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Thursday : May 28 : 2015
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Crimson Trace Offers New GLOCK Laser Sights
Crimson Trace is now offering the recently released LG-443 with a red laser diode for the compact GLOCK 42 pistol. That Laserguard --LG-443 (red) laser sight— also fits onto GLOCK's newer Model 43 pistols. The new LG-443G (Green) Laserguard will soon be shipping to dealers across America and also fits onto those GLOCK pistols.
Injured Officer Fundraiser Ends Sunday
A joint fundraiser by Lew's and the Missouri Fraternal Order of Police to benefit wounded Springfield police officer Aaron Pearson concludes Sunday, May 31. There is still time to support the worthy cause and have a chance to win the fully rigged 2015 Ranger bass boat grand prize or dream fishing trip with Hank Parker or Jason Christie.
Streamlight Renews Annual C.O.P. S. Sponsorship
Streamlight, Inc. renewed its sponsorship of Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.), which provides support to the families and co-workers of fallen officers. The company's contribution for 2015 totaled $130,500.
Justin Porlier joins Walther Arms, Inc. As National Sales Manager
Walther Arms is pleased to announce the appointment of Justin Porlier as National Sales Manager. Justin will join Bret Vorhees in the management of all sales activities with current distribution, and retail customers.

Starline Brass Supports America's Mighty Warriors
Starline Brass recently kicked off a promotion to support America's Mighty Warriors, an organization whose mission is to honor the sacrifices of our troops, the fallen and their families by providing programs that improve quality of life, resiliency and recovery. Debbie Lee founded America's Mighty Warriors, after her son Marc was the first Navy SEAL to be killed in Iraq on August 2, 2006.
Beretta Releases Limited Edition 92 Centennial Pistol
Beretta celebrates this year the 100th anniversary of its first semi-automatic pistol – the Beretta Model 1915. To mark this historic occasion the company has produced a limited number of the 92 Centennial collector's edition pistol, which are for sale now through a select network of dealers and the Beretta Galleries in Dallas and Memphis.
FNH USA, LLC Donates Firearms To YSSA
The Youth Shooting Sports Alliance announced that FNH USA, LLC continued their support of efforts to recruit and retain youth in the shooting sports with a generous donation to the YSSA of rifles, handguns and shotguns. Included among the donated firearms are FNAR Heavy, FN TSR XP and FN SPR A5M rifles; FN Five-seveN and FNX-9 handguns; an FN SC1 Over/Under shotgun and an FN SCAR 16S carbine.
FNH USA, LLC Donates Firearms To YSSA
The Youth Shooting Sports Alliance announced that FNH USA, LLC continued their support of efforts to recruit and retain youth in the shooting sports with a generous donation to the YSSA of rifles, handguns and shotguns. Included among the donated firearms are FNAR Heavy, FN TSR XP and FN SPR A5M rifles; FN Five-seveN and FNX-9 handguns; an FN SC1 Over/Under shotgun and an FN SCAR 16S carbine.

Nikon Introduces the P-308 Riflescope
Nikon has expanded its line-up of precision .308 WIN riflescopes with the introduction of the all-new P-308 4-12x40 BDC 800. It features 4-12 magnification, a 40mm objective and fully multicoated lenses to ensure a clear view.
Swab-its Attending Black Bird Shopping Center Annual Parking Lot Sale
Swab-its®, the makers of Bore-whips™, Bore-tips® and Gun-tips™, will be participating in the Black Bird Shopping Center Annual Parking Lot Sale this weekend, May 29 thru 31, in Medford, Oregon.
SAF Seeks Contempt Against DC For Stall In Wrenn CCW Case
The Second Amendment Foundation is asking the federal court to force the District of Columbia to abide by a May 18 ruling requiring the city to drop its requirement to show a "good reason" before issuing concealed carry permits, or find the city in contempt.
Team Smith & Wesson Member Doug Koenig Claims Sixteenth Bianchi Cup Title
Smith & Wesson® shooting team member Doug Koenig captured his 16th NRA Action Pistol title over the weekend at the 2015 MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup in Columbia, Missouri.
SRM Arms Unveils New Ringfire Less-Lethal Platform
SRM Arms yesterday announced the development of a new line of SRM Arms Ringfire less-lethal 12 gauge ammunition, designed to be fired exclusively with an SRM Arms Ringfire bolt, which will be available for the most commonly used law enforcement shotguns.
Comp-Tac's Gordon Carrell Wins Lucky 13th TX State IDPA Championship
Team Comp-Tac's Gordon Carrell has achieved a baker's dozen this year with his win of the Stock Service Pistol Division at the 2015 Comp-Tac Republic of Texas IDPA State Championship this May 23-24 in Cresson, Texas.
Leupold® Pro Doug Koenig Brings Home Record Sixteenth Bianchi Cup
Leupold & Stevens, Inc., congratulates Doug Koenig on winning his sixteenth NRA Action Pistol Bianchi Cup title, adding to his already incredible record of Cup titles.
Crimson Trace Releases Bersa Thunder .380 CC Lasergrips
Crimson Trace is now shipping the Lasergrips® LG-646 — a powerful red laser that is designed for Bersa's popular .380 caliber Thunder Concealed Carry (CC) pistol. The Lasergrips LG-646 are crafted of durable polymer with exterior raised dot texturing on each side that duplicates the standard stock panels on the Thunder CC when it is released from the factory.
Battenfeld Technologies Names O'Rourke Regional Sales Director
Battenfeld Technologies Inc. announced that it has hired John O'Rourke as the company's Regional Director of Sales. O'Rourke has over 20 years of experience in the outdoor industry
Skill Set: Confidence
You have an eighteen-inch wide board, eight feet long, laying on the ground. Your task is to walk the plank so to speak, without falling off. For most people this would be an easy feat to accomplish. "If I fall off," they think, "it's no big deal." And so they safely walk across the board. Raise the board so it's thirty feet off the ground. Now everything changes. "If I fall I may die." The skill level is the same, but now stakes are higher. The key is having confidence in your abilities.

Think about this as it applies to firing a precise, surgical shot. Let's use a three-inch circle as a target, firing a handgun from four yards. Both you and the target are stationary. The pistol is in a "low-ready" position, and you're taking all the time necessary to ensure when you press the trigger it's a good hit. By applying the fundamentals any shooter can make this shot.

Eventually you start using a timer to perform this drill. On the beep you snap the weapon up, scoring a solid hit as efficiently as possible. You begin to learn what type sight picture is necessary to score. For you maybe it's a little more than Cooper's "Flash Sight Picture" but at the same time it's not a "dedicated sight picture" with an intense focus on the front sight. Discovering you can make this shot in a fraction of a second begins to build your confidence.

Next you start working from the holster while taking one step to the left or right. You figure out that in the time it takes you to move one step you can also draw the pistol and make the hit. The time required is more than when you were starting from the ready position, but you also remember that this movement - as long as you have the element of surprise - will buy you time. It will take time for the threat to observe and react to your action.

Now you set up a hostage target in front of the threat. You can see a small part of the threat's head, but in order to obtain a clear sight picture you have to move. This is a drill you practice a lot. As you practice you don't think about shooting cardboard targets. Mentally you're making it as realistic as possible. You've even made copies of people's faces and taped them to the targets.

Your worst nightmare is happening. Your daughter is yelling, thrashing around but the stranger is crouched down and holding tight, his knife against her throat. Your wife is screaming. Teenage son yelling. Threat shouting. Dog barking. It's weird, you see and know all this is happening, but you don't feel a thing. All you know is the muscles of the arm holding the knife are tensing up and the blade is pressing into your daughter's skin.

You've made this shot hundreds if not thousands of times on the range. So, do you think about what happens if you don't get the right sight picture, or jerk the trigger, anticipate the recoil, hesitate or God forbid how will you live with yourself if you royally screw it up and hit your daughter? Or, do you trust in what you know and do what's necessary?

Confidence in your skills is mandatory. If you can do something once you can do it twice. Three successes mean you can do it again and again. After enough repetitions under a variety of conditions you've learned how to do it. Equally important is establishing confidence, knowing you can do it any time and on demand. Oh, and keep in mind, it ain't gotta be pretty, it just has to work.

Tiger McKee is director of Shootrite Firearms Academy, located in northern Alabama. He is the author of "The Book of Two Guns" - writes for several firearms/tactical publications, and is featured on GunTalk's DVD, "Fighting With The 1911 - Website:

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