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Tuesday : December 11 : 2018
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Video Evidence Webinar for Law Enforcement

Viridian Weapon Technologies has announced an upcoming webinar for law enforcement discussing emerging trends in video evidence. The webinar is free and will be hosted on Tuesday, December 18 at 10:00 AM CST.

Steiner Predator AF Binoculars 

Steiner Optics introduces the Predator AF Binocular line -- binoculars featuring autofocus and Color Adjusted Transmission lens coating technology. 

Marlin Model 336 with Curly Maple Stock

The Marlin 336 family is an icon of the deer woods. It’s now available with a 20” barrel with Micro-Groove rifling, adjustable semi-buckhorn rear sights and a beautiful curly maple wood stock with pistol grip.

Sig Sauer
ERGO Graphic Grip

ERGO is proud to release the Graphic Grip, the customizable AR Grip solution. The ERGO Graphic Grip can be customized to user preferences. Any image or logo can be embedded into their textured overmolded SUREGRIP.

American Handgunner Personal Defense 2019 Survive

The 2019 Special Edition issue of Survive covers everything from how to start a fire and outfit an everyday vehicle into a disaster-prepped rig to a review of top-rated nuke-proof solar generators — and everything in between. 

Leica Ultravid Binoculars

Leica has updated its iconic Ultravid binoculars by adding smart leather inlays and a complimentary calfskin case. Moving forward, Leica will be manufacturing Ultravid binoculars at its recently overhauled headquarters in Wetzlar, Germany. 

Conservation Officer Locates Missing Teens with Alleged Abductor

Two teenage girls reported missing after not returning home from their Cadillac Junior High School Friday were located Saturday night by Michigan Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer Mike Hearn.

U.S. DHS Awards Contract to Federal Ammunition for .223 Remington

Federal Ammunition was recently awarded a major contract from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Starting delivery in 2019, the multi-agency contract provides for up to $75 million of .223 Rem duty ammunition to multiple Department of Homeland Security law enforcement components and other federal agencies for up to five years.

SIG SAUER Academy Adds Rifle and Shotgun Fundamentals Classes

SIG SAUER Academy is pleased to announce the addition of Rifle Fundamentals and Shotgun Fundamentals to the 2019 course schedule. The new courses are geared towards new firearms owners and provide students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to safely handle, load, fire, and unload common types of rifles and shotguns.

Media Lodge Adds GATDAILY to GunUp Digital Network

Media Lodge is excited to announce a new sales-driven partnership with GATDAILY. As part of the agreement, Media Lodge will be responsible for all advertising and sponsorship strategy and sales for GATDaily.

Sauer S100 Classic Bolt-Action Rifle Chosen by Friends of NRA

J. P. Sauer & Sohn, Germany’s oldest gunmaker, is pleased to announce its Sauer S100 Classic bolt-action rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor has been chosen as a 2019 Friends of NRA Standard Package offering. This special-edition Sauer S100 Classic, with the NRA logo lasered into the pistol grip, will be available at all 1,100 Friends of NRA banquets nationwide in 2019.

Four Days Of Deals Left In The 12 Days of Apexmas At

There are just four days left in Apex’s annual 12 Days of Apexmas promotion, with a special discount announced each day only on Today’s featured trigger kits are those for the Ruger MkIV and MkIV 22/45.

FN 509 Tactical in the February GUNS

FN America’s latest iteration of the 509 series — the FN 509 Tactical — is featured in the February issue of GUNS Magazine. And February’s Gun Of The Month Giveaway is topped by a Bravo Company Mfg. Inc. BCM RECCE-9 QRF pistol chambered in 300 AAC Blackout.

SB Tactical CZPDW Pistol Stabilizing Brace

SB Tactical is now shipping the CZPDW. Designed specifically for the CZ Scorpion EVO S1 pistol, the CZPDW offers three-position adjustability with a fast and convenient pull-through design.

Editorís Notebook: What to Practice

While chatting with No. 1 Son last week, he told me he’d been doing a little shooting. During the conversation, he said that he’d practiced single hits from 10 yards on a bullseye target from low ready. He was using a striker-fired centerfire auto pistol.

Actually, that’s something that’s smart to practice. I’d quoted our Tactical Professor, Claude Werner, on social media at about the same time we had that conversation –

"My feeling is that the one-shot draw/presentation is the most important exercise we can do. It should represent the majority (>50%) of all the rounds we fire and all the dry practice we do." That philosophy is part of the reason behind the Comparative Standards; the overwhelming majority of the skills involve a draw.

That first shot from holster/ready is the critical shot to practice.

I add to that, based on a phone call last Friday, the second most important exercise is considering your post-shooting procedure. Chuck Haggard, proprietor of Agile Training as well as active peace officer and instructor, added that “a great deal of your draws should include going to low ready, and not shooting.”

I replied that the majority of practice draws should stop at ready -- and some surreptitious draw practice is likewise helpful.

The bottom line is the “best practice” is practicing most often those things that are the most documentably necessary skills – and practicing less those things that are less often required in real documented engagements. It’s fun to shoot on the move, practice speed reloading, multiple targets, room combat and the like – but there are things that are actually needed every single engagement: gaining access to the gun and presenting it to the threat.

Many years ago, I took a new job. I was compelled to provide my own gun for the job while the agency provided (and required I wear) their holster and support gear. It was all geared to appearance with no real benefit. The holster was absolutely unfamiliar to me.

I literally spent hours drawing to ready -- drawing without firing a shot. After fifty or so “draws to guard, I’d “dry fire” the gun. In my three years of active service to that point, I’d never shot at anyone but I’d held a number of suspects at gunpoint (a practice I would later stop and renounce as being unnecessarily dangerous). For that reason, I spent the majority of practice time drawing to ready.

I’d been on the job for some weeks when that skill became handy. Another officer found the suspect vehicle in an aggravated assault case that had just occurred. It was parked in an alley. I’d raced to the scene, parking a respectful distance away. He was engaged in looking the car over as I approached. I called out to him to back off so we could form a plan. Before I could get to him, a door to the building behind him flew open and a man came running out.

I believe I said – loudly – “that’s far enough.” I remember seeing him turn his head and stop so suddenly, he almost fell on his face. I realized that the stainless 357 Magnum revolver was in my hand at that point – so did he.

I have no conscious recollection of drawing the gun. It was just “there.”

Do you carry concealed? Then a significant number of draws should be practiced from concealment. Below -- if you have to draw standing up, what are the chances you may have to draw while seated? Is it likely - if so, put that in the rotation.
Practice is critical. The right practice makes all the difference when it’s the real deal and only air separates you from your potential demise.
- - Rich Grassi


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