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Thursday : September 20 : 2018
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Thermacell’s Support of Kids & Clays Foundation

Thermacell has partnered with the Kids & Clays Foundation to support their national series of sporting clay events. Proceeds from the shooting events benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities, who provide housing and other help to thousands of critically ill children and their families across the country each year.

Samson US-Standard Thread Adapters for 9x19mm and 9x37mm AKs

Samson Manufacturing has just released a new AK thread adapter for 9x19 and 9x39 AK-type rifles with 14 x 1 LH threaded muzzles. Constructed from 17-4 stainless or 4140 carbon steel, these adapters are designed to fit standard thread ½ x 28mm 9mm suppressors to the AK pistols hitting the market.

Wilson Combat 300 HAM'R Ammunition Available

Wilson Combat announced a new ammunition offering for the 300 HAM'R AR cartridge. The 300 HAM'R loaded with the Hornady 150 grain SST bullet at 2260 FPS velocity and 1701 FP of energy is ideal for hunting or defensive shooting.

Sig Sauer
McMillan Adds In-House Videos to Social Media Channels

McMillan® Fiberglass Stocks has released videos across their social media platforms that provide insight into a new product that will soon hit the market, and a deep look into the McMillan production facility.

Kahr Firearms Group Sponsors NRA Tactical Police Competitions

Kahr Firearms Group is proud to announce its sponsorship of the NRA Tactical Police Competitions on September 22-23 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Kalashnikov USA Seeks Engineering Manager

Kalashnikov USA is looking for a motivated, hands-on engineering manager who is passionate about leading; design and quality, with a background in the firearms industry.

Lapua to Sponsor 2018 NRA World Shooting Championships Side Match

Lapua, along with Vudoo Gun Works is sponsoring a side match at the NRA World Shooting Championship September 20-22 at the Peacemaker National Training Center in Glengary, West Virginia.

Memphis Campaign Targets Illegal Gun Purchases

The National Shooting Sports Foundation and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) are reminding the public in the Memphis area that stiff penalties are in place for individuals convicted of such purchases via a month-long public awareness campaign.

Davidson’s Gallery of Guns Offers Exclusive Ruger SR1911 NRA Special Edition Pistol

Davidson’s Gallery of Guns is showcasing their NRA pride by offering a special edition NRA Ruger SR1911 pistol exclusively via and Davidson’s Dealers nationwide.

SureFire Introduces 1000 Lumen E2D Defender

SureFire  announces the launch of two new E2D Defender flashlights:  the single output E2D Defender® Tactical and the dual output E2D Defender® Ultra.

Buck Knives Introduces the 112 Ranger Automatic

The classic 112 Ranger has been transformed into an automatic knife. The 112 Auto and 112 Auto Elite are quickly deployed with the push of a button.

Skill Set: Manipulations

Regardless of the weapon you need to know how to manipulate it safely and efficiently. This includes loading and unloading - Administrative manipulations - and reloading or clearing stoppages - Functional manipulations.

The foundation of a gunman – or woman – is marksmanship. Every shot fired should be as accurate as you can make it. While developing marksmanship skills you should also be learning to manipulate the firearm. Learning to operate your firearm safely requires a through understanding of manipulations. In a fight, when lives are at stake, knowing how to manipulate your weapon efficiently could be “The” difference.

Regardless of the tool safety is your primary concern. Using a hammer safely keeps you from smashing a thumb. Mistakes with firearms can be tragic. Regardless of what you’re doing with a firearm – for our application more appropriately “weapon” – it must be done safely. This includes manipulations, the ability to operate the weapon, and applies to all firearms regardless of the how that platform functions. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a bolt action .22 rifle or a fully auto carbine, safety is number one.

“Manipulations” also includes how to operate the safety devices on your weapon. Safeties and/or decocking devices come in a variety of forms; each one requires a different manual of arms. You learn how a particular design functions, and then use the appropriate techniques every time, any time, no matter why or where you’re handling the weapon.

Hand/arm injuries are common in fights, so it's a good idea to know how to manipulate your weapon with one hand of the other.

You’re also striving for efficiency. In most defensive encounters time is a precious commodity. If you have to reload or clear a stoppage it must be accomplished efficiently, accomplishing the task in as little time as possible. The keys to efficiency are simplicity and repetition.

The techniques I teach for manipulating the weapon are all based on the skills used to load and unload, what I call “administrative” manipulations. These skills, the fundamentals, are then applied to reloading and clearing malfunctions. One set of skills does everything needed to operate the weapon, as opposed to having a variety of different techniques to achieve the same tasks. These skills are easy to learn and apply; it streamlines both the mental and physical actions necessary to do the job.

Once the process is streamlined it takes repetition to learn them, developing the ability to apply them on demand. This is where most shooters fall down. They attend training, an introduction to the techniques, but then fail to practice, which is when the real learning occurs. Through repetition, performing these actions again and again, you get to the point they can occur at a subconscious level. The conscious mind says, “Reload.” The subconscious takes over to perform that action. This frees up the conscious mind, which can only think about one thing at a time, to be evaluating and making decisions on how to solve the big problem – the threat. Getting to the point where manipulations can occur almost instinctively takes lots of practice.

Smaller pistols may require you use modified techniques when compared to a larger pistol. It takes repetition - practice - to learn, getting to the point these actions are reflexive.

Knowing how to manipulate your firearm is a fundamental skill. The goal is safety and efficiency. It takes thousands of repetitions to learn these skills. The best way to get these repetitions is dry practice, using dummy ammunition to become proficient. This ensures you’ll be ready. Get started today.

Tiger McKee is director of Shootrite Firearms Academy, located in northern Alabama. He is the author of The Book of Two Guns, AR-15 Skills and Drills, featured on GunTalk’s DVD, “Fighting With The 1911 and has regular columns in Gun Digest and American Handgunner.


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