JUNE 8, 2021

The Second Amendment Foundation has filed a federal lawsuit in Minnesota, challenging that state’s ban on concealed carry by young adults between the ages of 18 and 21, alleging the ban violates the Second and Fourteenth Amendment rights of those citizens. Filed in the U.S. District Court, the case is Worth v. Harrington.
CCI-sponsored shooter Grant Kunkel made an impressive showing at the 2021 Area 3 Steel Challenge Championship, held in De Soto, Kansas, bringing home three first place titles and won the Rifle Master award.
On May 22, 2021, the Civilian Marksmanship Program hosted a Garand/Springfield/Vintage & Modern Military Rifle Match on the electronic targets of Petrarca Range at Camp Perry.

The GLOCK Shooting Sports Foundation has scheduled the GSSF CMP National Challenge, this summer during the National Pistol Matches – at the Camp Perry National Guard Training Facility. The National Matches are conducted by the Civilian Marksmanship Program.
Federal Ammunition is proud to congratulate legendary shooter, hunter, author, mother, and U.S. Army veteran Julie Golob on her triumphant return to competition shooting. After two years away, Julie took the Ladies Title at the Flagler Cup, followed with a third-place trophy at the Bianchi Cup National Action Pistol Championship.
Nearly 400 zombie hunters armed with handguns, shotguns and rifles converged in Grand Island, Nebraska, June 4-6, 2021 to battle the “undead” during the 9th annual, Zombies in the Heartland 3-Gun Match hosted by Hornady and the Heartland Public Shooting Park.

Sponsored competitive shooter Tucker Schmidt took two top trophies at the Pigg River Precision H.A.M. PRS Match in Rocky Mount, Virginia shooting Federal Premium Gold Medal rifle ammunition. Tucker took home the 1st place Open Division and the Top Pro trophy shooting 6mm Creedmoor handloads using Federal Premium Gold Medal primers and powered by Alliant Powder Reloder 16.
Bear OPS, the tactical brand of Bear & Son Cutlery specializing in military and law enforcement knives, invites 2021 Blade Show attendees to their booth to learn more about their tactical, lightweight, and fast-action knives.
Bear & Son Cutlery celebrates their thirtieth year of manufacturing butterfly knives at the 2021 Blade Show, June 4-6, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit booth #4 and see an assortment of new knives, including the limited edition thirtieth anniversary butterflies, carbon Farmhand series, and new lockback Cowhands.

U.S. LawShield will be on-hand at the 2021 Firearms Industry Compliance Conference held June 8 – 9. Gary Ramey, Chief Customer Officer of U.S. LawShield, will introduce the company and discuss the importance of educating law-abiding gun owners and protecting them from the legal system after acts of self-defense.
Weaver has expanded its lineup of popular Grand Slam scope rings to include two additional sizes. Now, consumers have the option of adding a new 30mm low matte steel ring or a 30mm medium matte steel ring to their favorite firearm setup.
Galco Full Grain Premium Leather Holsters are made exclusively from the hides of the highest “Number One” grade out of seven possible grades. This guarantees that Galco premium holsters are cut from the top 2% of vegetable-tanned U.S. steer hides.

The Sellmark Corporation’s brands, Pulsar, Sightmark and Kopfjäger are partnering with Sniper Hog Lights, ICOtec and the Googan Squad to give away over $10K worth of gear in a hunting and fishing package.
Texas-based ammunition manufacturer True Velocity released a video detailing the performance advantages of its proprietary 6.8 TVCM composite-cased cartridge currently being evaluated by the U.S. Army in its Next Generation Squad Weapons program.
1791 Gunleather is adding an additional 40% more staff to their Miami, Florida facility. A season of growth has already been experienced for the young leather goods manufacturer and there appears no sign of that trend slowing.

Celerant Technology announced new SMS text message marketing functionality. Through Celerant’s FFL point of sale, text messages can be created and sent to individual shoppers - helping firearm dealers build and nurture customer relationships, and increase sales.
Beretta USA was awarded a contract to supply the Pennsylvania Game Commission with a customized Beretta 1301 Tactical shotgun after an extensive testing and evaluation process. The 250 shotguns began to be fielded in May of this year.
SIG SAUER Electro-Optics is pleased to introduce the FOXTROT1X Rail Mounted Light, designed to deliver bright, maximum performance on a wide variety of pistol platforms.

Buck Knives is pleased to introduce the 040 Onset folding knife.With a S45VN Bos heat treated flat grind blade, ultra-smooth ball bearing flipper, G10 top scale and removable belt clip, this framelock knife is made for everyday carry.
Cold Steel announces the introduction of the newest model in its replaceable-blade knife series, the Click-N-Cut Folder. The Click-N-Cut series knives address the core drawbacks of most replaceable-blade knives on the market — weak blades and equally weak locking mechanisms.
Meprolight’s engineers have improved their popular Mepro FRBS by offering it with a Hyper-Bright front sight featuring an extremely bright colored ring with tritium illumination in your choice of green, yellow or orange.
The Armory Life announces the release of the second issue of The Armory Life print magazine, complementing the daily digital content available on
The Sport Ridge M-LOK Competition Bipod, shipping now, features a tunable tension adjustment lever and aircraft-aluminum construction finished in matte black anodizing.

Over the past weeks, I’ve been working with the “Class of 2021” – new guns built to fit the envelope originated with the Kel-Tec P-11 and popularized by the SIG SAUER P365; these guns include the Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP, the Taurus GX4, the S&W Shield Plus and – the topic of this feature – the Ruger MAX-9, fitted up with the CTS-1550 micro red dot sight by Crimson Trace.

We looked at the Ruger MAX-9 moderate-capacity micro-9 here and here. A personable little gun, it has the bark of short barrel 9x19mm pistols with little bite. Remarkable for the price point, it’s optics ready.

While the close-range benchmarks are the more likely niche for guns of this size, the question is whether or not one can rely on them to pass a more-or-less traditional police-type qualification course that features a percentage of rounds fired at fifteen and twenty-five yards. That’s what I sought to find out for the Ruger.

Don’t most guns “cut it” at 25 yards? As a rule, it’s expected. There are some guns that just don’t seem to work well for that level of distance and accuracy. With some of the guns tried over the years, it wasn’t an issue of trigger, ergonomics, or ammo – and with one, we were stymied about whether it was the barrel, barrel fit, dwell time in battery before unlocking or some other inconsistency. I’m not sure that was ever sorted out.

That was the test to which I’d put the MAX-9, while revisiting some of the closer and quicker aspects using the gun with the Crimson Trace optic.

The ammunition was provided by Fiocchi, their 9AP load, 115gr FMJ at a nominal 1200 fps – in a new box marked “Training Dynamics” “9mm Luger FMJ.”

On the street, 'gunpoint' tends to be 'aggravated assault.' Better to keep the muzzle off-body until a decision to fire is made. It takes little time to get the hit - seen below - from guard.

I started the course with 6 rounds fired at 25 yards on an IALEFI-Q target. This started with one pair from the holster, followed by two strings of two rounds from ‘guard,’ a legit low ready. Examining the target, I marked one hit just outside the ‘x’ ring, with another just below both rings. The rest were in the center – not bad.

From 15 yards, I shot pairs from guard and singles from guard. I followed that up with singles to the “softball” in the “head.” All were inside – and that was comforting.

The distance well sorted out, I worked closer, passing up the ‘normal’ seven yards and moving in for a bit of speed up close. At 5 yards, I worked pairs and ‘failures to stop.’ One of those 'high value' shots missed the 'softball.' From 3 yards, I fired four singles to head. The starting position was handgun holstered, hand on the gun in a firing grip. The object was to make the hit in a second or less.

From 3 yards, in a legitimate low ready, I shot pairs, each in less than one second.

There were no stoppages, and I wasn’t ‘rattled’ by the little 9mm. As to positions or stances, I shot the ‘Stressfire point’ index (looking over the gun), isosceles, Weaver and Chapman.

From the closest range, I shot the ‘FDLE Stage 2’ -- dedicated pairs -- mostly just looking through the ‘window’ of the CTS-1550. All the hits were inside.

The support gear included the Galco Tac Slide holster and Pitbull Tactical Universal Mag Carrier, Gen 2. Both items worked well to accomplish the tasks. The “universal magazine carrier” really seems to be; I’ve used it with legacy Shield magazines, Gen5 GLOCK 23 magazines, as well as magazines from guns in the Class of 2021.

In a previous outing with the Ruger MAX-9, I noted - “This is where a failure to hit the trigger-blade safety caused problems. I’d press off the safety, pull on a dead trigger, then quickly try to get the trigger moving, moving the gun at ignition.” For my hand and my engagement with the trigger, I found that the crease of the distal joint was over the trigger-blocking blade. That was during the first range trip – but not since.

I’ve not had that problem since the first range trip and this outing was no exception. I’d forgotten about that tendency of mine until rereading the previous notes to prepare this report. In the pair of range outings since the first, it’s been trouble-free.

I guess I fixed myself …

This gun is remarkable. I hope to do more work with it.

-- Rich Grassi

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