JULY 9, 2019

Vista Outdoor Inc. (VSTO) ("Vista Outdoor") (NYSE: VSTO) announced yesterday that it has completed the sale of the legal entity operating its Savage Arms and Stevens firearms brands to a financial buyer for a total purchase price of $170 million, comprised of $158 million paid at closing and $12 million to be paid upon maturity of a five-year seller note issued by the buyer to Vista Outdoor in connection with the transaction.
The employees of “Team Savage” have released a letter to “Our Savage Family” regarding the completed sale of Savage Arms from the Vista Outdoor portfolio. The letter thanks Vista for six years of support, including investing in the company as well as helping begin the “transformation of our brand”.
Bushnell sponsored shooter Robert Brantley used his Elite Tactical XRS II riflescope to return to the podium at the 2019 King of the 2 Miles Match in Raton, New Mexico. With a second-place finish, Brantley was named this year’s Prince of the 2 Miles and became the first defending champion to even make it to the finale the following season.

The Civilian Marksmanship Program and National Rifle Association have coordinated timing of training, pistol and rifle events of the 2020 National Matches at Camp Perry and NRA Championships at Camp Atterbury to provide competitors greater planning flexibility.
Federal and CCI Ammunition sponsored shooters Cole Busch and Hunter Sykes are using new products from these trusted brands to win big in Pistol Caliber Carbine, USPSA and Precision Rifle Challenge events.
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. announced that multiple Team Ruger competitors posted divisional wins throughout the weekend of June 21-23. Team Captain Koenig took top production at the Buckeye Precision Rifle Club match, Team Members Olhasso and McGinty took firsts at the USPSA Area 7 match and Randi Rogers took second in division at the End of Trail Nationals.

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. announced the Ruger Custom Shop SR1911 Competition pistol chambered in .45 Auto. The Custom Shop SR1911 is assembled with the Koenig Shooting Sports low-mass hammer and competition sear, flat-faced match trigger shoe, precision-machined Cylinder & Slide disconnector, forged slide stop, integral plunger tube and hand-tuned sear spring.
SIG SAUER, Inc.announces the introduction of the P365 XL pistol, which combines the capacity, control, and shootability of a full-size pistol, with the concealability of a micro-compact.
Throughout June 2019, competitive shooters using Walther pistols have earned over $17,000 and 20 1st place finishes at various IDPA and USPSA matches across the United States.

Birchwood-Casey has developed a full line of gun care products to make firearm maintenance easy and effective for shooters and hunters.They have a broad line of cleaning rods, jags, brushes, mops, bore guides, muzzle protectors, patches, cloths, picks, and other cleaning essentials to assist in the task.
Aguila Ammunition is proud to announce its participation as the official shotshell in the Guinness World Records title attempt of the most clay shooting targets broken in 12 hours (team).
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE-RGR) proudly introduces three models of the Ruger American Rimfire rifle with Go Wild Camo I-M Brush stock and bronze Cerakote.

LWRCI announces the release of its first pistol-caliber carbine - the SMG-45. This model combines the company’s experience on the AR platform with a delayed-blowback/short-recoil operating system to deliver a unique pistol-caliber carbine shooting experience.
Galco is excited to introduce the QuickTuk Cloud. An innovative combination of Kydex, ballistic nylon and Galco’s new Comfort Cloth, the QuickTuk Cloud combines comfortable carry with superior concealment.
High Speed Gear released a new mounting system, the Adaptable Belt Mount for 30 of its most popular products. It offers a sturdy, belt width adjustable, anti-slide application for mounting HSGI products to a belt.
The July/August 2019 issue of Survivor’s Edge magazine focuses on the ocean and dangers contained therein, discusses survival on a deserted island and gets back on land for the “Rides” column and a story on triaging victims after a disaster.
Rock River Arms is pleased to announce that Williams Shooters Supply is now a distributor of Rock River Arms firearms, parts, and accessories. Williams Shooters Supply provides dealers across the country with a wide range of firearms, ammunition, shooting supplies, and outdoor accessories.
McMillan Fiberglass Stocks is pleased to co-sponsor the upcoming High-Country Precision's Mile-High Shootout. The match is part of the 2019 National Rifle League series and will be held at the Rio Ro Mo Ranch outside of Craig, Colorado.
This week on Guns & Gear, check out the history of Springfield Armory's M1A line, including the newest variation, the SOCOM 16 CQB. Plus, Ammo Inc.'s non-incendiary Streak visual ammunition for the range, Ruger's Wrangler revolver and more.

Consider the op-ed from Erin Sith in a blog found here (tip of the hat to Chuck Haggard who led me to it) regarding the arming-up of the political left. If, like me, you figured that (1) duffers use crap for gear, (2) have no apparent training and that means (3) they have no skills, perhaps you should get a look at this story. The photos of the “antifa” (sic) types featured in the piece display gear such as a BCM carbine, GLOCK pistols, Magpul magazines and plate carriers properly worn -- in addition to support gear that definitely screams “professional,” like hydration and individual first aid kits.

One way to determine relative potential skill level of a stranger is to notice the gear -- like the top-of-the-pile BCM brand AR seen here. It appears some of the so-called anti-fascists are showing up with rifles like this and with gear placement and type demonstrating some serious skills.

It seems that people “on the right” have no corner on the operational skills and gear components, something to be considered when things go off the rails. Remember, even gun control fanatics aren’t “anti-gun” – they’re against you having guns.

There’s a difference. Now there’s even a “socialist rifle association” and those who believe that a reason Soviet communism failed was that the people didn’t have arms to fight the (inevitable in statist society) corruption of the government.

So it’s an “arms race,” that includes knowledge and skills gained from training.

Have you trained – recently? Or at all?

And while we’re about training, you should all be familiar with the Tactical Professor, Claude Werner. One of the clearest thinking and often contrarian (to ‘official’ dogma) analysts in our industry, he’s not been resting on his laurels. He recently complete Version 2.0 of his Advanced Pistol Practice.

A “guide for practicing with handguns for personal protection,” it moves us beyond the Rehn/Daub text Strategies and Standards for Defensive Handgun Training and into the practice aspect of the trade. Training is good – very good – and continuing education with texts and videos are also part of the puzzle.

Without practice – more importantly knowing how to practice and what to practice – the training and education are of less import. The way in which he approaches this issue is through the components of “advanced tasks.” These include consistency, performance measurement and context.

Consistency is the element that considers what you can do – right now, on demand. Not after “warm-up,” not on a “good day,” but right now, this minute.

Claude's "Baseline Evaluation" was used to check three small handguns against each other. I elected to shoot the course on the B-8 bullseye as recommended by Greg Ellefritz. This Ruger American Pistol Compact was the winner that day.

Measurement is the only way to gauge progress when the object is to sharpen performance. Many of us have an inflated view of our skills, while others bemoan the likelihood we’ll never be “good enough.” The intervening chasm is filled with those who realize they’re not as good as they could be and who are working to fill that void.

Context is the environment in which the skills are to be used operationally. Just what is it you’re practicing? What skill will solve that problem? One of the many places Claude shines is in problem analysis: what is the mission?

It’s not always the same for those involved in preparation for personal protection: some may be on-duty law enforcement officers, those having a responsibility that non-sworn citizens do not have. The missions are similar and different.

Claude includes his analysis of ‘serious mistakes and negative outcomes,’ critical issues to be considered in advance of need. This part of the book is worth the price of the whole book – and is something to be regularly considered and discussed with the like-minded.

The book includes the following: live fire drills, live fire decision drills, live fire scenarios and a complete plan for dry practice. Not enough? He includes a piece on skill development with small revolvers – very practical and also worth the cost of the book --, a syllabus of his “short class for those new to concealed carry” as well as comprehensive shooting tips and printable targets.

Buying it is good; making use of its contents through dedicated practice is better.

- - Rich Grassi

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