FEBRUARY 8, 2024

POF-USA Set to Exhibit in Sports Inc. February Outdoor Show

Phoenix, Ariz. Patriot Ordnance Factory Inc. (POF-USA), a premier provider and manufacturer of the finest AR-type rifles in the United States commercial market, is pleased to announce they will be exhibiting at Sports Inc.’s 2024 February Outdoor Show. The February Outdoor Show will be held in Phoenix, Arizona, from February 13th to 15th. POF-USA will proudly showcase its latest firearms, accessories, and product offerings, alongside its legacy products, at booth number 1027. With more than 500 Sports Inc. members in attendance, the 2024 February Outdoor Show provides an opportunity to experience firsthand the exceptional features and advantages that define POF-USA products.

Jeremy Selting, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at POF-USA, remarked, “The Sports Inc. February Outdoor Show consistently offers an exceptional platform for both prospective and existing customers to see our comprehensive range of firearms. Our products speak for themselves, and witnessing customers genuinely appreciate the aspects that distinguish POF from our competitors is truly gratifying.”

All POF-USA products are available for purchase through POF’s authorized dealer network. As has always been, and will always continue to be, all POF-USA products are 100% made by Patriots, for Patriots. For more information about the company and product line visit: POF-USA.com

POF-USA is a leading provider and manufacturer of firearms known for revolutionary innovation and radical approaches, yielding the finest AR-type rifles on the market. For more than 20-years, POF-USA has continued to be driven by ingenuity, passion, quality, and a resilient American spirit that will never settle for good-enough. Today, POF-USA continues to be a market leader delivering a portfolio of regulated short-stroke gas piston operating rifles, as well as the newer introductions of direct impingement systems.

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