NOVEMBER 8, 2022

Nighthawk’s Cosmi Shotgun Inside Jan. GUNS Magazine

Cosmi shotguns have long-represented a pinnacle in luxury firearms. Being a full custom, the Cosmi can serve as a blank canvas for someone’s dreams. The possibilities with engraving, special woods, inlays, custom touches, etc., are only limited by a client’s imagination. The Jan. issue of GUNS Magazine features a “bespoke” example of expert craftsmanship.

Each Cosmi semi-automatic shotgun model is handmade by a small team of artisan-craftsmen and every gun takes its leisurely time — over 400 hours — being hand-worked and assembled. The results are stunning — in looks, engineering and handling. As Roy Huntington notes, “I’ve handled, fired and admired Cosmi shotguns up close. If you get a magnifying loupe out and go over one carefully, you won’t find a single mistake — anywhere. They look as stunning under three-power magnification as they do in your hands.”

Smith & Wesson’s recent introduction of its Military & Police pistol in 10mm Auto is but the latest proof this caliber is undergoing a strong regeneration today. In “Return Of The 10mm Auto — Lazarus Rides Again,” Massad Ayoob illustrates the 10mm’s appeal for a variety of applications — including competition, protection in bear country and self-defense.

Taylor’s & Company’s TC9, a reproduction model of the iconic 1873 Cattleman, tops the January Firearms Giveaway Package. The 9mm TC9 sports a 5.5" barrel, a side-loading gate and an ejector rod housed within the loading lever assembly. The winner will also receive a Hammer Target from Hammer Targets LLC and Trackr Blu earmuffs from AXIL. Readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing — valued at more than $1,000 — online at

Jan. GUNS includes Alan Garbers’ “Beagling Bullets: The Bulletcaster’s Best Friend” — an overview of how to use aluminum foil tape to increase bullet size from a given mold. Pat Covert contends Cold Steel’s 4-Max Elite, 10" overall with a 4" drop-point blade, is a “man among boys” in the Knives column. Jeff “Tank” Hoover reveals how Mag-na-port transformed his .32 H&R Single-Six Vaquero into a single-action, snake-eating Mongoose in the Think Tank installment. And in the Rifles column, Dave Anderson maintains that even at 130 years old, the “immortal” .30-30 is still a contender.

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