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Tuesday : April 21 : 2015
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DeSantis Offers Holsters for GLOCK 43
DeSantis Gunhide®, a division of HELGEN Industries Inc., introduces 16 holster fits for the GLOCK 43, including the Nemesis, the Invader and the Mini-Slide.
USCCA Video "Visualize Success"
Training for success is essential, but is going to the range or taking classes enough? Kevin Michalowski discusses this in the "Into the Fray" video series. This installment has to do with using visualization to improve your skills.
Blade-Tech Klipt Holster Available for GLOCK 43
Blade-Tech Industries announced that its new "Klipt Appendix IWB" holster is in stock and ready to ship for the new Glock model 43. It can be worn both inside the waistband in appendix carry mode as well as strong side carry mode.
Action Target Bringing Mobile Shooting Range to ILEETA Conference
PROVO, UT– Action Target will be exhibiting at the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) conference that is held April 20-25 at the Westin Chicago North Shore in Wheeling, Ilinois. In addition to exhibiting, Action Target will have a mobile shooting range at the conference available for use to vendors and attendees.

Lyman Products Seeks Customer Service Manager
Lyman Products is currently seeking candidates for the position of Customer Service Manager. The successful applicant will maintain customer satisfaction by providing problem-solving resources and by managing staff.
NRA Family InSights seeks Assistant Editor
NRA Family Insights has opened applications for the position of Assistant Editor. The location is NRA Headquarters, Fairfax, Virginia. The successful candidate will provide editorial and search engine optimization and marketing essential to the content of the NRA Family Insights web properties.
C Products Defense Engineer Receives Award
Bernie Shreve, Chief Engineer for C Products Defense Magazines, was named the 2015 Engineer of the Year in a ceremony conducted at the company headquarters in Bradenton Florida on Monday, April 20th.
Mec-Gar USA Celebrates 50th Anniversary
Mec-Gar Srl, the largest OEM firearm magazine manufacturer in the world is celebrating 50 years of doing business internationally. Since the company's inception, over 100,000,000 magazines have been produced for renowned firearm brands including Ruger, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, Taurus, Walther, Rock Island Armory, Beretta, Bersa, Browning, Kimber and many more.

Walker's Game Ear Foam Ear Plugs in 100-Count Jar
Walker's® Game Ear introduces the new Foam Ear Plugs in 100-count jar. These comfortable plugs are universal as they conform to the shooters ear, providing hearing protection that is NRR rated to 32dB.
Heckler & Koch Launches New Sponsored Shooter Program
Heckler & Koch announced a new sponsored shooter program structured to assist shooters competing in all divisions and skill levels, from novice to expert. Competitors must complete an online application with profile information, photos, videos and events for approval. Levels of support will include a wide range of subsidies and assistance.
ARES GXR Gas Piston Retrofit Kit for M4 Carbines
ARES Defense announces the release of an update to its innovative ARES GXR™ Gas Piston Retrofit Kit for AR15/M4 Carbines. Now in its 10th year of production, the patented GXR™ set the standard for customers wishing to economically convert their direct-gas impingement carbines to a reliable gas-piston system without removal of the factory front sight housing.
Glock Donates $25,000 to Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation
GLOCK, Inc. has made a $25,000 donation to the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF) to benefit its Scholastic Pistol Program (SPP). The donation was presented to SSSF at the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Nashville, Tennessee.
SureFire Adds SF Ryder 9 Ti Suppressor to SF Ryder Series
Building upon the success of its award-winning SF Ryder 22-A suppressor, SureFire releases their new SF Ryder 9-Ti ("Ti" standing for titanium), an ultra-light titanium tube, front plate, and rear plate that help minimize the suppressor's overall weight without any sacrifice in strength. MSRP is $799.
STI Firearms- Texas Born and Bred
From the 1980's when STI founder, Virgil Tripp, first started handcrafting competition 1911 pistols to the present day, STI guns has been building firearms in Georgetown, Texas.
Streamlight Launches USB Version of High Lumen Light
Streamlight Inc.introduced a rechargeable version of the ProTac HL, the ProTac HL USB. Offering an incredibly bright 850 lumens, the new model uses three battery types, and includes a built-in USB charge tab, permitting it to be charged from a laptop or most USB wall chargers.
Atlanta S.W.A.T. Procures Dead Air Armament 7.62 Sandman-L Suppressors
Dead Air Armament announced that Dead Air 7.62 Sandman-L™ suppressors are part of a contract for Bergara rifles ordered by the Atlanta Police Department S.W.A.T. Unit. Working closely with the Atlanta S.W.A.T. team for several months, Bergara has created a customized rifle based upon its "Heavy Tactical" model which will feature the Dead Air Sandman-L™ suppressor.
Mustang Survival Announces New Swift Water Rescue Solutions
Mustang Survival announced that it will be expanding its suite of water rescue solutions. Driven by end-user inputs and engagement, the suite will now include products designed to enable previously unreachable levels of performance.
CCRKBA Chairman Notes Gun Owners Are Voters, Too
When Second Amendment activists in Oregon launched recall efforts against three state lawmakers who pushed gun control measures in Salem this year, the chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms noted that politicians need to be occasionally reminded that gun owners are voters, too.
Wilson Tactical Introduces BMF by Les George
WILSON TACTICAL, the knife and tool division of WILSON COMBAT, has brought the finest in quality edged tactical tools to our discriminating clientele for more than a decade. The latest is the BMF by Les George.
LWRC Launches New Consumer Promotion
It's the most significant consumer promotion in its history as LWRC International ofers a free Aimpoint Micro T-1 2 MOA red dot sight via mail-in rebate with every LWRCI Luxury AR purchased, now through August 31, 2015.
Guncrafter Offers Written Lifetime Satisfaction Assurance
Guncrafter Industries now offers Lifetime Satisfaction Assurance with every GCI pistol that says the company will stand fully behind every pistol they build, period. The company also now offers an annual Wellness Check for any customer who wants to send their pistol in to be looked over.
Leaper's Giveaway at 2015 NRA Annual Meetings
Jeremy H. from Mississippi walked away with a beautifully dressed-up AR-style Ruger rifle as the grand prize winner of the Leaper's Giveaway at the NRA Annual Meetings in Nashville, Tennessee. Ruger's President and Chief Operating Officer, Christopher Killoy joined by UTG's Founder, David Ding, to congratulate the lucky winner and present the firearm.
ZEISS Recognizes Members of Its Elite Sales Force
Carl Zeiss Sports Optics announces the outstanding achievements of their top sales representatives. The A-Team awards were announced by Mike Jensen, President of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, at the 2015 NRA National Convention held in Nashville, Tennessee.
Crimson Trace Seeks Two RSMs
Crimson Trace announces that it has two Regional Sales Manager positions open. The two RSM openings are in the Southeast Central region (TN, AR, LA, MS, and AL) with preference given to candidates who live in Memphis, TN or Birmingham, AL and the second RSM opening is in the TEXAHOMA region (TX and OK) with preference given to candidates who live in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area.
CPD Mags 100,000 Rounds with Zero Failures
C Products Defense Magazines are thoroughly tested -- over 100,000 documented rounds were fired by a major firearm manufacturer with zero failures and zero parts replacements.
Editor's Notebook: Training, Records and a Silver Band
Everyone's heard of the case of the Oklahoma reserve deputy sheriff who shot someone when he meant to use his Taser – and of how his training has suddenly become an issue. A friend and associate posted a news story link on social media in which the deputy's attorney released the deputy's training records to the media.

I'm not going to cast aspersions on the attorney – he could have been acting on orders from his client. Already suspected of less than precise judgement in use of force, it wouldn't be surprising that he ordered the lawyer to do so.

Likewise, I'm not going to tell you about you and your attorney speaking with media after a force incident. I shouldn't have to. The discussion went to training records and some light was shed along with a little heat.

The news story mentioned that two years of agency training records were missing, amongst them records of firearms qualification. I wasn't aware that the issue was that the deputy missed, making me question the relevance of that line of inquiry.

You may notice throughout my writing going back about 20 years or so that I often use various firearms qualification courses and training drills when evaluating new firearms. I know someone else may have to run a similar test as a condition of employment. Besides, the qualification test is a "documentable standard of achievement." The question becomes "what exactly are you qualified to do?"

That aside, an argument can be made – as Greg Ellifritz did online recently – that a jury could be persuaded that you were qualified to carry a gun because you passed a test that cops have to pass. There may be something to that.

The real threat is relying on someone else to (1) provide the training – if you are an employee – or have it mandated – if you're a citizen trying to get a permit, and (2) expecting them to actually have the records available for use in the civil or criminal proceedings.

Dave Spaulding likes to tell you that you must be a participant in your own rescue. I'd add something I saw elsewhere – you are responsible for your own salvation. No one else will be there to do it for you.

And don't talk to media.

As to the "silver band," I was at an appointment a few days ago and a young man, an employee of the place, asked me if I'd served in the military. Confused, as I often find myself, I said I'd had an undistinguished term of enlistment in the Army in my youth. He said he'd done five years and that he asked because of my bracelet. The bracelet, a band of stainless steel, was etched with the following inscription:

"PFC Steven H. Bennefeld USMC 7-29-67 SVN"

In the closing months of the 1960s, a pair of young ladies – Carol Bates and Kay Hunter – started a project that would lead to remembrance of POW/MIA from our involvement in Vietnam. They'd seen a celebrity (later Congressman) now known as "B-1" Bob Dornan wearing a bracelet made by tribesmen in Vietnam. When questioned, he said he wore the bracelet so he'd not forget the suffering experienced by so many in that war.

They began production of bracelets which they sold at nominal cost for just that purpose – to never forget.

The ½" wide stainless steel bracelet I wear is the second version of the one I started with around 35 or so years ago. By 1994 or so, the original was beaten up and the serviceman's info – a Marine PFC from Girard, Kans. I'd met when I was a kid before he went into the Marines – was all but illegible. Marine veteran and Shawnee Co. Sheriff's sergeant Mike Sweet overheard me discussing the sad condition of my MIA bracelet.

He told me what a replacement would cost. I gave him the money and still wear that bracelet – itself now in sad condition – today.

As I spoke with that young man, it was apparent that he was not glad to be out – something to do with unfinished business. He was out of the service, though, starting a family and this new job. I'll tell you what I told him.

We don't always choose to leave at the particular time and place the outfit "disinvites" us. It's the hand we're dealt. A mil vet and one with long experience is known to say that "you can love the job, but the job will never love you back." I share that experience.

I know that we take things from service that no one can take from us; lessons learned, commitment to ideals, loyalty. Quickness to action and deliberation balanced to environment and circumstance. These are things this young man brings to his new life and things he needs to use to be successful.

He'd sustained injuries in service, said he was "broken." He mentioned PTSD. This is nothing to take lightly. I've seen it in LE, it's commonplace in this era of long military deployments and uncertainties in leadership.

We don't do these things for the flag, for country, community – when we're in the thick of it, we're there for our comrades. You're there for your buddy as he's there for you.

Get involved in local veterans groups, help at the VA when you can and in whatever way you can. Serving as a mentor in this regard is a local police officer who takes her therapy dog to the nearby VA hospice to comfort those vets who are well on the way to the final ETS.

Rough detail? I can't even imagine how hard it is. The therapy runs both ways though and this is real service – to those who gambled it all through their military service.

I gave him my card and instructions to call me any time he needed to; I told him he's not alone – and he's not. I asked him to be available for others who face the same threat just as I am for him. Peer counseling is very powerful. Therapy runs both ways.

("Private First Class Bennefeld was a member of Company G, 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines, 3rd Marine Division. On July 29, 1967, he was killed by small arms fire while fighting in Quang Tri Province, South Vietnam.")

POW-MIA Families –Bracelets, Flags

-- Rich Grassi

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