FEBRUARY 15, 2024

GunBroker.com’s No Lowballers Podcast Talks TV, Film Guns With ‘Hollywood Weapons’ Larry Zanoff

This week on GunBroker.com’s No Lowballers Podcast, the team sits down with Larry Zanoff from famed prop house Independent Studio Services and “Hollywood Weapons” on Outdoor Channel.

In an action-movie-packed episode, Larry walks the No Lowballers through the studio process from helping the director choose firearms for a film, to the quite literal hands-on work of the television and motion picture armorer.

The group clarifies the differences between a prop, a replica and a blank-firing firearm, and why it’s critical. Larry also pulls back the curtain to help everyone understand what goes into the armorer’s job, from making sure the firearms are period-accurate, situationally appropriate and visually correct.

Add to that, Larry’s also a firearms trainer, range safety officer, gunsmith, creative director and subject-matter expert as well as a paperwork and license pro who may go from a meeting with a celebrity director to a phone conference with the State Department.

Finally, Larry answers (almost) all of the No Lowballers questions about firearms in the popular culture, from how to deal with local laws and regulations to working with actors who may be prohibited persons.

See Larry Zanoff on the No Lowballers podcast today and catch the season premiere of “Hollywood Weapons” on Outdoor Channel tonight!

See the full episode on YouTube or download where ever you consume your favorite podcasts.

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