FEBRUARY 8, 2024

Organization for Mobility Restricted Vets, First Responders and Others

Through ChairRider.com, wounded veterans, injured First Responders and all mobility restricted persons share information, experiences, training and products that forge a safer, stronger, and more independent community of ChairRiders.

ChairRider.com, its newsletter, and social media platforms share a wide selection of topics, with its all-inclusive objective, to strengthen and empower all who are mobility restricted.

Training articles are often authored by recognized subject matter experts. ChairRider product selections are objectively reviewed. Information and opinions come from ChairRider staff as well as from YOU, members of the ChairRider community at large.

On this note, to make this a team project, ChairRider wholeheartedly welcomes questions, concerns, contributions, and opinion pieces from its viewers. We understand our viewers come from differing backgrounds but expect all submittals to be fact grounded, respectful, of high moral character and focused on the wellbeing of the ChairRider family.

BEING TRANSPARENT: We take the right of self-defense seriously. We further believe that we all should be able to live safely and without fear.

Agree or disagree, know now, this field of discussion will be practical; not watered down; and often not politically correct.