licensed U.S. Border Patrol 100th Anniversary Tribute Edition rifles in partnership with the Border Patrol Museum and Memorial Library Foundation in El Paso, Texas, to celebrate the agents and employees who have stood at the forefront of America’s security since its establishment by Congress in 1924.
Silencer Central announces a significant milestone in its journey with the adoption of Netsuite as its new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This strategic move marks a pivotal moment for the company as it is required to support significant and continued growth and enhanced automation capabilities.
TAG Precision announced the launch of their new brand and the inaugural line of handgun sights equipped with their patented FiberLok technology. TAG Precision is renowned for manufacturing components for many popular firearm brands and is now ready to bring its most advanced solution directly to consumers.

The RTS Tactical Bulletproof Memory Foam Pillow stands as an unassuming yet highly effective layer of protection for you and your loved ones in the event of a violent home invasion. The Bulletproof Memory Foam Pillow puts Level IIIA or Level IIIA+ armor protection immediately in-hand.
Vortex is excited to introduce the new Defender-ST™. It's the new all-purpose micro red dot designed for everything–from your handgun to your shotgun, paired up with a carbine, or piggybacked on your AR’s LPVO.
German Precision Optics USA (GPO) announces the expansion of its award-winning Passionô binocular line with the introduction of the new PASSION 15x50 HD binocular.
This week on’s No Lowballers Podcast, the team sits down with Larry Zanoff from famed prop house Independent Studio Services and “Hollywood Weapons” on Outdoor Channel.
Remington Ammunition has kicked off the Full Safe Sweepstakes - Big Green’s biggest consumer sweepstakes yet. Featuring a massive prize assortment from leading industry brands including Remington Arms, Remington Safes, Nighthawk Custom, Leupold Optics, Silencer Central, and Remington Ammunition, sweepstakes entrants can win one of two prize packages.
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources Ortonville, Pontiac Lake, Rose Lake and Sharonville shooting ranges will be closed for the Presidents Day holiday Monday, Feb. 19. The ranges will reopen Thursday, Feb. 22.
Hornady is proud to become the Title Sponsor of the Precision Rifle Series. The Precision Rifle Series is dedicated to the promotion and growth of the sport of competitive precision rifle shooting.
Silencer Central is proud to announce its participation as a Longbeard Sponsor at the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) Convention and Sport Show February 14 to 18 in Nashville.

Once more we have witnessed a murderous attack at a house of worship, this time at the famous Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. Thanks to the quick action of off-duty law enforcement, acting as church security, only the attacker is deceased as of press time. The child she was using as a shield (her child) is in critical condition as these words are typed.

Having scrolled through numerous news stories in preparation for this piece, every single journalist missed the opportunity to drive home the primary lesson or learning point from this incident and that is: only those present at the moment of the attack will be able to stop or minimize the death and destruction.

Add the Lakewood Church assault to the one in White Settlement, Texas and the Greenwood, Indiana Mall attack as examples of armed citizens stopping would-be mass murderers. These incidents fly in the face of those who will tell you that “guns are not the answer” because you can call 9-1-1.

9-1-1 is a Death Sentence

As witnessed at Columbine High School, in Parkland Florida, and Uvalde, Texas, the advice to call 9-1-1 and wait for the police to show up is a literal death sentence when a monster intent of committing a mass murder is present. Every time the “Just call 9-1-1” advice is taken, innocent people die needlessly.

When an armed killer; hatchet, machete, or gun, enters a public place with the intent of maiming or killing as many innocent people as possible, we need to view the 9-1-1 system as “too little, too late.” The people who are dispatched will be tasked with the cleanup, not stopping the attack from taking place.

A five-minute response time, which is fast, is still far too long to prevent mass murder unless the people who are present the moment the attack begins take action to stop it. Opinions about guns or gun owners be damned, that facts remain and numerous real-world examples bear them up.

Security is More than Having a Gun

When asked whether their church had a security program, an acquaintance stated, “Well, they allow people who have carry permits to carry in church.” Folks, guns are effective tools for stopping homicidal maniacs, but having a gun in your pocket does not make you security.

I have also had people tell me “We have a few cops in our congregation and they carry off-duty.” Possessing a firearm and having the skill to use it effectively on demand are both important, but those are just a part of the equation.

You and your brain are the operating system for your firearm. In the previous scenario, a person with a CCW permit sitting in the third pew with his back to the main entrance is not going to have much hope of stopping a maniac who walks into the sanctuary and indiscriminately opens fire on parishioners.

Organized Church/Synagogue Security

Training for church security requires classroom work, “walking the ground” on the physical premises and work on the range


A true or genuine Church/Synagogue Security program must be deliberately organized and coordinated to have any hope of being an effective deterrent or solution to an attack on the innocent people inside.

We cannot just expect that off-duty police officers or CCW permit holders who happen to be members of the flock are going to assume the mantle of security just because we would like them to do so. Security must be deliberate and purposeful, not an afterthought, if it is going to be of any use.

Through Student of the Gun University, I developed the Legion of Michael Church Security training program several years ago. There is also a companion book with the Legion of Michael name. I took a lifetime of experience providing executive protection and put that knowledge into the course.

In addition to addressing the carrying of firearms and training with such, we dive into subjects such as the importance of observation or being a trained observer, communication and teamwork, less-than-lethal use of force, how to select team members, and developing SOPs.

Just as importantly, we spend time considering the biblical and historical justification and support for the use of deadly force in the defense of innocent life. Contrary to some opinions, it is not a sin to use a firearm to defend your congregation from a murderous lunatic.

Not About Money

When the topic of church or synagogue security comes up, one of the first areas that people will go to is money. “We’re a small congregation, we cannot afford a security team.” Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church has lots of money and we have seen that they spend some of it by hiring off-duty cops to act as security. That’s fine.

Nonetheless, the financial investment to create a well-functioning and effective church security team is relatively small. What is most important is the investment of time and energy by faithful members of the congregation. After the initial training and education, the primary cost encountered will be radios and perhaps surveillance cameras (cameras do NOT provide security, ergo the term “security camera” is a misnomer).

Our churches should not need mercenary security teams and I would argue that dedicated volunteer members of the congregation would be best suited to address the security needs of the facility after they have received training and become organized. That statement that police officers are better trained and equipped to be security is complete sophistry.

Refusal to Accept Reality

Given all the previous statements; the demonstrated factual reality that calling 9-1-1 and waiting is the worst possible way to deal with a murderous attack at a church, why are there still houses of worship who refuse to create security teams? Cognitive dissonance could be to blame.

Yes, it is true that we would all rather return to a world where church security teams are not necessary. That would be great, but that is not reality. Reality dictates that we have allowed evil men and women to grow and flourish in our nation. Many of our churches have become apathetic to sin and the sinful behavior of our society.

Whether you like the idea of people carrying guns in church or not, that does not alter the reality that evil creatures are regularly targeting our houses of worship to carry out the business of Satan. You can either accept that as the reality of this world or you can ignore it.

The information, education, and training to organize and coordinate an effective church security team is available. Whether or not you take advantage of it is a matter of free will.

Paul G. Markel is the founder of Student of the Gun University and has been teaching Small Arms & Tactics to military personnel, police officers, and citizens for over three decades. He is the author of numerous books and is a combat decorated United States Marine veteran.

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