NOVEMBER 8, 2022

Combat Handguns Jan/Feb ‘23 Issue

Hot off the Press - Combat Handguns Jan/Feb ‘23 Issue is Here!

NEW YORK ––The January-February 2023 issue of Combat Handguns aims in on defensive handguns. The latest issue comes packed with new blasters built to win the fight!

We’ve got a pair of high-end shooters from Beretta. The new M9A4 Full Size brings optics-ready enhancements to the iconic Army sidearm. Meanwhile, the 92X Performance Carry Optic doubles as a competition gun and one equal to home defense use.

Walther brings a new trail gun to the market. The Walther WMP (Walther Magnum Pistol) comes chambered in .22 Magnum. Perfect for small game and trailside defense, we’ve got the full review on this clever little semi-auto.

Wanna go bigger? Then check out our review of the large-format CZ Scorpion 3+ Micro. This bad boy packs 20+1 rounds of 9mm, perfect for a range day of fun or serious defensive use.

We’re testing the new 30 Super Carry against the classic 7.62x25. Learn all about a new Taurus revolver built for EDC. And finally, we’ve got all the intel on the new Stoeger STR-9F, a big performance pistol with a shockingly affordable price!

We’ve got all that and more in the latest issue of Combat Handguns. To learn more about the details in this issue, please visit Personal Defense World for the full digital overview. To order the latest issue of Combat Handguns please visit click here or look for us on the newsstand.


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Carrie Roeder, VP Operations & Strategy
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