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Thursday : September 22 : 2016
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Silencer Shop
BPI Outdoors Grand Opening
BPI Outdoors held its official Grand Opening Celebration and Open House on August 30th. Over 150 people attended the event, including local officials, vendors, customers, employees, members of the outdoor press, and friends.
Taurus GunBroker Auction for NRA-ILA
Taurus will donate a 10th Anniversary Judge to be auctioned on to benefit the NRA-ILA and support their ongoing efforts. The NRA-ILA continues to be an important voice for the firearms industry and responsible firearms owners.
Dave Sevigny Wins Steel Challenge Production Division
GASTON GLOCK style LP announced Dave Sevigny's most recent win at the 2016 Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championship. The eight-stage steel tournament was held in San Luis Obispo, California from August 25-27.

Sig Sauer
Aguila Minishell Packaging Receives Gold Award
Texas Armament & Technology (TxAT) and Aguila Ammunition are proud to announce their Minishell shotshell has been awarded a Gold Award at the Graphis Annual competition for its newly designed packaging.
Best AR-15 Magazine?
Hexmag, LLC, the maker of an advanced and versatile AR-15 platform magazine announces the release of their new Series 2 magazine. The new Series 2 light-weight magazine has a revised catch pocket to improve magazine stabilization and a new stripper clip guide was added to increase efficiency in charging the magazine.
SB Tactical Videos on YouTube
SB Tactical, inventors and manufacturers of the Pistol Stabilizing Brace, has updated their YouTube channel with exciting and informative videos. SB Tactical's product offerings include Pistol Stabilizing Braces for a multitude of AR, AK, HK, and specialty firearms platforms.

Concealed Carry Part of the Conversation in After Mall Attack
Reports of the St. Cloud Mall knife attack indicated that it was considered a "gun free zone." As a concealed carry instructor and part time police officer was in the mall at the time, there was likely less mayhem than there could have been. Concealed carry of firearms by law abiding citizens should be considered as a way to minimize these threats.
Oakwood Controls Participation at Modern Day Marine
Oakwood Controls is proud to announce their participation at Modern Day Marine. Visit booth 1531 for the latest live-fire Electronic Target Systems.
A Bog-Pod for Many Shooting Needs
Bog-Pod tripods, bipods, monopods and accessories have a wide range of options and the platform to fit your specific needs. These include shooting sticks, all-terrain foot system CLD series, the HD series -- the most robust, and the TAC series.

Arsenal, Inc. Factory Range Program Now Available
Arsenal, Inc. is proud to announce their release of a factory range program for select firearms. Dealers and gun ranges around the country now have the opportunity to experience the quality firearms Arsenal, Inc. is known for as rental guns on their ranges.
CCRKBA Rips Media For Coverage of Mall Hero
The "mainstream press" is once again trying to spin away from positive coverage about armed citizens and the fallacy of so-called "gun-free zones" in its reports about the St. Cloud, Minnesota mall shooting and the hero shooter, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said Tuesday.
Team SIG Member Lena Miculek Named NRA World Shooting Ladies Champion
SIG SAUER, Inc. announced that Team SIG member Lena Miculek was named the Ladies Champion at the 2016 NRA World Shooting Championship in Glengary, West Virginia. The recent victory marks Miculek's second Ladies World title in only her third appearance at the NRA World Shooting Championship.
Guncrafter Industries HOSS 1911
Guncrafter Industries announces the Heavy Operating Shooting System- HOSS. Founder Alex Zimmerman identified the 1911 parts under the most stress: extractor, slide stop, plunger tube, barrel link and others. Then he made those parts stronger.
Browning Offering New Models of the 1911-380 Semi Auto Pistols
Browning adds two new models to the 1911-380 semi auto pistol line for 2016, the Black Label 1911-380 Pro and Black Label 1911-380 Pro with rail. The two new models are available with either steel three-dot combat sights or night sights.
STI International Signs as Title Sponsor of USPSA Handgun Nationals
STI International will once again be the title sponsor of the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) Open/Limited 10 Handgun Nationals.The USPSA Handgun Nationals will be held October 6-8, 2016 at the Universal Shooting Academy in Frostproof, Florida.
Apex Back As Sponsor Of Live Free Or Die State IDPA Championship
Once again Apex Tactical Specialties will be one of the major sponsors of the Live Free Or Die IDPA Championship, the state match of New Hampshire.
Honor Defense Adds "Long Slide" Pistol
Honor Defense announced that it has added a "Long Slide" version to the Honor Guard line. The new gun features a 3.8" stainless steel barrel and an accessory rail.
Gearfire Announces Partnership with Acusport
Gearfire, a provider of eCommerce websites and technology to brick-and-mortar firearms and outdoor-sports retailers, announces the addition of AcuSport. As Gearfire's eighth partnering distributor, AcuSport's inventory is now available to all Gearfire retailers.
SAF Blames Gun Control Hysteria for Increasing Gun Thefts from Cars
The Second Amendment Foundation responded to a biased story about firearms theft that appears in The Trace. The story concerns gun thefts from vehicles. Those guns would not be left in cars were it not for the gun control laws supported by wealthy anti-gun elitists.
Springfield Armory Helps Consumers Defend Their Legacy
Springfield Armory announces the launch of a new initiative aimed at honoring and supporting those who wake up every day determined to protect what they have and those who are forward-thinking, independent, and believe that safety is their responsibility.
Weekend Gun Rights Conference in Tampa to be Live Streamed
The 31st annual Gun Rights Policy Conference will be held this weekend in Tampa, Florida but Second Amendment activists who can't be there will be able to watch the whole thing, thanks to live streaming via YouTube. Watch at:
Swab-its Offers Multi-packs and Bulk-packs for Gunsmiths and Armorers
Swab-its®, makers of Bore-Whips™, Bore-tips® and Gun-tips™, has just what gunsmiths and armorers need when it comes to maintaining large numbers of firearms - Multi-packs and Bulk-packs of Swab-its brand Bore-tips.
MidwayUSA Pro Series Shooting Mat Tactical Rifle Case
The MidwayUSA Pro Series Shooting Mat Tactical Rifle Case doubles as both a rifle case and a shooting mat, giving easy access to gear plus a great shooting platform – all in the same package.
Firefield Paracord Slings: Keep Your Rifle at the Ready
Whether your profession or passion lands you on a mission or the hunt of a lifetime, Firefield Tactical Paracord Slings provide comfortable, hands-free convenience while keeping your rifle at the ready when seconds count.
Hillary in 1993: Let's Double the the Gun Tax
Editor's Note: It's difficult at times to tell just where a politician stands on any hot-button issue. It's especially difficult in election cycles. Today, our editorial space is on loan to Americans for Tax Reform to address a single question: Is Hillary Rodham Clinton really as anti-gun as her political opponents characterize her? We think their research helps clarify once and for all her long-established opposition to the Second Amendment and gun rights.

WASHINGTON — Americans for Tax Reform has released more evidence of Hillary Clinton's long held desire to impose new and higher gun taxes.

Previously, ATR's exposed her 1993 endorsement of a new 25 percent national retail sales tax on guns.

But unreported since 1993 is Clinton's support for a doubling of the current federal excise tax on guns. In a closed-door meeting, she told then-Rep. Mel Reynolds (D-Ill.) that his bill to double the tax was a "great idea."

As reported by the Chicago Tribune on March 19, 1993:

Rep. Mel Reynolds said Thursday that Hillary Rodham Clinton was "very enthusiastic" about his proposal to increase the federal excise tax on guns as a way of raising revenue for health care.

Clinton said "she thought it was a great idea, something she agreed with," the Chicago Democrat reported after a 25-minute meeting with the first lady at his office.

The article added:

Reynolds proposed legislation last month that would boost the current 10 percent excise tax on handguns and 11 percent tax on all other firearms to 20 percent and 21 percent, respectively.

The bill didn't go anywhere. But Clinton's support for a doubling of the gun tax is another disturbing sign of her deep seated hostility to the Second Amendment.

Her disdain is evident in video footage of her endorsement of a 25 percent national retail sales tax on guns. In sworn congressional testimony, Clinton is seen nodding fiercely as she is asked about it.

Her response: "I am all for that."

She added: "I am speaking personally, but I feel very strongly about that."

In her 2016 primary campaign, Clinton relentlessly attacked Bernie Sanders for his 1990s gun votes, staking out a position to the left of Sanders on gun control. Her own 1993 endorsement of the 25 percent national retail sales tax on guns was widely reported at the time.

From the Associated Press on Oct. 1, 1993:

Sen. Bill Bradley, D-N.J., picked up Mrs. Clinton's support for his idea of slapping stiff taxes on "purveyors of violence:" a 25 percent sales tax on guns and $2,500 license fees for gun dealers.

"Speaking personally ... I'm all for that," said the first lady. But she stressed she was just speaking for herself.

"Well, let me say that there is no more important personal endorsement in the country today, and I thank you very much," said a pleased-as-punch Bradley.

Here's the Washington Post on Oct. 1, 1993:

"I'm all for it," she declared in a response to a suggestion by Sen. Bill Bradley (D-N.J.) that the Congress should impose a 25 percent sales tax on handguns to "tax directly the purveyors of violence."

On Sept. 30, 1993, NBC Nightly News reported the incident as follows:

Others urge a hefty sales tax on guns, and much higher fees for gun dealers. Today, they got a powerful ally.

Ms. HILLARY CLINTON: I'm all for that. I just don't know what else we're going to do to try to figure out how to get some handle on this violence.

The Bill Clinton White House made it clear that Hillary's 25 percent gun tax endorsement was hers and hers alone, as shown by the Oct. 1, 1993 White House press briefing transcript:

Q: "Do you know if the President supports the First Lady's endorsement of an idea yesterday by Senator Bradley that there be a 25 percent tax on the sale of guns in America?"

WH Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers: "Well, as you know, she was expressing her opinion."

Clinton's gun tax endorsements are especially troubling considering the recent imposition of gun taxes in Seattle, Cook County in Illinois, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S. territory.

Seattle imposes a tax of $25 per gun, as well as an ammunition tax of two or five cents per round. The taxes have already driven gun dealers out of the city. Cook County imposes a $25 per gun tax and a one cent to five cent tax per round of ammunition. The Northern Mariana Islands imposes a $1,000 per gun tax. Yes, one thousand dollars per gun. The governor there says the tax should serve as a "role model" for U.S. states.

"Hillary and the Left are now seeking to tax the Second Amendment out of existence," said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform.

"Over the many years, Hillary has endorsed every available effort to limit gun ownership by American citizens through taxes, regulations, and executive orders. One senses a pattern."


Americans for Tax Reform is a non-partisan coalition of taxpayers and taxpayer groups who oppose all tax increases. For more information contact John Kartch at 202-785-0266 or by email at

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