FEBRUARY 15, 2024

TAG Precision Launches the Advanced USA Made CNC Gunsight Line

After 2 decades of manufacturing gun components, TAG Precision steps out of the shadows.

DALLAS, TX – TAG Precision is excited to announce the launch of their new brand and the inaugural line of handgun sights equipped with their groundbreaking, patented FiberLok™ technology. This marks a significant step for the company, which has been a behind-the-scenes force in the firearms industry for nearly 20 years, based in Dallas, Texas. TAG Precision is renowned for manufacturing components for many popular firearm brands and is now ready to bring its most advanced solution directly to consumers.

Each FiberLok ™ sight is meticulously designed to enhance the form and function of the accompanying handgun. These sights are engineered to provide an unprecedented level of customizability, catering and elevating the shooting experience for shooters of all skill level. This product line is the culmination of extensive research and development, incorporating feedback from professional shooters, law enforcement officers, and firearms enthusiasts to ensure delivery of only the highest quality.

Key Features and Benefits:

·Easy Installation: TAG Precision values the importance of convenience. The FiberLok™ system is designed for effortless installation. Change fiber colors in seconds – just unscrew the set screw, replace the fiber, and secure it back in place.

·Enhanced Target Acquisition: Crafted for the serious shooter, the FiberLok™ sights feature ultra-bright fibers and an ideal post/notch light gap, facilitating rapid target acquisition. Whether for competitive shooting or tactical use, these sights offer unmatched accuracy and speed.

·Exceptional Durability: Constructed from high-quality billet steel and machined to precise tolerances. Our sights offer not only durable steel housing but the strongest, most durable, and bright fibers out today. Chemical and heat resistant, machined to a spec not seen in other brands, our performance in both competitive and tactical environments are proof of their durability and function.

·Low-Light Visibility: The fibers are expertly machined to distribute light effectively, enhancing visibility in low-light conditions. This feature ensures accurate target acquisition when it matters most. Tritium options are also in development and should be on market in late 2024 or early 2025.

CEO and Founder of TAG Precision, Michael Neff, expressed his excitement: “I am ecstatic to introduce our new brand and our patented FiberLok ™ technology, proudly made in the USA. We’ve dedicated over a year to developing these advancements and are thrilled to finally get them into our customers’ hands.

Justin Stewart, TAG’s Director of Sales and Marketing, shared his enthusiasm about the FiberLok ™ system: “Joining the TAG Precision team was a no-brainer after seeing an actual solution to the problem of broken fibers on pistol sights. I look forward to introducing our channel partners and consumers to features and quality unprecedented in gunsights.”

The TAG Precision Handgun Sights are now available for purchase at select retailers and through online stores. For more information about TAG Precision and its innovative product line, please visit TAGPrecision.com or contact (972) 209-9824.

About TAG Precision:
TAG Precision is a USA-based gun component manufacturer specializing in premium firearm accessories. The company is committed to providing shooters with innovative solutions that enhance the shooting experience. Focused on quality, precision, and reliability, TAG Precision continually pushes the boundaries in the firearms accessories market.

Media Contact:
Justin Stewart
Director of Sales and Marketing, TAG Precision
Email: justin.stewart@tagprecision.com