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Thursday : February 16 : 2017
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TRU-SPEC Premier Sponsor of Georgia Tactical Officer's Assoc.
TRU-SPEC has announced their title as a Premier Sponsor for the 13th Annual Georgia Tactical Officer's Association Conference, held March 5-March 8, 2017 at the Macon Marriott City Center in Macon, GA.
Kimber Broadens K6s Revolver Line
Kimber Mfg., Inc. announced the update and expansion of its current offerings within the popular Kimber K6s product line. The current K6s product line now includes, K6s Stainless, K6s Stainless (NS), K6s Stainless (LG) and K6s DCR (Deluxe Carry Revolver).
Birchwood Casey's Synthetic Gun Oil Dual Applicator Pen
The new Synthetic Gun Oil Dual Applicator Pen from Birchwood Casey provides firearm protection in either a pen or brush applicator in a compact, easy-to-carry size. The Synthetic Gun Oil Duel Applicator Pen sells for a suggested retail price of $6.99.

Sig Sauer
CMP Springfield M1A Match
Springfield Armory is set to sponsor the 11th annual Springfield Armory M1A Match during the 2017 National Trophy Rifle Matches. The Civilian Marksmanship Program will host the event on Saturday, July 22, following the John C. Garand Match.
Steyr Arms Announces President's Day Promotion
Steyr Arms has started its President's Day Cash-Rebate Event, where customers can "Get Your Benjamins Back" when they purchase select rifles from any authorized Steyr retailer between Feb. 15 and March 16, 2017. Rebates range from $100 to $500 dollars, depending on the model purchased.
Hogue Expands Rifle Stock Line
Hogue, Inc., announces the expansion of their OverMolded Flat Dark Earth rifle stock selections. Hogue has added additional Flat Dark Earth colored models for Howa1500/Weatherby Vanguard, Remington 700 BDL, Mauser 98, Ruger 77 MKII, Ruger Mini 14/30 and Ruger 10-22 models.

JROTC Air Rifle Regionals Comes to Camp Perry in February
The Civilian Marksmanship Program invites the public to explore the exciting and fast-growing world of air rifle competition Feb. 16-18, 2017, as nearly 200 coaches, competitors and spectators take part in the 2017 JROTC Regional Air Rifle Championships, held at the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center at Camp Perry.
Winchester Safes Selects The Don Coffey Company for Representation
Winchester Safes announces the appointment of The Don Coffey Company to represent Winchester Safes in the following states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.
Cannon Safe Receives 2016 Best Businesses of Las Vegas Award
For the third time since 2014, Cannon Safe has been selected for the 2016 Best Businesses of Las Vegas Award in the Shopping category by the Best Businesses of Las Vegas Award Program.

Viridian Announces Distributor of the Year Award to Green Supply
Viridian® announced today it has awarded Green Supply as the company's 2016 Distributor of the Year.
Tipton Cleaning Supplies Launches Innovative Gun Vise
The totally modular interchangeable design of Tipton's Ultra Gun Vise not only works with firearms, but can also be used with a bow or crossbow.
Smith & Wesson IDPA Winter Nationals Welcome Sponsors
Smith & Wesson Corp. announces the sponsors for the 2017 Indoor Nationals. Over the 5 day event, 250 competitors and 80 volunteers will come together at the perennial event.
Nikon Debuts BLACK Riflescope Series
Doubling down on its commitment to American shooters, Nikon introduces their new BLACK riflescope series- a category with models engineered for precision long-range rifle and action-shooting AR enthusiasts.
Hornady 2017 Zombies in the Heartland Match
The Hornady Zombies in the Heartland, 3-Gun Match will take place June 2–4 at the Heartland Public Shooting Park in Grand Island, Nebraska and there will be a special industry day for all sponsors on June, 1.
Comp-Tac Victory Gear Purchases New Manufacturing Facility
Comp-Tac announces the completed purchase of a new 12,000 square foot facility which will include 8,000 sq feet for manufacturing and 4,000 square feet of office space.
New Meprolight FT Bullseye Models Now Available
Meprolight announced that the popular FT Bullseye pistol sight is now available for these models: Sig P226 and P320, Smith & Wesson M&P and M&P Shield, H&K VP9 and Remington R1 pistols.
Lyman Products Partners with Laura Burgess Marketing
Lyman Products announces the signing of Laura Burgess Marketing for media placement and writer relations. As Lyman continues its exponential growth in the fields of reloading and new product development and product launches, LBM will work with the Lyman management team to provide assistance in the development and management of the annual advertising strategy and scheduling.
Timney Triggers Returns as Title Sponsor for 2017 Starlight 3-Gun Match
Starlight 3-Gun LLC, the company behind the shooting industry's only nighttime national 3-Gun match, is pleased to recognize Timney Triggers as the returning title sponsor for the 2017 Starlight 3-Gun Match.
Kershaw Sponsors Competitive Shooter Cheyenne Dalton
Kershaw is proud to welcome Cheyenne Dalton to Team Kershaw. Cheyenne is a rising junior shooter who competes in the Rimfire Challenge, 3-Gun Nation events, as well as United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) matches.
Kai Seeks National Account Sales Specialist
Kai USA Ltd. The manufacturer of Kershaw Knives, Zero Tolerance Knives and Shun Cutlery in Tualatin, OR, has an immediate opening for a National Account Sales Specialist.
Kai Seeks Product Designer
Kai USA Ltd. The manufacturer of Kershaw Knives, Zero Tolerance Knives and Shun Cutlery in Tualatin, OR, has an immediate opening for a Product Designer.
Predator Xtreme's Readers Vote Sightmark Gold
Sightmark is happy to be the recipient of two Gold Awards from Predator Xtreme Magazine's Readers' Choice Awards in the categories of Red Dot/Reflex Sight and Favorite New Product, presented at the 2017 SHOT Show.
Hogue Knives Announces Four-Inch Automatics
Hogue Knives is pleased to announce the addition of four inch automatic knives to their popular line of American-made folding knives. The new autos are spring-loaded four inch versions of Hogue's popular EX-01 and EX-04 tactical folding knives.
Comp-Tac Victory Gear Seeking Sales Manager
Comp-Tac Victory Gear is seeking to hire a Sales Manager. The ability to work in a LEAN environment and relocation to Houston, Texas is required.
Streamlight Expands International Sales Presence
Streamlight announced that Philippe Marzin has joined Streamlight as International Regional Manager - Europe. Based in Wirral, United Kingdom, Marzin will build on Streamlight's growing international network, developing and implementing sales and distribution channels throughout Europe.
Richard Mann Introduces The Scout Rifle Study
The Scout Rifle Study is a new book written by Richard Mann. It offers a comprehensive look at the history of the Scout Rifle and its place in the new millennium. This is the first major firearms publication to be offered in a free access, webpage format.
April's GUNS Magazine: S&W's M&P .45 ACP Shield
The S&W M&P 45 Shield is on the cover of the April issue of GUNS Magazine. Massad Ayoob reviews the pistol Also, interchangability of ammo between carbine and handgun is explored and the STI DVC 20-Shot 9mm is examined by John Taffin.
Hornady Wins Golden Bullseye Award
NRA Publications recently announced the winners of the 2017 Golden Bullseye Awards and Hornady Precision Hunter ammunition was named Ammunition Product of the Year by American Hunter magazine.
Beretta Armorer School Announcement
Beretta USA has added a Px4 series course to their current 2017 calendar and currently still have openings for the 2017 Beretta 92/96 (M9) Series courses located at the Beretta USA Headquarters in Accokeek, MD.
Skill Set: "Press"
The more I practice, train and teach the use of firearms the more I realize just how important the trigger press is to shooting accurately. Regardless of what you're shooting you always have to apply the fundamentals. But of all of the fundamentals – in my opinion – the trigger press is the most important.

This is mandatory in the beginning, learning how to smoothly press the trigger without tensing up muscles in anticipation of the recoil before, during and after the shot. The sights are always going to be moving; all the other components will never be perfect. As long as you press the trigger smoothly, letting the firearm "release" the shot, you'll get good hits.

In the beginning it's also important to take time to obtain the proper placement of the finger on the trigger. Position the finger so the trigger is centered in the pad of the first segment or "distal phalanges." This allows you to "feel" the trigger as you press and reset it, and helps ensure you're pressing straight to the rear without pushing or pulling the trigger and moving the muzzle. With consistent practice this placement becomes habit.

As you progress you learn what speed you can press the trigger in order to get good hits. With a close, large target you can press fairly quickly and get the hits. As the distance increases and/or the size of the target decreases you learn that a slower press is required to make the shot. Regardless of the speed of the press it always has to be a smooth press.

There are other trigger techniques used, and one can produce acceptable results with them, but these are more for specific applications. For example skeet and bird shooters will "slap" the trigger to release the shot. Some competitive shooters will "tap" the trigger. But to shoot as accurately as possible you're going to want to press that trigger.

I don't know how many thousands of rounds I've fired in my life so far. But still when I'm trying to shoot accurately – regardless of the type firearm, caliber or distance - I will say "pressssssssss" out loud, hissing like a snake while pressing the trigger. Verbally saying it out loud, extending out the last part of the "pressssssss" always produces good hits.

Also, keep in mind that as things get more complicated, such as when moving and shooting, the trigger press becomes even more important. For example when moving there's a greater tendency to go "now" on the trigger in an attempt to fire the shot as the sights move across the target. This leads to the dreaded anticipation, and is going to negatively affect your accuracy.

For defensive use it's important that you get accurate hits. Good hits stop the threat quicker. Accuracy ensures the safety of those in the environment; remember you're responsible for where each and every bullet ends up. The only way to produce this type accuracy under stress is to drill it on the range, under a variety of conditions. Then, when facing a violent attack and lives depend on you, "pressssssss" that trigger, and repeat as necessary.

Tiger McKee is director of Shootrite Firearms Academy, located in northern Alabama. He is the author of "The Book of Two Guns" - writes for several firearms/tactical publications, and is featured on GunTalk's DVD, "Fighting With The 1911 - McKee's new book, AR Skills and Drills, is available for pre-order:


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