FEBRUARY 1, 2024

The Industry Day at the Range Safety Award, sponsored by Action Target, honors the participating company that demonstrates the highest standard of safety throughout the event. The 2024 Action Target Safety Award was awarded to Aimpoint at the Action Target SHOT Show booth, where they received a $2,000 credit toward the 2025 Industry Day at the Range event.
On Target magazine recently honored Federal Premium Gold Medal CenterStrike rifle ammunition with a 2023 Editors’ Choice Award, as part of the magazine’s 22nd annual awards program.
Firearms Legal Protection, a provider of pre-paid legal defense memberships, attended the 2024 SHOT Show and was awarded “Best in Class Protection” by the prestigious Shooting for Women Alliance.

Otis Technology presented their 2023 Sporting Goods, Government, and Law Enforcement Sales Awards on Wednesday, January 24th in their booth at the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show.
Mission First Tactical announced that they have won the 2023 On Target Editor’s Choice Award for their MFT IWB & OWB Leather Hybrid Holsters. According to award organizers, product nominations were based on innovation, technical merit, performance, and value for the dollar.
A federal judge in New York has granted a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction to the Second Amendment Foundation and its partners in a challenge of a public housing authority gun ban in Cortland, N.Y. The case is known as Hunter v. Cortland Housing Authority.

Gun Owners of America (GOA) and the Gun Owners Foundation filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court of the United States in Garland v. Cargill, a case challenging the ATF’s ban on bump stocks.
Maxim Defense announced that they are attending the Nation’s Best Sports (NBS) Spring Semi-Annual Market held Thursday, February 1st, through Monday, February 4th, in Fort Worth, TX. Maxim will be showcasing their latest offerings.
Faxon Firearms announced its participation in the Nation's Best Sports 2024 Spring Semi-Annual Market. This event will take place from February 1-4, 2024, bringing together some of the most prominent names in sports, outdoor, and shooting industries.

ROSE by SIG SAUER will host its first birthday celebration throughout the month of February highlighting the achievements of the program and honoring the women of the ROSE community. This month-long Birthday Celebration will kick-off at the SIG Experience Center at SIG SAUER Academy on Thursday, February 1, 2024.
Silencer Central announced its participation in the 2024 Safari Club International Convention January 31 to February 3, 2024, in Nashville. Silencer Central will showcase at Booth #3145. In addition to the one-stop shop for your next suppressor, on Friday, February 2, attendees will have the opportunity to meet Willie Robertson, the CEO of Duck Commander and star of the hit TV show "Duck Dynasty," from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
The Headrest Safe Company, LLC announced that they will be exhibiting at the Nation’s Best Sports (NBS) Spring Semi-Annual Market held Thursday, February 1st, through Monday, February 4th, in Fort Worth, TX. The Headrest Safe Company will be presenting its latest offerings to NBS members.

SAR Firearms announced that they will be exhibiting at the 2024 Great American Outdoor Show, held Saturday, February 3rd through Sunday, February 11th, 2024, in Harrisburg, PA. This year, SAR Firearms will be showcasing their most popular models, such as the SAR9 GEN 3, SAR9 SOCOM, and SAR9 Subcompact.
Henry Repeating Arms announces its naming as the fifth best-selling brand on in 2023. The company also produces two of the top three best-selling rifles on the platform.
The Outtech Sales Services team continues to grow and announced the addition of Cameron Barto as a Regional Manager for the independent channel. Cameron will be working with retailers in WV, MD, DE, NJ and northern VA.

SIG SAUER is pleased to announce the SIG P365 and SIG P320 were the #1 and #2 selling products across all firearms in 2023, according to the 2023 Top 10 Best-Selling Handguns report.
Patriot Ordnance Factory Inc. (POF-USA) is pleased to announce they will be exhibiting at Nation’s Best Sports (NBS) 2024 Spring Semi-Annual Market.
Otis Technology announced their 2023 Customer Awards. These awards encompassed both Otis Technology and Shooter’s Choice and will be presented at various industry trade shows in early 2024.

Liberty Ammunition announced a new in-store program to support retailers. Retail partners will receive signs, counter displays, hats, shirts and more.
WATCHTOWER Firearms expands its executive leadership team by appointing Jordan Davis as Chief Growth Officer to help manage and drive the company’s growth initiatives. Davis is a seasoned leader with nearly 20 years of experience in the sporting goods industry, a history of effective leadership, and a deep understanding of business functions, whether marketing, operations, or finance.
NSSF filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in support of the challenge by Michael Cargill in Garland v. Cargill. Cargill challenges that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives overstepped its authority when officials there published a Final Rule that criminalized the possession of “bump stocks” by classifying them as “machineguns.”
Introducing the first Magpul metal mag: the AMAG 17 SG9 for SIG Sauer P320 and M17 pistols. The AMAG 17 SG9 is a 17-round SIG 9mm handgun magazine featuring a body made from a low-friction steel alloy, eliminating corrosion while using optimized rib structures for correct round stacking, in turn promoting positive, reliable feeding.
Magpul has created a stock that bridges the gap between the standard carbine-style stock and some of the higher-end, feature rich PRS-style stocks -- the MOE PR Carbine Stock – Mil-Spec. The MOE PR Carbine Stock perfectly blends the lightweight, simple design of the legacy MOE Carbine stock with some of the more passive, built-in features of the PRS Lite stock.
Meprolight launched nine new products at SHOT Show – Mepro M22 Rifle Optics, six new micro pistol optics (MPO) and two magnifiers (X3 & X 4) — which were enthusiastically received by attendees. Next, they will be in Ft. Worth, Texas for the Nation’s Best Sports 2024 Semi-Annual Market.

Today’s feature is from correspondent Dave Spaulding.

I'm often startled when I wake up and realize how old I am. It seems like just yesterday that I was a young cop wanting to confront bad guys at every turn. In those days, I used to look at the older guys and think they were out of touch, with nothing but old and out-of-date information to offer. How wrong I was! Just because something is old doesn’t mean it’s out of date. Often, it means that it's proven in conflict and I’ll take a proven technique or tactic over something new and noteworthy every time.

Remember, fighting is final. If you engage in combat, you run the risk of being hurt or killed. It’s not a video game. There is no way to engage in nice fighting. There is no room for “politically correct” in this arena. I fear that some American cops and armed citizens have reached a time when force is preferably “minimal” instead of “objectively reasonable.” On the other end of the spectrum, some want to use military-style, battle zone tactics in domestic conflict. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in several landmark cases – and it’s written in many state statutes -- that force must be reasonable, but how many cases do you know of in which police officers used reasonable force only to get thrown under the bus?

You don’t think it could happen to an armed citizen?

What’s Old Is New

Landmark work by real-world experts of the past – like NO SECOND PLACE WINNER by Bill Jordan – contains lessons which have been built upon since their passing. Just because something is “old” doesn’t mean that someone hasn’t ‘repackaged’ it.
Former Marine Special Missions Officer Kelly McCann has said “If you want to learn something new, read an old book.” If you read the old books written by such men as John Styers, William Fairbairn, Eric Sykes, Rex Applegate, Ed McGivern, Jeff Cooper and Elmer Keith, you will find some variation of the techniques currently being taught as “new.” The fact is there are only so many ways to shoot a gun, throw a punch, a kick or swing a baton. If some instructor advertises a course as having the latest technique based on real-world situations, it’s unlikely that it's truly original. “New” is just something you have never seen before. It’s likely something recycled or reinvented as a large number of folks are trying to make a living conducting firearms training and to get your attention, they’ re trying to be “different” from the rest. But are they really?

A number of years ago, I created a quick test anyone can use to evaluate any tactic or technique to determine if it’s worth learning, practicing and anchoring. I call it the “Three S Test” and while it is not absolute, it has proven to be helpful. First, is the tactic or technique simple to perform? If it's not simple to do on the range or training mat, do you really think it's going to get easier during a fight? Remember, we default to the level of training we have mastered and anchored, not just experienced. This means they’ll require more time and effort to use quickly and easily. Decide if it's worth it. Simple techniques are easier to learn, practice and master to keep sharp. Next, does the tactic or technique make sense to you? You're likely an adult with a wide range of life and work experiences, have formal education and task-specific training, maybe you were in the military or law enforcement and saw conflict. Maybe you are the victim of a violent crime and have adopted a “never again” attitude. If a technique doesn’t make sense to you, listen to your gut and ask the instructor about it. Finally, is the tactic or technique street proven? The instructor must be able to give you examples of where it's been used in actual conflict. One incident isn't enough. Be careful if the technique is named after the instructor, or the technique is the hinge pin of their entire program. No one should be a lab rat for someone’s whim or effort to make money.

Editor’s Note: Part II will appear next week.

— Dave Spaulding

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