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Tuesday : August 4 : 2015
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Vista Outdoor Completes Acquisition of CamelBak
Vista Outdoor Inc. (NYSE: VSTO) announced it has completed the acquisition of CamelBak Products, LLC, a provider of personal hydration solutions for outdoor, recreation and military use. Under the terms of the transaction, Vista Outdoor paid $412.5 million, subject to a customary working capital adjustment, utilizing cash on hand and borrowings under its existing credit facilities.
Stevens 20-Gauge Pump Shotguns for Field or Security
Stevens has expanded its 320 line with four new 20-gauge models. Two field grade versions—standard and youth—as well as two security models are available.
S&W United Sporting Companies Exclusive Machine Engraved M&P BODYGUARD 380
Smith & Wesson and the United Sporting Companies introduced the machine-engraved M&P BODYGUARD 380 pistol. The new M&P BODYGUARD 380 features intricate machine engraving across the slide made possible by a diamond-tipped tool.
Smith & Wesson Performance Center Introduces New TALO Exclusive Model 642
The Smith & Wesson Model 642 Airweight is now available in a special edition offered exclusively through the Performance Center and TALO Distributors Inc. Manufactured by the skilled hands of Smith & Wesson master gunsmiths, the new TALO exclusive J-Frame revolver offers an easy-to-carry personal protection package with enhanced features available only through the legendary Performance Center.

The 2016 USCCA Concealed Carry Expo Gears Up for Atlanta, Georgia
The Second Annual Concealed Carry Expo will take place at the Georgia International Convention Center in Atlanta, Georgia, from April 29 to May 1, 2016. The second expo is said to bring the same attractions catered to the concealed carry lifestyle, including the Saturday night Concealed Carry Fashion Show showcasing holster options for men and women, a live-fire shooting range for testing new pistols, among other appearances and events.
Shooting Industry Masters Raises $71,650 For Shooting Sports Through Claythorne Caper
Over 300 industry professionals put on the Ritz at the 13th annual Shooting Industry Masters, held July 24-25 at the Claythorne Lodge in Columbus, Kan. The Masters celebrated the Roaring Twenties in style, raising $71,650 in support of the shooting sports.
Apex Marks 15th Anniversary With 15% Off At
Apex Tactical Specialties marks its 15th anniversary today, and to celebrate 15 years of helping shooters 'Get Their Apex On' the company is offering a 15% discount on all Apex parts purchased online today, Tuesday, August 4 through Friday, August 7 at
Pachmayr Diamond Pro Grip for Ruger
Pachmayr introduces the newest additions to the Diamond Pro Series Revolver Grips: the Ruger LCR, SP101, and GP100. The Diamond Pro grip line is designed to fill the hand comfortably, with natural feel and point. The unique shape is covered with their "Diamond Plate" texture.

Brownells Weekly New Product Update
Products featured in this week's Brownells new product video include Brownells ESG Packs, Ullman Precision Checkering Tools, KDG SCAR Adaptable Stock Kits, and JP Enterprises 9mm AR-15 Lower Receiver.
Kahr® Sponsors Speed Shooting Video Contest
Kahr Firearms Group (KFG) invites all shooters, 18-years or older, to participate in the KFG 2015 YouTube Video Speed Shooting Contest. Kahr invites fans to submit a video of them rapidly shooting any Kahr, Magnum Research or Auto-Ordnance firearm at 10 yards or more, and then posting it to YouTube. The grand prize is $5,000 in value on any Kahr Firearms Group products which includes; Kahr, Magnum Research and Auto-Ordnance.
Sightmark introduces ReadyFire Pistol Laser Series
Sightmark unveiled the complete ReadyFire Pistol Laser Series lineup, giving shooters the choice of four different units; the R5, CR5, G5, and CG5. Each model in this lightweight series of pistol lasers features an ambidextrous digital switch activation, as well as continuous and pulsing operation modes.
American Handgunner Sept/Oct Features STI 1911s
Fun comes in threes in Handgunner's September/October cover story, which highlights a capable trio of STI 1911s. Examining three guns with three distinct roles, Publisher Roy Huntington had several positive things to say after handling STI's Tactical SS, DVC Limited 2011 and Escort.
Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta and Intellitronika Launch 'i-PROTECT'
The 'i-PROTECT' system includes the Beretta pistol and a networked holster using sensors that do not interfere with the mechanical operation of the handgun. The Operations Center is automatically alerted when the pistol is drawn from its holster, when the hammer is cocked, and when the pistol is fired. The Center can then send the appropriate back up and/or support personnel to the scene while the Officer continues to focus on the event at hand.
CMMG Expands The Mk47 MUTANT Line
CMMG has announced the addition of an AR pistol and a short-barreled rifle (see NFA regulations) version of the MUTANT, as well as the availability of California compliant versions of the three original MUTANT rifles (Mk47 T, Mk47 AKM and Mk47 AKM2).
Pulsar Recon X870 Night Vision Monocular
Pulsar released its newest addition to the Recon line of digital night vision monoculars, the Recon X870. The Pulsar Recon X870 digital night vision monocular features a 5.5x magnification and 752x582 camera resolution for a crisp, detailed view.
Kresser Named President of Advanced Tactical Armament Concepts, LLC - HPR Ammunition
Advanced Tactical Armament Concepts, LLC (ATAC), the parent company of HPR® Ammunition, announced that respected industry veteran, Mark Kresser has been named President of ATAC, effective immediately. In addition, Kresser will also assume leadership of HPR® Ammunition as its President, overseeing the day-to-day operations of this premium ammunition manufacturer.
UTG's 4X32 Compact Scope
When bells and whistles are features you could do without and you are an individual who enjoys keeping things simple, sometimes less is really more. If a fixed powered zoom with a classic black reticle is all you need and are accustomed to in order to get the job done, Leapers UTG has the perfect optic for you.
Ruger Introduces Ruger American Rimfire Rifle with Wood Stock
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE-RGR) is excited to introduce the Ruger American Rimfire® rifle with wood stock. The stock is made from a hardwood blank in Newport, NH and mated to the popular .22 LR bolt-action in Mayodan, NC, resulting in a rifle with classic good looks and modern performance.
Comp-Tac Announces Single Magazine Pouch with PLM Attachment
Comp-Tac Victory Gear, a leading provider of both magazine pouches and concealed carry holsters has adapted their popular Single Magazine Pouch to be compatible with the PLM Attachment.
Back In Stock, Apex Shipping Flat-Faced Trigger for Sig Sauer P320
Apex Tactical Specialties announced that after selling out in record time, its all new Flat-Faced Action Enhancement Trigger for the popular Sig Sauer P320 series of pistols is back in stock and available for immediate purchase.
Swab-its Adds On Target Training To U.S. Dealer Network
Swab-its®, the makers of Bore-whips™, Bore-tips® and Gun-tips™, announced that On Target Training in Massachusetts has joined its rapidly expanding list of retailers.
Bushnell Introduces Two New Night Vision Binoculars in the Equinox Z Line
Bushnell has introduced two new night vision binoculars in the Equinox Z product line. Both units are packed with a host of features, including digital zoom, image capture and video recording.
Crimson Trace Answers Some FAQs About Lasers
Crimson Trace frequently receives questions from gun owners about laser sights for home or self-defense applications. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs).
Michel Claims Third Pro-Am Title for SIG SAUER
SIG SAUER, Inc., congratulates Team SIG Captain Max Michel on capturing his third Pro-Am Championship in the past four years.
MidwayUSA Hires Burns as Clothing and Footwear Product Line Manager
MidwayUSA is pleased to announce the hire of Mike Burns to the position of Product Line Manager – Clothing and Footwear.
Editor's Notebook
Part 1: Get Your Head Right

Dave Spaulding posted the link to a talk by Tim Larkin – apparently a .mil type who's determined that individuals have the right to self-defense (he calls it self-protection) – in which he points out something that should be pretty obvious. It isn't clearly to those on the other side and it seems to seldom be considered by people on our side.

The violent criminal offender has a different mindset, a different self of sense than "normal" people do. He (though it's not always a male) sees violence as a means to an end, whatever turns his crank – obtain money, money-for-dope, sense of accomplishment or "it's just who he is." Violence is simply a tool.

People who train in "combative sports," martial arts, defense tactics are first shown "the rules." The violent criminal offender, a human predator, has only one rule: to succeed. He has to reach his objective – it's all or nothing. For that person causing personal injury or death is simply a means to an end, the cost of doing business. To the UFC fighter, it's winning within the rules. That's difficult.

To a stone killer, it's just another day on the job. Competitors, great as they can be, are just gamers. The psychopath plays for keeps.

Consider World War II: Sir Winston had his "dirty tricks" guys, the SOE, we had OSS – and even the rank and file had to learn to give no quarter. All or nothing.

The reason the violent criminal offender wins so often is because if it appears as if something will get in the way of his success, he simply says to himself, "Some other place. Some other time" – and moves along. He simply won't play.

Clint Smith alluded to this when he said, "If you look like food, you'll be eaten."

When it's on and you have no way to escape and evade, you have to give your best. Your opponent will certainly do so.

The video appears here.

Part 2: Hearing Protection

SoundGear In-the-Canal units. Photo from SoundGear
I received a set of discreet ear protection, the SoundGear In-the-Canal units. Taking small hearing aid batteries – which begin to discharge from the first use even if you remove them from active use – they are "active" hearing protection. They act as amplifiers until a loud noise causes them to cut out. They are listed with a rating of 25 dB and they suppress noise at 93dB.

I wore them on the range and felt they weren't enough for centerfire handgun on an open outdoor range (no cover). On the covered rimfire range, they were more than enough when using a Ruger 10/22. I wore the SoundGear In-the-Canal units at the Shooting Industry Masters but backed them up with MS-Sordins as I got next to the ranges where centerfire rifles were in use.

SoundGear In-the-Canal plugs are nearly invisible.
Again, on the rimfire ranges, the SoundGear more than did the job. On ranges with more high-powered fare, they seemed better than no ear pro, but you really need over-the-ear muffs – electronics are best – to take care of the racket. As to upland game hunting, waterfowling, and other outdoors activities, the In-the-Canal units would be worth plenty. Same on the trap, skeet and sporting clays ranges.

The SoundGear In-the-Canal ear plugs are the smallest and lightest dynamic digital hearing protection product that I know of. They are provided with two pairs of orange silicone sleeves and two pairs of black sleeves (1 each in small, the other in size large), two packs of Size 10 batteries, a cleaning brush – packed in a small, neat kit. Retail is $399.00. For information, see Soundgear.

Otis Technology Ear Shield is overkill for the rimfire range. Compact, light and low-cost, Ear Shield requires no batteries and allows for conversation while protecting from high intensity noise.
Otis Technology went the other direction in terms of ear protection. They market the Zwislocki Ear Muffler as the Otis Ear Shield. Completely non-dynamic in the sense the Ear Shield doesn't act as an amplifier, the plugs don't go into your ear either. The idea is to shield your ears from high-decibel noise while hearing things like speech without removing your gear. Ear Shield is a compact design and doesn't prevent a proper cheek weld on a long gun stock.

I tried the Ear Shield on the rimfire range, not the smartest use of the technology, and on the old PPC range. It was effective at blocking the noise of centerfire handguns but, unlike electronics, it doesn't magnify low impulse sounds. For someone my age, that can be a problem. For those who've yet to wreck their hearing, the Ear Shield has some clear advantages. One is cost, around $20 bucks for the 26 db model. For around $25, you can get the 31 db level of protection, something that'd be handy on an indoor range, the shoot house or when people are shooting centerfire rifles.

The Ear Shield unit is compact and folds to pocket size.
Next, they're compact. They don't get in the way of cheeking a long gun stock, they don't interfere with eye-pro and you can fold them and stick them in a pocket or inside your (tucked) shirt.

Finally, you don't have to futz around with batteries. The Ear Shield won't be "dead" when you need it. Anything battery operated can quit, but only at the worse possible time. Do these sound like they're ideal for travel? I'll find out shortly.

Interested? Take a look at them here.

-- Rich Grassi

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