FEBRUARY 8, 2024

Hornady will host the Zombies in the Heartland 3-Gun Match May 31 – June 2, 2024, at the Heartland Public Shooting Park in Grand Island, NE. Match registration is now open.
Leica Sport Optics announces it will be attending Sports Inc.'s February Outdoor Show (booth #1122), held at the Phoenix Convention Center, in Phoenix. Arizona from Tuesday, February 13, to Thursday, February 15.
SAR Firearms announces they will be exhibiting in booth #962 at the 2024 Worldwide Spring Trade Show held Tuesday, February 6th to Thursday, February 8th, 2024 at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center, Reno, NV.

Patriot Ordnance Factory Inc. announced that they will be exhibiting at Sports Inc.’s 2024 February Outdoor Show. The February Outdoor Show will be held in Phoenix, Arizona from February 13th to 15th. POF-USA will showcase its latest firearms, accessories, and product offerings, alongside its legacy products, at booth number 1027.
Meprolight partnered with Kenzies Optics to participate in the Great American Outdoor Show, Harrisburg, PA. Make sure to stop by booth #539 to see the 9 new products for this year.
Dead Air Silencers announced they will be returning to the upcoming 2024 Worldwide Spring show through February 8th. The show will be held in Reno Nevada at the Reno Sparks Convention Center.

Global Defense™ extends an invitation to attendees of the 50th IWA OutdoorClassics in Nuremberg, Germany from February 29 to March 3. Visit their booth in Hall 5, Stand 5-219, to explore the newest firearms and ammunition products from their partner brands, Franklin Armory, Genesis Arms, Liberty Ammunition, GOSAFE, and Rhineland Arms.
Pulsar introduces Firmware Updates 5.0 and 2.3 for the Trail 2 LRF XQ50 series and Axion 2 LRF XG35 series, respectively. These updates will enable new features and capabilities for some of Pulsar’s most popular thermal optics.
SAAMI® has announced the acceptance of two new rifle cartridges for SAAMI standardization. SAAMI is the organization at the forefront of promoting firearm safety by creating standards that ensure safety, reliability and interchangeability of firearms, ammunition and components.

Celerant Technology exhibited at SHOT Show 2024 with three booths in Las Vegas. Celerant announced exciting POS system and software features, met with customers and industry partners alike, and had the opportunity to learn more about the challenges that firearm retailers face.
Real Avid announced that one of the company’s latest tools for shooters and DIY enthusiasts has earned an Editors’ Choice Award from the staff of On Target magazine. The Master Gun Workstation is a fully adjustable and portable support system for maintenance and modification work on long guns.
The Outtech Sales Services team continues to grow and is excited to announce the addition of Derek LaBarr as a Regional Manager for the independent channel. Derek will be working with retailers in OK, KS, NE, and CO.

Springfield Armory announced that the Model 2020 Rimfire .22 LR bolt-action rifle has been chosen as NRA Publications’ American Rifleman 2024 Golden Bullseye Rifle of the Year.
Springfield Armory announced that it has won On Target magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award for the Echelon 9mm pistol. According to On Target magazine, the Editors' Choice Awards are reserved for the best of the best new products
The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms has submitted an amicus brief to the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals supporting the federal lawsuit filed against California’s effort to ban gun shows at the Orange County Fairgrounds, and more broadly, state-owned property.

Nightstick announced their new LGL-180-IR dual-wavelength long gun light kit -- featuring separate 1100-lumen white light and 940nm 1400mw Infrared illuminator. The LGL-180-IR is a dual-wavelength weapon lighting system for your rifle or carbine.
XS Sights offers new sights for Smith & Wesson and Colt revolvers and the CZ P10 Optics Ready pistol. These include the Minimalist for S&W K- and L-frame revolvers, the Standard Dot Tritium for Colt revolvers and the R3D for the CZ P10 OR.
SPYPOINT announces the expansion of its renowned FLEX series with the introduction of two new cellular trail cameras – the FLEX-M and the FLEX-PLUS. These trailblazing additions redefine the mobile scouting experience for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts with unparalleled features and performance.

The Civilian Marksmanship Program has announced redesigned discounts for Purple Heart recipients and Veterans at select competitions throughout the year. Those who earned a Purple Heart during their military service will receive 50 percent off CMP administered events like the CMP Travel Games, CMP Highpower Warm-Up Events and the National Matches, while Veterans will receive 10 percent off entry fees.
The Second Amendment Foundation is excited to announce that Taurus Holdings Inc. has joined the organization as a corporate partner at the Platinum level.
The ChairRiders mission is to build a community of wounded veterans, injured first responders, and all mobility restricted persons. Through information, communication, product solutions, and training, our goal is to be "Wheelchair Strong."
HeadHunters NW presents the next episode of the HeadHunters NW Podcast. Hosted by Shaylene Keiner, President of HeadHunters NW, this timely episode features an enlightening discussion with Jordan Young, CEO of Global Defense, addressing the recent export restrictions impacting U.S. firearms manufacturers and exporters.
The No Lowballers podcast celebrates the launch of its new expanded coverage with Donald Trump Jr., and friends joining the panel to discuss Africa and how Trump first got into hunting.
CrossBreed Holsters recently added two new micro-compact fits to the company’s extensive line of IWB, OWB, and off-body carry holster lines. In keeping with the continued popularity of micro-compact pistols for everyday and concealed carry, CrossBreed now offers multiple holster options for the new Reflex 9mm from FN and the new Taurus GX4 Carry 9mm.
Shooting Sports Retailer February edition has a factual about ammunition, and it features Liberty Ammunition. It straightens out some of the misconceptions.
The MC P35 PI LW OPS “High Power'' from Girsan is not a faithful reproduction of John Moses Browning and Dieudonné Saive’s original masterpiece — it’s not supposed to be. Featured in the March/April issue of American Handgunner, Editor Tom McHale explains what makes this modernized version of the classic design a success.
Hornady® is pleased to announce they have assumed management of the Heartland Public Shooting Park in Grand Island, Nebraska. The Heartland Public Shooting Park is one of the largest, most complete public shooting facilities in the Midwest with many recreational and competitive activities taking place every year.

Today’s feature, from correspondent Dave Spaulding, continues from last week. In that part, Dave explained the appropriate level of force (reasonable), advanced the concept that “the old has become new,” and recommended the “Three S Test.” Now he explains the dynamic, training for it, and “simplicity.”


Guidance & Control

Any technique that will be used to save your life must be applied without a great deal of concentration and effort. In a situation that will last but a few seconds, there isn't time to observe, orient, decide and act. Many believe you must cycle through the entire loop, which isn't true. Boyd created the loop while training jet fighter pilots who may very well engage in the ultimate gunfights. They're traveling at speeds in the hundreds of miles per hour so it’s likely they will not be able to orient as it is classically taught.

These pilots must see and do, knowing what action they must take based on what is unfolding in front of them. According to Boyd's original diagram (it’s not really a loop as often shown), they're able to accomplish this through implicit guidance and control, which is the result of top-quality training. The best explanation of the OODA Concept I have heard comes from former Special Forces soldier and former lead instructor at the Roger’s Shooting School Claude Werner. Claude offers some fantastic information via his website. Check it out.

Few law enforcement agencies give officers enough training time to achieve this level of skill and I believe the same thing can be said for the armed citizen. Keep in mind there is never enough time to give the number of repetitions needed to truly anchor a skill in a 2/5-day training program. What instructors hope to achieve is a solid understanding of what is learned so the student can return home and practice the techniques to an anchor point. The training time given to fighter pilots, special operations troops and some full time SWAT teams allows them to see and do, the result of a huge commitment of time and money. How many times per year will you train? Are you willing to train on your own? After all, each and every one of us needs to be an active participant in our own rescue. Would you bet five bucks on a football team that you knew the quarterback had practiced with the ball 2 to 3 times that year?

Many of us who consider ourselves combative firearms enthusiasts have read about the training conducted for the British SOE and American OSS during WWII. Trainers like Fairbairn, Sykes and Applegate trained a large number of people to parachute behind enemy lines and conduct covert operations against the Germans and Japanese in America s first Shadow War. This training program is well-chronicled and it’s clear that they didn’t receive the amount of training time that is currently committed to today’s police cadets in the basic academy. The difference was that great pains were taken to eliminate anything that wasn’t needed and to keep what was taught straight-forward and simple. Again, simple is easy to teach, practice, master and maintain with minimal time and effort. Sometimes, less is more.

Historically, when time was short and the need was great, very simple techniques had to be taught and learned quickly with few supplies. The solution in those cases is simple – kill the enemy. When custody is required, the problems – and solutions – are more complex.

When discussing use-of-force skills (e.g., firearms, baton, knife, hand-to-hand, verbal skills), I view simplicity as “physiologically efficient.” Physiology deals with living organisms, and efficiency is defined as producing the desired result with the minimum of time, effort and energy. To me, this means using the living organism (human body) to accomplish a goal with the least amount of time, effort and energy possible by eliminating unnecessary motion. It is a term from track and field where proper technique is of critical importance.

Simple Isn't Always Better

Simplicity sounds like a great idea, right? The problem is that simple isn’t always minimal, at least as far as the use of force is applied. Example: Fighting techniques, such as face rakes, hammer fists to the nose, knees to the groin or spearing elbows to the chest, are all effective and simple to learn. The problem is they aren’t minimal in their application; they hurt people, and that is something many can’t tolerate, regardless of whether or not they are legally reasonable. Thus, we spend time and effort trying to learn complex techniques because they are less brutal in their appearance.

The Taser is a good example, an effective tool that’s now under fire because its use isn’t as “clean” as many thought it would be. Many thought it would be a nice way to disable someone: They’d be shot with the Taser, freeze and drop in place. What happens to a person’s head when they are suddenly incapacitated and gravity takes them to the ground? Yep, the head sounds like a cracking melon when it hits. Suddenly, the country is aghast at how “inhumane” it is. It’s not inhumane, it’s merely force, and the use of force will always be ugly, destructive, brutal and bloody. The best you can do is to make sure you are using it appropriately. Cool looking internet techniques might not meet this standard.

Too many instructors go off to a school and return to teach what they learned for no other reason than the course was fun and they learned some neat stuff. With so much on the line, there is no room for the trendy, only the proven. Proven techniques save lives, which is the primary goal of any training program. Because our training time and ammo is minimal, thus precious, we need to evaluate what we’re currently doing and ask, is this program really answering our needs or are we just teaching what appears to be “new?”

— Dave Spaulding

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