JUNE 28, 2022

The Industry Choice Awards recently conducted their annual assessment of the firearms industry’s best new products of the year.  The winner of best handgun of the year was the Canik SFx Rival. 
A month and a half after Jeff Carson’s death, fellow country music artists and friends got together to pay tribute to the fallen officer and country music singer. The special benefit took place in Nashville and raised over $82,000 to support his fellow officers through the 501(c)(3) non-profit Law Enforcement Assistance Partnership.
Bushnell congratulates pro shooters KC Eusebio and Jessie Harrison on their top place finishes at the recent USPSA Area 1 Championship. Eusebio claimed first place in the Open Division as well as High Overall at the match.  Teammate Jessie Harrison, also a member of Team Hoppe’s, claimed the High Lady title.

KASH CA Inc., parent company to Freedom Munitions has broken ground on a new facility intended to expand Freedom’s line of rifle ammunition. This 10,000 sq ft building will give the company more capacity to fully manufacture cases and projectiles for a wide array of calibers ranging from .223 to 30-06.
Firearms Policy Coalition announced that Primary Arms, an innovator in optics manufacturing and wholesale headquartered in Houston, Texas has joined FPC’s Constitution Alliance family as a Benefactor Member.
Luth-AR announced availability of the new MCA-22 Rimfire Chassis through RSR Group, Inc. The Modular Chassis Assembly for 22 Rimfire was designed and developed by Roth Performance in conjunction with Luth-AR.

Primary Arms has announced the hiring of Osvaldo “Ozzie” Cortes to the position of Senior Director of Human Resources. With over 20 years of experience in strategic human resources leadership, Ozzie Cortes is an accomplished talent management professional with extensive expertise from both domestic and international operations.
ERGO Grips welcomes Josh Angeles as ERGO’s newest sponsored shooter. Josh loves the sport of 3 Gun and shooting matches with his gas gun.
Zev Technologies has announced a campaign to support Firearms Policy Coalition and its important legal work challenging the Washington State standard capacity magazine ban. Zev, a current Constitution Alliance member and strong supporter of individual liberty, will support FPC’s legal work by donating a portion of the proceeds from every firearm sold by Zev.

In celebration of Henry Repeating Arms’ 25th anniversary, CEO and Founder Anthony Imperato recently presented a $50,000 check to Tunnel to Towers Foundation Chairman and CEO Frank Siller; the first donation of a $1,000,000 Silver Anniversary pledge to various charities through the company’s Guns For Great Causes program.
NSSF and Gearfire are pleased to announce a new partnership supporting Project ChildSafe and gun safety. Gearfire gives industry the opportunity to support NSSF’s Project ChildSafe gun safety education program by offering retailers and ranges the ability to activate a round-up or donation option for their customers to use at checkout.
Riton Optics has selected Chevalier Advertising as its strategic public relations agency of record.

Crow Shooting Supply invites attendees of the 2022 NSSF Range-Retailer Business Expo to visit Booth 901 at the Ernest N Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, July 11 through 13.
Quakertown, Pennsylvania’s Lancer Systems is seeking candidates for Project Engineer and Manufacturing Industrial Engineer positions.
The Firearms Policy Coalition responded to passage of S.2938 (“Bipartisan Safer Communities Act”) by stating “If the government uses this legislation to unconstitutionally infringe upon the rights of peaceable people, FPC and FPC Law will aggressively respond as necessary to protect the rights of the People and seek every available remedy.”

Holosun announced the SCS-MOS (Solar Charging Sight), a pistol-mounted reflex sight that features an internal solar rechargeable battery. Not only does the optic self-regulate intensity to ambient light like all other Solar-Safe Holosun optics, but the solar panel also recharges the internal battery.
FALCO Holsters offers an expansive variety of holsters that fit all Sig Sauer P365 handgun models, including the new A604 L Timeless IWB Leather Holster for pistols with lights or lasers.
The Elite Survival Systems Tactical Range Bag is tough. The bag features 1000 denier nylon body construction, YKK #10 zippers, wrap-around handles and a padded shoulder strap.

Now available for the 3" Colt Python, Galco's Speed Master 2.0 features an open top design for speed, covered trigger for safety, and tension screw adjustment for added security.
CZ’s new 457 Varmint Precision Trainer MTR is packed with features that make it a serious competition gun, but with a price tag nowhere near that of a custom rimfire rifle.
Tisas has entered the realm of magnum performance with the launch of their new D10 10mm. Tisas 10mm pistols incorporate a forged frame, slide and hammer-forged barrel, combined with the Tisas lifetime service plan.
Check out Comp-Tac’s website to see a recent video interview with multi-time national and world champion, Rob Leatham, answering questions about what he looks for in magazine pouches.

MidwayUSA Foundation has provided cash grants for the second year in a row to help ranges across the country improve and allow for more youth shooting sports activities.   This year, 47 grant recipients received $750,000, cumulatively. 

Primary Arms has announced a new partnership with Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) within the Constitution Alliance.

In the current environment, adding stuff to guns to “improve” them is all the rage. In fact, in our industry, customization has been king for the entire time of my life. While I dabble in ‘add-ons,’ they tend not to be the frontline in personal defense – or in daily use.

I recently ran a story from instructor-author Dave Spaulding about selecting the defense handgun. I published it because it was good material, written with common sense by a smart dude.

The S&W M58 41 Magnum.

After I’d posted it on social media, I got a response which I’ll paraphrase here: “(W)hen we were rookie cops, we were issued a fixed sight .38 revolver and thankfully about the only change we could make (were) grips and the ammo. Without much in the way of options, we simply carried and adapted to the weapon. Today with a bewildering number of choices we often rely on the gun rags or social media source's we often end up with the poorest of choices. I've gone back to carrying (a revolver) with a (smaller revolver) as a second gun because I carried this setup for almost 20 years and found it was the best balance for me …”


Actually, the guns I tend to carry are unmodified -- or only lightly modified. I am having a Tiger McKee "Chopper" built, but it's personalized for a feature and as an heirloom. On a medical appointment day, it was a pair of M&P340 revolvers modified only with Crimson Trace Lasergrips that were carried.

Another answer was likewise instructive: “This combination here...for over 30 years now. On duty, off duty, IDPA, USPSA, etc. I have carried a full size and a compact Glock in 9mm or 40 depending upon the mood of the agency at the moment. The G27 has a Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrel in it. It's 20 years old, beat up from having the snot shot out of it...but it remains the most accurate compact 9mm I own, so I don't care how disreputable she looks. The G17 is the last one I bought on Blue Label. Both are lightly modified with a Ghost 3.5 and an extra power striker spring that yields a crisp, nominal 4.5 trigger press with a short reset.

Except for sights, this GLOCK 22 is unaltered, as issued, before I retired. Below, the load-out from a tour in detectives, the GLOCK 19 spare magazines fed the backup gun, the G26. Both stock, except the G19 with after-market sights.

“I own many, many other pistols and revolvers...but being one who thinks the whole notion of "carry rotations" and "summer guns" etc. is stupid amateur hour (stuff), I stick with what I have 27 years of documented agency qualifications and hundreds of thousands of rounds through. Keep it simple, reliable, and accurate.”

Nothing’s perfect, but familiarity is a huge advantage. My occupation has me carrying different guns on occasion - as does my status as “the elderly.” The predominant carry gun is still the G19, which I’ve carried in one form or another since 2001. The backup is a lightweight analog to the M60 I got and started carrying in 1978. Familiarity is a thing.

Only changed the front sight on this LCRx.

The bottom line is that it’s less the implement and more the user; we’ve had TV/motion picture entertainment that focused on the gun in the sense that the type of gun (make/model/caliber/modification) was essential while the skills (including ability to think) of the user were less important. Consider the “Bounty Hunter’s” “Mare’s Leg,” the Rifleman with his spinning M92, even SGT Saunders and his M1928 Thompson SMG – or Dirty Harry’s 44 Magnum. It’s the gun, it’s the device that gives you such power.


As a kid, I fell for the “special gun” nonsense hook, line and sinker. I wasn’t the only one; the fake ‘reality show’-style news helped drive the “type of gun/ammo that causes crime” narrative in their efforts to push feeble-minded legislators into enacting infringements not relevant to the problems they said they were solving.

Examples include the “cheap, easily concealed handguns” in the 1960s-70s, followed by the ‘high powered sniper rifle” (your dad’s deer hunting gun that came out once per year), the “dum-dum bullets that don’t blow up – but make you blow up,” to “cop-killer bullets” that didn’t kill cops but were carried by them, to “assault weapons,” “military style weapons,” and other silliness.

It ain’t the gun, never has been. It’s the user. If you’re a serious student, you learn how the most common examples work and study the best way to handle them safely. As to your personal selection and “dolling them up,” you may consider that money and effort spent learning how to be effective with your chosen sidearms is better spent than buying gizmos.

-- Rich Grassi

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