NOVEMBER 3, 2020

The Ultra Custom holster from 1791 Gunleather has been awarded the Holster of the Year by Guns and Ammo Magazine.
Taurus Team Captain Jessie Harrison took took First Place in the Ladies Open division and earned the Ladies Open National Champion title at the USPSA Race Gun Nationals.
As temperatures drop, more of us wear more layers or heavier coats -- limiting access to belt, shoulder or IWB holsters. Many of us will carry a second, smaller handgun in a coat pocket where it can be quickly and easily brought into action -- and Galco has pocket holsters to ensure security, speedy access and concealment.

Sellmark Corporation supported a charity auction that netted $9,025.00 that will directly benefit the Texas Game Warden Association.
SIG SAUER, Inc. announces the donation of $500,000 to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) to support the important work the NSSF is doing on behalf of the entire shooting, hunting, and outdoor industry.
RSR Group, Inc. announced the addition of Ed Brown Products to its product offerings. Ed Brown provides a large selection of custom 1911 handguns and parts which are now available for purchase through RSR Group.

1791 Gunleather is pleased to announce the addition of George Vilarino as the new Regional Sales Manager for the Northeast and Great Lakes regions.
Blaser Group is pleased to announce its J.P. Sauer brand partnership with Big Rock Sports, one of North America’s largest wholesale distributors for the outdoor industry.
SAR USA by Sarsilmaz announced that they have partnered with Athlon Outdoors Personal Defense Network in support of their tactical training video series.

Following the cancellation of SHOT Show 2021 Media Lodge announces their commitment to producing and distributing an unparalleled product video series, featuring new and notable hunting and shooting products.
SIG SAUER Academy announced that Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club in New Smyrna Beach, Florida will be hosting on-location SIG SAUER Academy courses.
The Second Amendment Foundation filed a federal lawsuit challenging laws in the state of New Jersey that effectively prevent average law-abiding citizens from legally carrying loaded sidearms outside of their homes for personal protection.

Staccato 2011, LLC announced the launch of the “Built for Heroes” video series. The series is dedicated to sharing stories of our country’s veterans, law enforcement, and military professionals.
McMillan Fiberglass Stocks expands its line of premium hunting stocks with the introduction of the new Game Stalker model. It has the familiar profile of traditional hunting stocks in a precision fiberglass format.
Rival Arms expands offerings to the precision long-range shooter with its introduction of the new adjustable ST-3X Precision Rifle Stock.

Available in RAW’s two staple color packages, midnight bronze and black with red accents, the RAW15 300 AAC rifle has both the looks and accuracy to please any sport shooter or hunter
FN America, LLC announced its Forged from Freedom campaign honoring veterans of the U.S. military. The campaign, ending on November 11, Veteran’s Day, features a six-part video series that explores FN’s deeply rooted connection to the U.S. military and its veterans through the voices of its veteran employees and customers.
Davidson’s, a firearms wholesaler, is announcing a series of live broadcast events airing January 4 through January 8, 2021.It will be an ongoing effort to bring the latest news, promotions, and industry knowledge to both their dealer network as well as the vast Gallery of Guns’ consumer base.
GUNS Magazine Podcast first anniversary episode features Host and GUNS Magazine Editor Brent T. Wheat, American Handgunner Editor Tom McHale and FMG Publications’ Extraordinary Assignments Editor Roy Huntington as they discuss prudent preparations in case things get ugly following Election Day.
With firearm sales continuing to surge across the country, NSSF President and CEO Joe Bartozzi welcomes millions of first-time gun buyers to the community of firearm owners in a new video and offers tips on how to safely enjoy the shooting sports.
In the November issue of Shooting Industry, an industry insider shares how a “light-bulb” moment can convert first-time gun owners into educated gun owners; a top priority for the industry at large.
The October 2020 NSSF-adjusted National Instant Criminal Background Check System(NICS) figure of 1,769,553 is an increase of 60.1 percent compared to the October 2019 NSSF-adjusted NICS figure of 1,105,335.

Panteao Productions image.

A fellow writer from the Harris Publications days, Mike Boyle and I tend to be kindred spirits. While he’s ‘wrong-handed’ and is a fan and trainer of combative use of the fowling piece, in terms of handguns and handgun training we find ourselves on the same page.

It’s not in commemoration of Mike that I often shoot with the ‘wrong hand’ and if I need information on the defense/LE use of the shotgun, he’s one of very few ‘go-to’ people I ask. He’s also known for his low-light/adverse light training. He’s done training videos explaining the defense shotgun and low-light firearms application for Panteao Productions. They wisely prevailed upon him to do a video on the short barrel revolver – a piece sponsored by Kimber and featuring their fine K6S revolver line.

I’ve seen the video. As a user of snub revolvers since 1973 – with one as a constant carry piece since 1978 with only a minor break in service – I figured I knew quite a bit about the topic. It’s no real surprise that I learned something new, hit upon a few things I’d known and forgotten, and reinforced learning I’d had over many years.

Make Ready with Mike Boyle: The Snubbie Revolver just went live last weekend on Panteao’s website. I streamed it to watch Mike work. As a former instructor, I like to see others work so I can reinforce my public speaking skills as well. Boyle is at the high point of form – he’s still working as an instructor/range master and it shows.

Panteao Productions screen capture images. Above, Boyle's video covers the ground on selection, application of the short revolver. Below, Mike demonstrates one-handed shooting while employing a flashlight for target ID.

Mike chats about the most commonly found short guns – in 38 Special/357 Magnum – while pointing out that rimfire guns, various 32s in fairly recent magnum-trim, and even 44 Specials are out there. It’s the 38 that gets the lion’s share of the coverage because it’s the most commonly used. If ammo companies could ramp up 32 production, that would be a good move, but it’s a 38 world.

There are actually a few advantages to the snub revolver – and Mike’s not shy about pointing them out while admitting the disadvantages of the format. It still clearly has a place; all those users just can’t be wrong. And they have capability far beyond what most can get out of them. Mike doesn’t go far down that rabbit hole as I likely would have.

He mentions sight radius as an issue; that’s commonly seen internet chatter too. I’ve seen Mike shoot; sight radius sure isn’t a problem for him. He makes use of the need to form a more precise sight picture and holds the gun still, amazing a good many with his prowess. I know a few others like that – Vince O’Neill, as another example. I’ve made it a point to learn from them. Once you learn how to shoot the short revolver well, it’s a lot easier to shoot service autos and larger revolvers with some precision.

Most people who complain about ‘short sight radius’ are like those who chatter on about “1 MOA” rifles. As ‘most people’ are 8-12 MOA shooters, it doesn’t really make much difference. Same with the complaints about the short gun.

Panteao Productions image.

Granted, its most likely application is at extreme close ranges in very fast, panic-style engagements. It shines in that venue too.

If you have any interest in practical use of the snub revolver, you owe it to yourself to take a look at Mike’s new video. And there are lots of other instructive videos at Panteao’s site as well. I was reminded they got a portion of the Paladin Press videos and spent a bit of time watching my friend Jim Cirillo’s videos.

The Panteao account is well worth the cost. I get to see and hear people I’ve known even during pandemics -- even those who’ve moved on to their last duty station.

-- Rich Grassi

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