FEBRUARY 8, 2024

GunBroker.com’s No Lowballers Expands Coverage With Donald Trump, Jr. and Friends

The No Lowballers podcast celebrates the launch of its new expanded coverage with Donald Trump Jr., and friends joining the panel to discuss Africa and how Trump first got into hunting.

Along with Bret Vorhees, CEO of Taurus, and Mike Schoby, the COO of Field Ethos, Trump talks about his experience hunting Africa, including how his first trip was straight out of a Hemingway novel. For a college student teaching himself how to hunt, Africa provided a unique classroom setting. Trump also talks about how his son’s journey into hunting has been radically different compared to his.

Vorhees talks about taking a Cape Buffalo with a Taurus Raging Hunter from an insanely close range that you have to hear to believe. Schoby, a veteran African hunter, breaks down what a first timer needs to mentally do to be prepared.

This episode kicks off the new twice-a-week episode schedule, doubling your No Lowballers viewing experience. The increased cadence is a direct response to the popularity of the podcast and as an answer to the frequent question “When’s the next episode?”

From brands like Walther and Smith & Wesson, to industry movers and shakers like Adam Kraut and Donald Trump, Jr., the No Lowballers podcast is the place to hear from the most interesting people in the firearms space.

With a who’s who list of guests coming up, you never know who may show up to talk guns, hunting, gear or whatever else comes up. This history-adjacent podcast focuses on the guns and gear that have impacted history and the people who lived through it.

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The No Lowballers Podcast is a joint effort between GunBroker.com and GoWild, the leading pro-2A social media platform. New episodes drop every Tuesday and Thursday and can be found on GunBroker.com, Go Wild’s YouTube page and the Sportsmen Empire podcast page.