FEBRUARY 15, 2024

Weatherby Introduces New Mark V® with Remi Warren

Weatherby® Introduces New Mark V® with Remi Warren

Sheridan, WY – Weatherby and renowned outdoorsman Remi Warren proudly announced their partnership in mid-January. Today, the duo is excited to unveil the Live Wild Edition rifle—a masterpiece born from Remi's wealth of hunting experience and Weatherby's legendary craftsmanship.

Inspired by Remi Warren's dedication to precision and dependability, the Live Wild Edition rifle stands as a testament to the commitment of both Weatherby and Warren in delivering an exceptional firearm designed for the rigors of the wild.

Key Features of the Live Wild Edition Rifle:

Mark V® Action: The heart of the Live Wild Edition is the historic Mark V® action. Built to withstand the harshest conditions, this action ensures reliable performance with each shot. The 54-degree bolt lift is efficient and optimal when a quick follow-up shot is needed.

Adjustable TriggerTech Trigger: Remi Warren understands the importance of a crisp and adjustable trigger for precise shooting. The Live Wild Edition features a TriggerTech trigger, allowing hunters to customize their trigger pull to perfection. (2.5-5 lbs)

Spiral Fluted Barrel and Bolt: Enhancing both aesthetics and functionality, the Live Wild Edition boasts a spiral fluted barrel and bolt. This design not only reduces weight but also enhances cooling, providing optimal performance in the most demanding situations.

Skeletonized Bolt Knob: The skeletonized bolt knob adds a touch of elegance to the Live Wild Edition while reducing weight.

Radial Accubrake: A good muzzle brake mitigates recoil and improves the overall shooting experience. If you prefer to hunt with a suppressor, the muzzle is threaded 1/2x28 and comes with a thread-protecting cap.

Hand-Painted Stock: Reflecting Remi Warren's passion for the outdoors, each Live Wild Edition rifle features a hand-painted stock. The unique artwork not only adds a personal touch but also showcases the spirit of adventure and connection with nature.

Lightweight Design: Weighing in at just 5.6 lbs, the Live Wild rifle ensures that hunters won't be burdened by unnecessary weight during their treks deep into the backcountry.

Availability and Pricing: Starting at just $1649 the Live Wild Edition rifle is a great entry to the Mark V lineup, it is now available for order through authorized Weatherby dealers and at www/weatherby.com. Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts can choose from a variety of calibers to suit their preferences.

“When it comes to partnering with people in the industry, we strive to find those that align with our values in so many respects. Remi Warren is a person who I look up to as a hunter, a shooter, a wildlife conservationist, and a family man. It is with great excitement that we are launching a new partnership and rifle with Remi and Live Wild heading into 2024 and beyond.” –Adam Weatherby

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