JUNE 23, 2022

U.S. LawShield addresses Ohio becoming the 23rd state to pass permitless carry, also known as constitutional carry, and encourages gun owners to educate themselves on what this means to them as residents of the state.
As part of an ongoing national effort to help prevent illegal “straw” purchases of firearms, NSSF®, the ATF and the DOJ are reminding the Greater Philadelphia area public that stiff penalties are in place for individuals convicted of such unlawful purchases. The campaign is in its 22nd year and is a cornerstone of the cooperative relationship of the firearm industry, law enforcement and retailers.
Everest, the digital company bridging community and commerce for the outdoor recreation space announces the launch of, the first online marketplace and community hub offering consumers brand assortment, convenience, expert advice, content and community all in one place. 

The Colt Anaconda has garnered the Ballistic Magazine "Reader's Choice Award." The publication's readers, who participated in online voting over the same 60 firearms editors had considered for their award, decided that the Anaconda was the best revolver to hit the market in 2021.
Taurus announced that Taurus Shooting Team member KC Eusebio delivered a stellar performance at the Team Motley Dragons Cup Championship. The second annual Dragons Cup Championship was held May 13-15 in Odessa, Texas.
The 7680 Elite tactical belt holster was designed to fit most standard pistols with a light attached. It was designed with adjustment points which allow the gun to fit with or without the light attached.

Remington Ammunition announced their new partnership with Julia Stallings. Stallings, a Tennessee native, world-class trap shooter, and Lindenwood University graduate joins a growing roster of outstanding Remington ambassadors and influencers across various social media platforms.
The Firearms Policy Coalition noted the passage of gun control legislation and said they will be “investigating all available options to remedy this injustice against the peaceable people of the state.”
The Firearms Policy Coalition responded to the Senate gun control bill by noting, “The arrogance of the Senators negotiating on behalf of the People forgets that inalienable rights (cannot) be negotiated and (cannot) be voted on.”

The new Crosman Challenger PCP three-position pellet rifle brings big upgrades to Sporter class competitors. The Challenger is the official choice of all U.S. Military JROTC program sharpshooters and the sporter class air rifle preferred by competitive marksmanship programs coast-to-coast.
Gatorz offers a new technology in its lineup with Laser Defender Lenses.  Designed to protect eyes from harmful laser wavelengths, the Gatorz Laser Defender lenses are the perfect tool for anyone who can be subject to damaging laser strikes.
ZeroTech Optics announces the new Thrive HD First Focal Plane series of riflescopes developed for shooters and hunters who are looking for a ‘do it all’ riflescope. The combination of FFP and adjustable illumination enables the LR Hunter to mimic traditional reticles on low magnification.

Primary Arms Optics has just released their new pistol-ready reflex sight: the SLx RS-10. Weighing only 1.07 oz, this ruggedized mini reflex sight is made of 7075 aluminum and fits the commonly used Docter/Noblex standard mounting footprint.
Blaser Group is pleased to introduce the Mauser M18 Savanna bolt-action rifle. This newest M18 features a Savanna tan stock with grip inserts and a threaded barrel for the addition of a suppressor or muzzle break.
With world-class facilities in the Anniston and Talladega areas, the CMP offers marksmanship prospects not only to those around the country but within central-east Alabama as well.

NSSF welcomed the introduction of S. 4435, the Firearm Industry Nondiscrimination (FIND) Act, into the U.S. Senate by Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.). This vital legislation will end the ability of corporate entities from profiting off of taxpayer-funded federal contracts while discriminating against a Constitutionally-protected industry at the same time.
From Thursday, June 23 through Monday, July 4, Apex is running a ’12 Days of Summer’ sale offering customers 10% off their orders at Use the discount code SUMMER22 at checkout to receive 10% off. Some restrictions apply. Shipping is free.
Gun Digest Books has released a new edition of one of Grant Cunningham’s most popular titles, Defensive Revolver Fundamentals. In this revised and expanded second edition, revolver and handgun training expert Cunningham provides a modern take on the age-old revolver.

CONCEALMENT Magazine has released its latest issue, number 27, with the latest in home and self-defense, new firearms reviews, and expert advice on concealed carry.  
The new promotion from Kimber gives the customer the eligibility to add a holster or another accessory to their R7 setup at little to no cost.

Last week, I covered the serious side of Deringers and small revolvers. The inspiration for that column was the decision to rebuild a Butler Arms .22 Short Deringer. Butler made this pistol for Colt off and on, and on their own. They’re not really great pistols – the barrel is some kind of cheap alloy; rumor has it that even the .22 Short will wear the barrel out quickly. But this pistol has sentimental value – worthy of a make-over. It’s also an easy rebuild, and a great way for beginners to dip into a D.I.Y. firearms project.

These little .22 Short Deringers are not expensive. A quick search on the interweb revealed several in the range of a hundred bucks. That’s not a big investment for a “beginner’s” project pistol. The design is simple; a couple of screw drivers is all it takes for disassembly. Plus, there’s no tight-fitting parts with close tolerances. They’re very forgiving. The final motivation for this project was “fun.” With all the daily worries of life and the mayhem surrounding us it’s nice to have a short, pleasant distraction.

Although there’s not much to this pistol, I couldn’t refinish it without a few modifications. At the bottom of the front of the grip there was a little hook to index your finger. For my hand size it wasn’t positioned properly, so it was cut off. The grip was also stippled using a hand engraver.

The wood stocks didn’t fit my hand either, and after cutting the grip down they weren’t going to work anyway. A great excuse to make up a new set of stocks. I grabbed a small, scrap piece of ¼” G10 and went to work cutting and shaping. The hole in the frame the factory stock screw went through turned out to be the perfect size for tapping with #8 x 40 threads. Sure, this size screw is overkill for the purpose, but the hole didn’t even need to be drilled before threading. Simple and easy. Another great thing about this build is size. You don’t need a lot of room to work on a “mini” pistol.

The only modification that couldn’t be done with normal hand tools is the slots milled into the sides of the barrel. This wasn’t necessary, but they definitely set this Deringer apart from any other.

I had originally wanted to do a parkerized finish. The small parts parkerized well, but the barrel didn’t have enough carbon in the “steel” to parkerize. Same was true for the frame -- plus the nickel coating is almost impossible to remove without using caustic chemicals. This is where modern “spray ‘n bake” finishes like Gun Kote are valuable. These finishes are easy to apply, produce consistent results and are affordable. There are also companies that offer similar products available in spray cans. The frame was sprayed in Gun Kote’s “Mil-Spec” O.D. green, with the barrel in their “Dark Flat” black.

A few hours later the Deringer is looking good, even maybe a little bit “tactical.” (Probably more hours than I care to admit but, the purpose was a little bit of distraction and fun.). That’s when disappointment hit. I searched the shop high and low, but couldn’t find any .22 Short ammo – or a suitable pocket holster. I’ll take care of that in the next few days.

Tiger McKee is director of Shootrite Firearms Academy. He is the author of The Book of Two Guns, AR-15 Skills and Drills, has a regular column in American Handgunner and makes some cool knives and custom revolvers. Visit Shootrite’s Facebook page for other details.

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