JUNE 23, 2022

CONCEALMENT Magazine with Tools of the Trade

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APPLETON, Wis. – CONCEALMENT Magazine, a publication of CMG West, LLC, has released its latest issue, number 27, with the latest in home and self-defense, new firearms reviews, and expert advice on concealed carry.

If you’re reading CONCEALMENT, then you probably understand that a pistol isn’t a panacea for all problems. You know that someone merely having a pistol in their pants doesn’t envelop them with an impenetrable shield nor protect them from their own bad decisions.

Just like how there are aggressive, dangerous drivers on the road, there are people carrying guns who are hotheaded and ego-driven. As an individual, you can’t solve big-picture problems, but you can do as much as possible to avoid compounding issues. You can’t control or police the thoughts, feelings, actions, or the contents of pockets of others on the road nor the street — they always get a vote. But you can control your responses to their actions.

A quick gander on YouTube will show plenty of examples of needless escalation. Road-rage shootings, neighbors murdered over snow shovels, dumpster defenders, and basic arguments turning into deadly force situations because pride is involved. The entire world has been under a great amount of stress over the last several years, and there are a lot of problems, large and small, going on in everyone’s heads. Some people try to impart greater control in their worlds with the needless application of force.

It’s often been said that discretion is the better part of valor, but like so many rote catchphrases it’s not terribly helpful by itself. Being sufficiently skilled with a handgun will help you survive a shooting problem, but having tremendous accuracy and fast split times doesn’t prepare you for avoiding the fight in the first place or the potential legal fight afterward. CCW handguns and shooting skills are the backstop to give you a chance during a deadly encounter, not your first line of decision making.

Being the bigger, better person takes intentional effort. It sucks to back down, and for some people it will feel like “losing.” No one likes to lose. As the person who definitely has a gun and the greater capability to put it to use, you also have the greater responsibility.

Some simple reframing helps. Backing down and de-escalating is a win, not because you don’t pull a trigger, regardless of the ultimate determination of legality, but because you’re not gifting yourself pointless entanglements with assholes. They may feel smug, thinking they “won,” but at the end of the day you’re the one saving their life — they just don’t know it.

Inside this issue we also review the new Stoeger STR-9SC, BRG9 Elite, Sig Sauer P322, and American Tactical AHSS FXS-9. We give you the inside track on inexpensive gun storage solutions, interview experts on travel safety, and explore the history of carry ammo. We also look at some of the latest holsters on the market, discuss suppressors for concealed carry, evaluate the idea of being a “fudd,” examine home defense setups of the average citizen, and take a look at a target drill designed by a competitive shooter.


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