AUGUST 4, 2022

Firearms Policy Coalition announced that, because of Maryland Governor Hogan’s concession and order to cease the state’s utilization of its ‘good and substantial reason’ carry permit standard, the parties have filed a joint motion to dismiss the Call v. Jones litigation as moot.
Hornady congratulates team shooter Jessie Harrison on her performance at the Area 5 Championship, July 27-31, 2022, in Brooklyn, MI.
Springfield Armory is proud to announce it will host the inaugural GUNFEST at the renowned Sturgis, South Dakota, 2022 Motorcycle Rally August 5th through the 7th.

The covert operations discreet case for IWI Tavor & bullpups fits Steyr AUG/A3, FN F2000 & FS2000, as well as the new Springfield Armory Hellion and similar bullpup rifles with overall lengths of 30 inches or less.
Media Lodge, an outdoor industry digital media platform, has hired media maven Jenn Jacques for a newly created Brand Strategist position, announced company president, Christen Everly.
MidwayUSA’s Ryan Cokerham was recently promoted to Director of Merchandising – Shooting. Ryan began his career at MidwayUSA as a Photography Specialist in 2008, shortly after earning a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Missouri., an online marketplace geared toward outdoors enthusiasts, has announced the appointment of Vince Lusardi as Chief Experience Officer. In this position, Lusardi will implement his years of experience and understanding of the consumer market to build and expand the online community.
Yesterday, Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. announced Q2 2022 net sales of $140.7 million and diluted earnings of $1.17 per share, compared with net sales of $200.1 million and diluted earnings of $2.50 per share in the second quarter of 2021.
Three respected brands joined the EasyExport network of international sellers in July. With their addition, 13 American companies are now using EasyExport to export guns, parts, optics, and accessories to customers in 82 countries. The companies are XS Sights, Griffin Armament and Potomac Armory/Charlie’s Custom Clones.

Faxon Firearms, a Cincinnati, Ohio-based manufacturer of quality rifle and pistol components, and complete firearms, will be releasing their Faxon Sentinel 8.6 BLK AR-10 Rifles and Pistols this Saturday, August 6th.
Parkwest Arms, a manufacturer of finely crafted, custom bolt-action rifles and accessories, and now AR platforms, introduces their all-new PW-P9. It is an advanced AR platform 9-millimeter pistol built entirely in Sturgis, South Dakota.
NSSF has launched a national fundraising campaign in support of USA Shooting’s athletes and their pursuit of excellence at the 2022 World Championships this fall.

The National Rifle Association of America announced the opening of the 2022 application period for the NRA School Shield Grant Program. Available to all accredited non-profit and public K-12 schools, including private and parochial schools, grants are provided by The NRA Foundation for school security improvements and related activities.
Primary Arms has unveiled a new rifle giveaway for August: the Foxtrot Mike Products Folding FM-15 Rifle Giveaway. Featuring parts from many of the industry’s top manufacturers, this giveaway package is valued at over $1,730 with open entry and no purchase necessary.
Inside Shooting Industry’s first-ever Range Issue, content provides range operators with a look at innovative technologies, the merits of pursuing NSSF’s range-rating program, how to make facilities more welcoming to women and more.

The Anderson AM-15 Precision Series consists of four rifles: The Competitor, The Marksman, The Sharpshooter and The Varminter, all chambered in 5.56, come equipped with a Schmid Tool two-stage trigger and Magpul PRS (Precision Rifle Series) Lite stock.


While most defensive use of firearms occurs at close range, usually two or three yards or closer, there are enough exceptions to this rule that make it worthwhile to include some longer shots during your range trips. You’ve got to discover how to shoot at distance, for example the sight picture required for your pistol at various distances to get hits. It’s also necessary to learn what your capabilities are in advance.

Distance increases group size exponentially; it magnifies your mistakes. The pistol always shoots the same. They’re much more accurate than we can shoot them. Once you’ve developed the fundamentals of marksmanship – Aim, Hold, Press and Follow-through - placing “accurate” hits on a man-sized target at “extended” distances isn’t difficult. “Accurate” is an eight to ten-inch group in the center of the torso at fifty to seventy yards. Consistent application of the fundamentals of marksmanship always produces the desired results. As with all skills, practice is required.

Live-fire practice is where you discover what sight picture or hold is required at various distances. With most pistols as the distance increases, you’ll need to hold lower on the target. At sixty yards you’re holding about belt buckle height for chest shots.

During practice don’t get caught up in “outcome based” thinking. It’s ironic, but in order to shoot accurately you can’t be thinking about hitting or missing. This distracts you from concentrating on the fundamentals that will produce the desired results. The speed of your shots depends on distance and size of the target. If you’re missing then you’re firing too fast.

Long distance shooting develops the fundamentals, and builds confidence. This is important, because your performance is always equal to your self-image. A “can do” attitude is the result of plenty of proper repetition. At the same time, you’re learning what shots are beyond your abilities. Be very guarded against developing a magnified ego, which is much like an over-inflated balloon that’s easily popped.

Remember, on the range you’re performing under near perfect conditions. “Real life” will be a lot different. Knowing that you can make the shot(s) doesn’t mean you should take the shot(s). Often a defensive situation leaves little doubt about your involvement. A sudden, violent attack requires an immediate response. In other situations, there’s time to decide whether or not to get involved, especially at longer distances when avoidance and escape are options. You can only answer this question in the “now.” What’s the distance, and is the threat moving? What’s between you and the threat, and beyond, in the background? It may be more important to get your family, friends or others to safety.

Three hits from the then-new GLOCK 43X with Federal 115gr. ball from fifty yards on a steel target 11" wide by 18" high; wasn't a great target, but it'll do.

Real-life cases – other than the recent mall/food court shooting? Sure. A note from author-instructor-retired cop Massad Ayoob lists a few more: “(Vic) Stacy in Brownwood, TX used a 6" Colt Python to shoot down a double murderer who was firing a .30-30 rifle at a pinned down policeman, saving the latter's life … One of Tom Givens' students saved a life with a 22-yard rescue shot with a pistol … During the Norco Bank Robbery chase in 1980, Deputy James Evans wounded one of the rifle-armed suspects at about 54 yards with his service revolver, but unfortunately popped up from the same spot where he took cover to reload, and was killed by a second suspect.”

Long-distance practice is a good thing. You don’t want to neglect the close-range work, which is where most confrontations occur but, every range session should include firing at extended ranges. It’s fun, reinforces the fundamentals and if you’re ever faced with that “special” situation you’ll be well prepared.

Tiger McKee is director of Shootrite Firearms Academy. He is the author of The Book of Two Guns, AR-15 Skills and Drills, has a regular column in American Handgunner and makes some cool knives and custom revolvers. Visit Shootrite’s Facebook page for other details.

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