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Tuesday : August 19 : 2014
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Adams Arms Expands Lineup of VooDoo Innovations Barrels
Adams Arms announced that the complete line of VooDoo Innovations Barrels is now available on their website. VooDoo Innovations has been the exclusive barrel manufacturer for Adams Arms for many years and offers a large assortment of barrel options for every shooter.
Khyber Interactive Partners with Regulation Tactical
Khyber Interactive Associates announced that they have partnered with Regulation Tactical, a leading innovator and developer of high performance soft goods and tactical solutions designed for the military and law enforcement communities.
Safariland Group Names Harris Chief Financial Officer
The Safariland Group announced the appointment of Scott F. Harris as Chief Financial Officer ("CFO"). As CFO, Harris will be a member of the Company's executive leadership team and will oversee the global finance and accounting operations of the Company. Harris will report to Scott O'Brien, President.
BlackBore Sports, LLC Competition Chokes
BlackBore Sports, LLC this month announces the BlackBore Competition shotgun choke. The patented ports give the sport and competitive shooter the best chokes for busting clays. BlackBore also uses its unique technology for their HunterPro chokes and Tactical HD chokes.
Outtech Seeking Regional Manager Candidates in Missouri & Kansas
Outtech is seeking candidates for a Hunting Division Regional Manager for Kansas & Missouri. This position will professionally represent Outtech vendors to retailers within a territory by providing outstanding sales and customer service.

Kahr Arms
BLACKHAWK! SERPA Holster, Now For Springfield XD-S 3.3
BLACKHAWK! has expanded the SERPA holster line to include a model for the Springfield XD-S pistol in 9mm and .45 ACP with a 3.3-inch barrel. The new SERPA CQC® Concealment Holsters are available in matte finish and offered in either right- or left-hand configurations.
Shooting Illustrated September Issue: Heckler & Koch VP9
The September issue of Shooting Illustrated, on newsstands now, features the new VP9, a striker-fired, polymer-frame handgun from Heckler & Koch. This new pistol from the fabled German manufacturer offers an array of grip configurations and safety features. Publishes Top 5 Best Selling New Firearms for July 2014 has released its list of Top 5 best selling new and used firearms for July 2014. Ruger SP101 is the best selling new revolver. Remington 700 reclaims its position as the #1 selling Bolt Action Rifle in both the new and used categories.
Franchi Signs Theresa Vail
Franchi, a division of Benelli USA, has announced its sponsorship and endorsement deal with the former Ms. Kansas and Ms. America contestant and outdoor celebrity Theresa Vail.
NSSF Board of Governors Elects Two New Members
The National Shooting Sports Foundation Board of Governors announces the election of its newest board members: Mike Owens, President and Chief Operating Officer of Gander Mountain, and Bruce Pettet, President and CEO of Leupold & Stevens.
DeSantis Gunhide Adds a Pair of Rigs for the GLOCK 42
DeSantis Gunhide®, a division of HELGEN Industries Inc., introduces 2 holster fits for the Glock 42 -- the Inside Heat IWB and the Die Hard Ankle Holster.
Lew Horton Distributing Carries SIG Products
Lew Horton Distributing announces its new association with SIG Sauer. Effective immediately, Horton's will be carrying the great lineup of high quality SIG Sauer pistols, along with the line of SIG Sauer ammunition.
Horner Wins Midnight 3-Gun Invitational
The winner of the world's premier nighttime 3-Gun competition-the Annual Crimson Trace Midnight 3-Gun Invitational (M3GI)-is SSG Daniel Horner. Horner is a member of the US Army Marksmanship Unit and this is his third time winning first place in the popular and widely recognized M3GI competition
MGM Introduces Portable Pay to Play Pop-Up Target System
Continuing in their leadership role as the most innovative target manufacturer in the industry, MGM Targets has introduced the only "Pay to Play" live fire target system on the market today, the MGM P2P Automated Range.
Dillon Precision Sponsors 2014 California State IDPA Championship
Dillon Precision (, manufacturers of premium reloading presses and components, has generously come aboard as a major contributing sponsor for the 2014 California State IDPA Championship taking place on Saturday, October 4, 2014.
Ruger Sponsors Smith & Wesson New England Regional IDPA Championship
Ruger Firearms, one of the nation's most respected gun makers, has signed on as a premier sponsor of the 2014 Smith & Wesson New England Regional IDPA Championship.
Arsenal Elevates SAM7R to Highest Levels
Arsenal, Inc. is introducing the latest configuration of SAM7R modern sporting rifle with Picatinny Quad Rail Handguard System. Sold under the SKU SAM7R-66, the new configuration of SAM7R, as all other MSRs in this series, features Arsenal's exclusive forged then milled receiver.
FAB Defense Weapon Kits Now Available at with Huge Discounts
Consumers looking to upgrade their weapon can do so easily with FAB Defense Weapon Kits and Combos. The kits are now available at with substantial discounts.
Team Bushnell Tactical Pro Bryan Sikes Triumphant at K&M Precision Rifle Competition
Team Bushnell Tactical/GA Precision Pro Bryan Sikes shot through heat, high humidity, rain showers and heavy mirage to win the K&M Precision Rifle Competition at the K&M Precision Rifle Training Facility in Baker, Florida.
Team Benelli Rocks Remington Versamax Challenge
With three top-five finishes at the Remington VersaMax Challenge Match in New Hill NC, Team Benelli proves its depth in the tactical shotgun category.
Guest Editorial: Nonsense Training?
I first met Dave Spaulding in the 1990s. I took his class on concealed carry at an IALEFI Annual Conference. It was frankly one of the best presentations I'd ever seen and I've learned a lot from him. Always willing to help people improve, he did this piece about selecting your training. - Rich Grassi

"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"

"That depends a good deal on where you want to get to."

"I don't much care where."

"Then it doesn't matter which way you go."

- Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland

"If you don't know where you are going, then any road will take you there."

-George Harrison

I entered the basic police academy in 1976 knowing nothing about gun fighting. I have no idea why, but after finishing the firearms block of instruction, I questioned what I learned. Almost 40 years later we realize what was taught back then was lacking, but no one knew that in 1976. It led me on a journey that took over 30 years with many hours spent talking with veterans of WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Law enforcement officers, armed citizens and yes, they, too have thoughts on armed conflict and one thing I can assure you is they do not think like you or I. While I have never had the opportunity to talk with a member of the Taliban or any other insurgent, I can imagine they think much like a criminal in that it is nothing like how we law abiding citizens think.

While involved in this informal research study, I spent over 30 years in law enforcement and security working in a wide variety of assignments including corrections (where I was involved in far more open hand confrontations than I ever as on the street), patrol, investigations, undercover work, surveillance operations and SWAT. While in SWAT, I was involved in three hostage recovery situations; one that ended text book, another we saved a child and lost a child (killed by his own father) and a third that ended in all parties dead. I have seen and investigated death; I understand violent behavior and confrontation, not just from a stand back and research point of view, but from having been involved in violent confrontation. For me, it is not some intellectual exercise or something viewed on a video game is the reality I lived.

It is because I have spent a life time comprehending what happens in armed conflict that I have become greatly concerned about current firearms training in the United States. I have spoken out about my concerns and have been condemned by those who know far less than I about the subject for no other reason than I question what some people are teaching the ill-informed. There is big money involved here and no one wants their cash cow threatened by fact. When trying to lure students to your training course, it is about being "different", "new age" and not "old school" even though old school is proven in battle and new age is not. The study of armed conflict is not the 1980's it was called "Survival Research," while in the 90's it became "Force Science" only to evolve into "Warrior Science" after 9-11. They are one in the same as all study human performance under stress, much of which is based on sports physiology (and the book MOTOR LEARNING AND PERFORMANCE by Dr. Richard A. Schmidt) and how the human organism prepares for competition of conflict.

As both Lewis Carroll and George Harrison have pointed out, if you don't know what you are looking for any road will work. Recently I monitored a pistol training course directed at new shooters. These folks had no idea what they were doing, so they could be told anything and would think they were learning "magic". The instructor took great advantage of this as he filled them full of useless information that was overly complex (but sounded really cool!), fired a huge number of rounds but never actually taught the students required skills to be a better shooter! His excuse for this was "In a fight you will not be able to achieve a certain stance or proper grip, so we are not going to worry about it." In a nutshell, each student fired 1,000 rounds over two days no further back than 12 feet with no instruction on how to shoot...just grab the gun and smack the crap out of the trigger "because at close range trigger control does not matter!" At the conclusion of the course, the students lined up and praised this instructor, telling him they felt "empowered" or "much safer" due to this course. He even autographed their targets! In reality, he took their money and gave them license to suck and feel good about it, but due to some pretty cool sounding jargon, made them feel enabled. When you don't know what you don't know it makes it easy to lead you down the primrose path.

Something else that disturbs me is the desire to look cool while shooting. Way too many shooters are learning their skills from You Tube from people who have a particular look versus having skill and experience. Just because an instructor has a beard, wrap around glasses and tattoos does not mean he is an "operator" even if he does talk the lingo. Nonsense cool sounding terminology does not mean the instructor has greater skill or insight, it just means he/she spends time making stuff up. A "non-diagnostic, linear stoppage manipulation" is still just a "tap-rack" and giving it a cool sounding, complicated name does not make it better. In reality, it makes it more difficult and if you take the time to truly study armed conflict you will understand that simplicity is often times the key to prevailing in the pandemonium that results. It is not "dumbing down" training to try and make it simpler and easier to accomplish.

Look and feel cool or prevail in a situation that may cost you your life?! It's up to you but choose well because you will only get one chance at it and it is nothing like a video game...

-- Dave Spaulding

Dave Spaulding is a retired law enforcement officer with 36 years of law enforcement and private security experience. A graduate of many of the nation's premier firearms training courses, he is also the author of over 1,000 articles that have appeared in newsstand gun magazines and law enforcement trade journals. He is the owner and chief instructor for Handgun Combatives LLC , a training concern that focuses on "the combative application of the handgun" Handgun Combatives

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