FEBRUARY 15, 2024

Reptilia's Products Now Assigned NATO Stock Numbers

Reptilia, a leading innovator in advanced tactical equipment, proudly announces the assignment of NATO Stock Numbers (NSNs) to several of its flagship products, a significant step towards enhanced global accessibility and recognition within the defense industry.

The allocation of NATO Stock Numbers to Reptilia's products signifies the products' compliance with NATO standards, streamlining procurement processes for military forces within NATO member countries and allied nations. This development underscores Reptilia's commitment to providing top-tier, standardized equipment to military and defense entities worldwide.

Reptilia's President, Eric Burt expressed enthusiasm, stating, "While we have been Receiving NATO Stock Numbers for over 5 years now, with our first being assigned in August of 2018, we are pleased to see more of our products being issued NSNs as it is a testament to our dedication to provide product solutions for those going into harm’s way to fight the good fight. These most recent NSNs being assigned to our products allows us to better serve more military units and government agencies, ensuring they have access to our mission driven equipment that meets rigorous international standards."

A complete list of the products that have been assigned NATO Stock Numbers can be found at https://reptiliacorp.com/nsn/

  • AUS Mounting System: Renowned for its modularity, the AUS Mounting System provides the user the flexibility to customize their individual set-up for their specific requirements.
  • Recc-e Stock: Recognized for its light weight and adjustable length of pull with constant cheek weld, this stock is perfect for any AR-10 or AR15 rifle set up.
  • Torch Flashlight Mount: Known for its sleek, low profile, strength and durability, the Torch replaces the flashlight body of most common flashlights to mount directly to a rifle rail via M-LOK hardware.
  • Socket Mount: Esteemed for its low profile and sleek QD attachment point, the Socket attaches via M-LOK and changes the angle that the QD sling attachment point connects to the rail.

The NSN assignment aligns with Reptilia's aim and objective, to provide US and NATO military personnel with state-of-the-art solutions designed to optimize performance and safety in challenging operational environments.

As Reptilia continues to expand its global presence, this achievement reinforces its commitment to delivering superior products that meet the stringent requirements of defense and security forces worldwide.

For more information about Reptilia's products or inquiries about NATO Stock Numbers, please visit ReptiliaCorp.com.

Reptilia is a forward-thinking provider of cutting-edge, innovative equipment and accessories designed for the tactical and defense industry. Known for its commitment to quality and innovation, Reptilia's products cater to the unique needs of military, law enforcement, and civilian users, offering reliability, precision, and performance in the most demanding situations.

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