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Thursday : February 4 : 2016
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STACK-ON Introduces Quick Access Pistol Safes
Stack-On Products introduces their newest Quick Access Safes. Both the 3-digit electronic coded lock and the one touch biometric lock are easy to program and use. The heavy gauge steel safe can be mounted to a wall, door, nightstand or other solid surface with the included mounting hardware.
Hoppe's Gun Medic Revives Malfunctioning Firearms
Hoppe's releases a new state-of-the-art formula called Gun Medic to help shooters clean and lubricate dirty firearms. Developed for quick use when a deep clean isn't in the cards, Hoppe's Gun Medic Cleaner & Lube is a fast-acting, all-in-one product that will clean and lubricate a firearm in one application to quickly get the gun back in action.The formula combines a bio-based lubricant with a cleaning agent that scrubs away powder residue and then evaporates in 60 seconds, leaving only the thin coat of the high-performance lube.
Meprolight RDS PRO Now Available
The Mako Group introduces the the RDS PRO. This MIL-SPEC reflex sight was recently awarded the open bid contract to be standard issue to the Israeli Defense Forces. The RDS PRO can be mounted to any rifle platform using a Picatinny rail.
Sign Up Now to Become a GSM Master Instructor in 2016
Dates have been released for the 2016 GSM Master Instructor Courses. Experienced rifle marksmanship instructors and shooters who would like to receive advanced training to bring even more opportunities to his or her home shooting club is strongly encouraged to become a Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Master Instructor through one of the many courses offered each year.

USCCA at the Great American Outdoor Show
During the upcoming NRA sponsored Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the U.S. Concealed Carry Association will be giving away a free gun each day of the show. Attendees need only stop by USCCA booth #615 to receive a free USCCA t-shirt and wear it during the show to be eligible to win.
Comp-Tac's Q Line Sensational Sales Debut at SHOT Show 2016
Comp-Tac Victory Gear's, newest addition to their concealed carry and competition holster offerings, the Q Line, made the most successful sales debut in company history at the 2016 SHOT Show.
Beretta Defense Technologies Launches New Website
Beretta Defense Technologies, the strategic alliance of four manufacturers under Beretta Holding: Beretta, Benelli, Sako and Steiner, has recently launched a new comprehensive website. The new website showcases all BDT defense offerings and capabilities providing a more clear view of the individual products, weapons systems and the latest innovations offered by BDT.
Crimson Trace Recognizes Industry Partners
Crimson Trace took the time to recognize several key partners in the company's growing success during the recent Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. These included Cabela's, Smith & Wesson and others.

Breakthrough Clean Technologies Partners with Outdoor Outfitters Group
Breakthrough Clean Technologies announced the signing of Outdoor Outfitters Group as their Mid-Western region rep group. Outdoor Outfitters will be representing the Breakthrough Clean brand along with their revolutionary line of cleaning products throughout 12 states in the heart of the U.S.
Frankford Arsenal Releases Perfect Seat Hand Primer
The new Frankford Arsenal® Perfect Seat Hand Primer was specifically engineered to avoid "over seating" and when used properly eliminates the potential of crushing a primer.
GUN DISTRICT.COM Membership Skyrockets
Legally Armed America Inc. has posted an article, Facebook bans First Amendment in attack on the Second, in response to last Thursday's New York Times story; Facebook Moves to Ban Private Gun Sales on Its Site and Instagram. With membership growing at a steady pace, companies and groups on Facebook are encouraged to invite their followers to join them on Gun District.
AAR Announces New On Air Regular Contributor
Beginning this weekend Sunday Feb. 7th, 2016 Breitbart News' award winning journalist AWR Hawkins joins nationally syndicated Armed American Radio host Mark Walters as regular weekly contributor and official on-air political analyst. Hawkins will be heard each week on the national radio broadcast during the program's second hour between 9-10p ET, 6-7pm PT.
Hogue Inc Announces the G10 15 Degree Vertical Grip for AR15 / M16
Hogue Inc. announced the newest tactical advantage for AR15 and M16 shooters. Crafted to be light weight and engineered to be comfortable and convenient, the Hogue AR15 / M16 15 degree vertical grip is a new choice for AR rifles.
Shooting Industry's February Issue Profiles Self-Defense Accessories Market
The growth of the self-defense market over the past decade has been well documented by dealers and manufacturers alike — evidenced by hundreds of new products debuting at SHOT Show 2016 in this category. Shooting Industry's February issue provides insight on sales "beyond the gun" for customers buying self-defense accessories.
TxAT/Aguila Ammunition Announces Growth
Texas Armament & Technology/Aguila Ammunition is growing. In addition to existing distribution partnerships that TxAT/Aguila Ammunition USA has built along the central and northeast regions, six more have recently been added.
Industry Day at the Range 2016 has Another Record Breaking Day
SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range wrapped up on Monday, January 18 with the highest attendance record of over 1,600 media and buyers. Even though the range has been called cold, the over 170 exhibiting manufactures continued to receive coverage throughout SHOT Show and will continue to receive additional exposure throughout the year.
CMP Scholarships for 2016-2017
The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) is proud to again award exemplary student-athletes in their future endeavors through its annual scholarship program for the 2016-2017 school year. The CMP offers $1,000 one-year scholarships based on merit and rifle or pistol marksmanship participation to current high school seniors.
Surge In Gun Sales, CCW Shows Public Relies On 2nd Amendment
Two months after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, while President Barack Obama launched a new gun control push, reports from across the country about surging gun sales and carry permit applications is proof that the public is increasingly relying on the Second Amendment to keep them safe, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said.
Skill Set: Cuttin' Corners
Clearing corners - slicing the pie - is one place you don't want to take shortcuts. Cutting corners in preparing for a fight can be just as bad.
It's in our nature to want to cut corners, to take short cuts or try the easy route. When traveling we want the shortest route. Around here this may cut down on the distance traveled, but without knowing the area it's easy to find yourself on a winding, one-lane road where ten miles an hour is the "safe" speed. The shortest, easiest route may not be the safest path to take. Cutting corners or taking shortcuts often leads to trouble.

Time is a precious commodity. You plan to practice, but start the day out already behind. In order to get more things done you skip the quarter hour of dry practice planned for when you get home. Soon, like the next day it happens again. Now not practicing is a habit, and the only time you shoot is when the guys get together, go to the range, and target shoot. We all know more talking than shootin' occurs here. Practice, r-e-p-e-t-i-t-i-o-n, is needed in order to maintain your skills, and a mandatory element for improving.

You're practicing Type II malfunctions, a failure to eject. You know the clearing sequence is to get your finger off the trigger, tap the ensure the mag is seated – especially with pistols that will create a "stove-pipe" if the mag isn't seated - and then cycle the slide to load the chamber. In order to beat your buddies, "win" the "fight," you skip seating the mag. After all, you set up the malfunction, so why both to seat the mag when you can be first to shoot. Removing this step from the sequence can get you into trouble in real life. As mentioned above, if the mag isn't seated you can cycle the slide all day and it ain't gonna go bang. In a real encounter time is critical, but your actions must be efficient.

Most people short-change themselves in the mental department as well. As you sit down for dinner at the restaurant do you scan, assess and think about where the nearest exits, cover and danger points are? In other words, planning a response in case trouble does erupt? Do you read, study or research the mental and physical aspects of self-defense? Do you attend training, but also do you participate in training that doesn't include shooting? Fighting is a mental process. Not taking advantage of all the resources available to you is a corner you can't afford to cut.

There are no shortcuts or corners to cut when it comes to training, practicing and developing the mental skills necessary to defeat the threat. You might get lucky, but it's a lot better to be prepared and lucky. Every aspect of personal defense requires training, practice and repetition to learn. Remember, personal protection is an individual responsibility. If you are serious about it, and I hope you are, then you have to commit the time, effort, and money and mentally prepare for the challenge. Plus, we know the more prepared you are, the less chance there is you'll need these skills.

Tiger McKee is director of Shootrite Firearms Academy, located in northern Alabama. He is the author of "The Book of Two Guns" - writes for several firearms/tactical publications, and is featured on GunTalk's DVD, "Fighting With The 1911 - Website:

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