NOVEMBER 8, 2022

In observance of Veterans Day, Friday, November 11, 2022, we will not be distributing any of the Outdoor Wire Digital Network’s news services. Our normal distribution schedule resumes for all wires on Monday, November 14, 2022. Time-sensitive material for distribution before Veterans Day should be submitted no later than 5 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesday, November 9 for inclusion in our Thursday, November 9 editions. Material received after that time will be included in our Monday, November 14 edition if appropriate.
Guns & Ammo magazine recently awarded Federal’s 30 Super Carry Handgun Ammunition as Ammo of the Year for 2022. Released in 2022, the 30 Super Carry bridges a gap in self-defense loads, delivering a unique, compact, and effective option for everyday carry.
Benelli's new Super Black Eagle 3 in 28-gauge claims "Shotgun of the Year" in the 2022 Guns & Ammo of the Year Awards. The award was handed to Benelli by the editors, contributors, and staff of Guns & Ammo based on several criteria. 

Springfield Armory announced it has been selected by the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers as both the 2022 Firearm Manufacturer of the Year and the 2022 Innovator of the Year.
Springfield Armory announced that it has been named the Guns & Ammo Innovator of the Year for 2022. Selected by the publication’s editors and contributors for the award, the company was honored for its numerous successful and popular launches throughout the year.
Primary Arms Government has announced its attendance (at the upcoming SWAT Round-Up International, running November 6th to 11th at the Orange County SO Firing Range in Orlando, FL.

Elite Survival Systems, a manufacturer of respected nylon tactical gear lines in the shooting industry, will be attending the USCCA Expo in Fort Worth Texas.
Advanced Armament Company invites suppressor enthusiasts to the CanCon 2022 event to see their newest line of suppressors. CanCon will take place November 11-13 at the 17 South Rod & Gun Club in Fleming, Georgia, just outside of Savannah.
XS Sights will be showcasing its newest products at the U.S. Concealed Carry Association Concealed Carry Expo in Fort Worth, November 11 -13.

Galco's High Ready chest holster system is now available for the SIG-Sauer P320-XTEN with or without red dot sights. The system allows comfortable carry of a large-frame pistol for hunting, fishing, camping or hiking in bear country.
Trijicon, Inc. announced its sponsorship of The Most Wanted List outdoor television series. Trijicon will be the exclusive optics partner for Season 9 of the popular hunting series.
Tisas USA will be in attendance for the annual USCCA Expo in Fort Worth, Texas, November 11-13, 2022, showcasing their line of PX-9 GEN3 and 1911 pistols.

In its recent call for the best new products, HBS Dealer received a record number of entries and has bestowed one of its coveted Golden Hammer awards to Outdoor Edge’s RazorWork utility knife.
Ambassador Enterprises announced that its affiliate Rooted Pursuits purchased the business of renowned fashion and firearms retailer Frontier Justice. Frontier Justice has an outstanding reputation as a premier business in the shooting sports space.
AMMO, Inc. announced that it has reached a settlement agreement with Steven Urvan and Susan Lokey (collectively, the “Urvan Group”).

NSSF announced it has added three professionals — Judyth LeDoux, Patricia Smith and Dale Krupinski — to its compliance consultants team.
Tisas USA will be in attendance for the annual USCCA Expo in Fort Worth, Texas, November 11-13, 2022, showcasing their line of PX-9 GEN3 and 1911 pistols.
Winchester announced that the U.S. Army has awarded the company a $9 million cost-plus contract to complete a manufacturing study in support of tracer projectile production for the 6.8mm Next Generation Squad Weapon program.

Brownells will observe Veterans Day week 2022 by donating a percentage of sales to Special Operations Wounded Warriors, a 501(c)3 charity committed to helping wounded veterans of the Special Operations community.
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed House Bill 1929, repealing Pennsylvania’s ban on automatic knives. The repeal is effective on January 2, 2023.
Firearms Policy Coalition announced that United States District Judge John Sinatra, Jr. has issued a preliminary injunction against New York’s ban on guns in “any place of worship or religious observation.” The order in Hardaway v. Nigrelli is effective immediately and comes two weeks after a temporary restraining order was issued in this case.
The Second Amendment Foundation and its partners filed a nine-page reply brief supporting their earlier motion for a preliminary injunction in their federal court challenge of California’s new one-way fee shifting penalty in the government’s favor that applies only to litigation challenging state gun laws.
The Second Amendment Foundation filed further arguments in its motion for a preliminary injunction to go along with the temporary restraining order granted by the court against the State of New York’s enforcement of a “place of worship” firearms ban, telling the federal court “the State’s Place of Worship Ban remains unconstitutional.”
Streamlight Inc. introduced the ultra-compact and low profile TLR-8 sub, a 500-lumen weapon-mounted tactical light with red laser, and the TLR-8 G sub with green laser. Designed for use with railed subcompact weapons, both are available to fit select GLOCK, SIG SAUER, Springfield Armory and many 1913 short railed subcompact handguns.
Wilson Combat has developed new click adjustable rear sights with new snag free front blades for the 2020 Python and Anaconda model revolvers.The new sights will give you a bigger, bolder sight picture that is easily click adjustable on the range.
Davidson’s announced their latest exclusive ? the Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite with Riton 3Tactix MPRD2 red dot sight. Standard features include anodized color, threaded barrels, 1911-angle grip frame, 1911?style grip panels, and one?button tool?less takedown.
Streamlight Inc. launched the 2,000-lumen ProTac 2.0 Headlamp, a high-performance rechargeable headlamp that also offers long run times. The headlamp is powered by the new Streamlight SL-B50 battery pack that charges directly via an integrated USB-C port.
Smith & Wesson’s next- gen micro-compact, the 9mm EQUALIZER features next-gen EZ technology, low recoil impulse, and 10, 13 and 15-round magazine capacities in a compact footprint for a balance of power and capacity for concealed carry.
Burris' Signature HD series took the Outdoor Life Great Buy Award in 2020 for good reason—these optics deliver all the clarity, features, and precise dial-in performance you expect in a premium riflescope well above its class.
SIG SAUER Academy presents an amazing First Person View drone fly-through video of the new SIG SAUER Experience Center as part of the announcement of the 2023 course calendar, seminar schedules and events happening on the campus of SIG SAUER Academy.
Browning Ammunition announces the launch of its newly redesigned The digital property is a main destination for hunters and sport shooters around the world who are interested in the full line of Browning ammunition products.
The Second Amendment is effectively on the ballot on Tuesday Nov. 8, as President Joe Biden has been telling us what he would do to our freedom if a majority of gun-ban politicians control the next Congress.
Differing in size, the Holosun EPS and EPS Carry pistol optics prevent needing different optics on range/duty pistols and concealed carry pistols. The EPS Carry is designed for use with carrying or compact pistols, the EPS is sized for full-size pistols.
The January-February 2023 issue of Combat Handguns features a pair of high-end shooters from Beretta, the Walther Magnum Pistol 22 Magnum, the CZ Scorpion 3+ Micro and more.
The Jan. issue of GUNS Magazine features a “bespoke” example of expert craftsmanship in Cosmi full-custom shotguns. Also, Smith & Wesson’s recent introduction of its Military & Police pistol in 10mm Auto is but the latest proof this caliber is undergoing a strong regeneration today.
The holiday and year-end buying season is here. Is your store planning a year-end blowout or targeted sales to make the most of it? Inside the Nov. issue of Shooting Industry, dealers share how to make the most of promotions and events (while avoiding the “S” word).

“Less Lethal” Ain’t

A story of a criminal case emerged in the news last week when the jury returned a ‘not guilty’ verdict in the case of a small county undersheriff who attempted to use a so-called “less lethal” round fired from a shotgun to subdue a subject. The subject died.

In defense of the big corporate outfits who market these so-called “less lethal” rounds, these were allegedly homemade by a vendor in Michigan who sold them on the internet. There was no training accompanying the rounds, nor were there the obligatory warnings about them being dangerous and to be only used in deadly force situations.

Shotguns = deadly force, even with 'bean-bag' rounds.

The problem I have with the product isn’t the product (though it was at the outset). Our agency got these things and authorized them in the 1990s –before the “orange furniture” craze. Our people had training on them, were instructed as to proper targeting zones and – importantly – were taught this fact: firearms are instrumentalities of deadly force – only to be used when you’re legally justified in using that force that a reasonable person would consider capable of causing death or grave bodily harm.

In fact, a single officer couldn’t use the “less-lethal” specialty munitions without a cover officer providing deadly force cover.

In other words, if you could shoot them with slug or buckshot, you were okay to try beanbags – if you had deadly force cover standing by.

In the present case, there was no apparent indication that the offender possessed the Ability to kill or cripple, part of the ability-opportunity-jeopardy fact situation justifying homicide.

The charge, appropriately, was involuntary manslaughter. If he’d intended to kill, he’d have selected another force application tool. The jury, it seems, disagreed with the state’s contention that ignorance and a lack of training and competence should lead to criminal liability.

The defendant will still face the loss of life resulting from his actions for the remainder of his life. That’s a sentence no one can reduce.

Analyzing Fights

An internet blogger has taken to an analysis of shootings based on a video series that analyzes individual events for which video is available. He operates from a smart premise: “The problem with gunfights is that almost no one has actually been in one. This causes many people to believe anything that someone says, who has. This is a dangerous proposition. They may be right on the money, or they may have just been lucky …”

He’s right. The number of times a successful event has led to a department policy – even though it could have simply succeeded only due to chance – is depressing.

I’ve been asked how someone could be an instructor if that person had never been in a gunfight. Perhaps teaching “avoiding contact” would be more in line. My question is “if you were involved in a single fight, how much do you know about every fight?” – Or even most fights?

If you’re interested in his study, go check the link. You may or may not agree with his conclusions, but he made a credible effort to see what similarities exist in his samples of fights.

And remember: these are only engagements that occurred with video documentation. There is a body of engagements going unrecognized because they happened where no cameras were running.


I was recently contacted by a representative from premium performance footwear maker Garmont Tactical. I was unaware of the company before; apparently Garmont has an outdoors heritage. That’s a good start for footgear meant for those who work in law enforcement/military environments.

Garmont Tactical image

They shipped out a pair of their T4 Groove G-Dry mid-cut boots for a wear test. While I’m not in constant motion, regular walks with the hound and range trips give me an opportunity to check out shoes and boots.

These are waterproof, handy in the current weather pattern, with a comfortable “collar” around the mouth of the boot. The midsole is stable and enhances comfort. The stability comes from both the mid-cut format, giving support to the ankle and the footbed.

I found them a little short in size and the width was a bit less than I needed … at first. During the first range trip, I was concerned I’d made a mistake wearing these. I didn’t carry spare shoes.

After starting work, I got busy with targets, magazines and a timer and, soon, I realized that I wasn’t feeling the discomfort from wearing the T4 Groove boots.

I guess they take a little break-in.

Interesting gear. If it’s time to update your duty boots, you may want to give these a look.

-- Rich Grassi

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