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Tuesday : May 31 : 2016
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Smith & Wesson
Silencer Shop
Smith & Wesson Donates $50,000 to Honored American Veterans Afield
Smith & Wesson Corp. presented Honored American Veterans Afield with $50,000 at the 2016 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Louisville, KY. The donation will support ongoing programs designed to assist disabled veterans and wounded active duty military personnel.
July 2016 S.W.A.T. Magazine
The July issue of S.W.A.T. Magazine features the new Nighthawk Custom Hi-Power. This was John Browning's last design, and many think it was his best. The made-in-Belgium Hi-Power has undergone a full custom makeover by the artisans at Nighthawk Custom, with many additions and upgrades.
Safariland Announces 15 Holster Fits for S&W M&P45 Shield
Safariland announced the expansion of Safariland and Bianchi concealment holster lines with several new fits for the new Smith & Wesson M&P Shield .45. Safariland concealment holster models fitting the M&P Shield .45 encompass ten models for belt slide, paddle and inside-the-pants carry.

Sig Sauer
Galco Announces Holsters for S&W M&P45 Shield
Galco Gunleather introduced multiple holster fits for the new Smith & Wesson M&P Shield in .45 ACP. Galco offers a pair of its best-selling inside the waistband holsters, the Stow-N-Go and the Tuck-N-Go, the popular Pocket Protector, and two of its finest belt holsters, the Stinger and Side Snap Scabbard.
MidwayUSA Introduces Deluxe Cotton Canvas Shotgun/Rifle Case
MidwayUSA is pleased to announce the latest addition to their shooting gear lineup – the MidwayUSA Deluxe Cotton Canvas Shotgun/Rifle Case. Features include a large external-zippered pocket, brass zipper, a plush micro-suede interior and genuine leather accents.
Kroll International Honored in Epicor Customer Excellence Awards
Kroll International has been honored with the Epicor Customer Excellence Award in the Technology Innovator category in the Epicor Customer Excellence Awards program for the Americas region. The inaugural Epicor Customer Excellence Awards winners in the Americas regional program were presented at the Annual Insights Customer Conference.

GLOCK Donates to the National Rifle Association
GLOCK, Inc. made significant donations at the recent 145th NRA Annual Meeting in Louisville, Ky. The donation ceremony was attended by industry media, representatives from different divisions of the National Rifle Association, and representation from the Scholastic Shooting Sport Foundation (SSSF).
SIG Electro-Optics KILO850 and KILO1250
SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of two new KILO Rangefinders to the company's Electro-Optics division. The KILO850 and KILO1250 will join last year's successful KILO2000.
Beretta 92G Brigadier Tactical Collects Golden Bullseye Award
Beretta U.S.A. and Wilson Combat were presented a Golden Bullseye Award for Handguns by Shooting Illustrated's editor-in-chief, Ed Friedman during the 2016 NRA Convention. John Tamborino, Tactical Product Manager for Beretta U.S.A., and Bill Wilson, founder of Wilson Combat accepted the award.

MidwayUSA Introduces Military Style 4-Piece ECWS Modular Sleeping Bag System
MidwayUSA is pleased to announce the latest addition to their camping & survival gear lineup – the MidwayUSA Military Style 4-Piece ECWS Modular Sleeping Bag System. Based on a proven design, the ECWS Modular Sleeping Bag System includes an inner (intermediate) bag, outer (patrol) bag, waterproof bivy, and compression sack.
Browning Expands Their Flashlight Line With Hellcat
The new Browning Hellcat is the ultimate hunting flashlight featuring a super bright white, long distance beam. Brightness is 610 lumens with two CR123A Lithium batteries or 825 lumens with the optional 18650 Li-ion battery (not included). A trio of soft green LEDs offers stealth lighting. MSRP is $109.99.
Wilson Combat-Beretta 92G Brigadier Wins Award
Wilson Combat is proud to announce that the Wilson Combat-Beretta 92G Brigadier Tactical 9mm Pistol has won the coveted Shooting Illustrated Magazine NRA Golden Bullseye Award. This award was presented to company President Bill Wilson on Friday, May 20, during the 2016 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Louisville, Kentucky.
Colorado's Arvada Army Navy Surplus Becomes Swab-its' Newest Dealer
Swab-its®, the makers of Bore-whips™, Bore-tips® and Gun-tips™, adds Colorado's Arvada Army Navy Surplus to the growing list of retailers carrying the Swab-its line of firearm cleaning products.
NRA Country and Military Warriors Support Foundation
NRA Country and Military Warriors Support Foundation presented homes to three combat wounded heroes May 21, 2016, at the "NRA Presents Toby Keith with special guest Chris Janson" concert at Louisville's YUM! Center, a key event during the 145th NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits.
CrossBreed Holsters Names Johnson Production Floor Supervisor
CrossBreed® Holsters announces the promotion of Dustin Johnson to Production Floor Supervisor. Johnson will be responsible for supervising 23 CrossBreed® holster artisans, as well as all aspects of the production floor.
Split Times: Critical for Competition, Not for Defense?
I recently became aware of the issue of how fast one needs to get hits in a fight from two venues. One was Dave Spaulding's "Triangle Drill," a recoil control exercise. The other was through the Tactical Professor, Claude Werner in his analysis of 2015 LAPD Officer Involved Shootings that had been released from the agency's Board of Police Commissioners.

At the risk of spoiling the surprise, Claude identified three "initial interpretations:

1) your front sight is your friend.

2) your split times are virtually meaningless outside the competitive arena.

3) other tools are probably more useful than a spare magazine."

While I'm more concerned about trigger control at the distance pistol fights normally occur – well, and further too – visually tracking the front sight is essential to accurate follow-up hits.

And why do we need follow-up hits at all? Because handguns suck at stopping fights. Please, no caliber clashes, just go along with the fact that the violent criminal offender may stop at being shot once but he likely won't.

As to the spare magazine, I pointed out that his injunction didn't apply to me as I carry it anyway as well as lots of other stuff. It may as well ride along too.

But the split times, aren't those of huge import?

Well, no.

Dave Spaulding pointed out, in his video on the triangle drill (really, find it – it's worth watching and well worth your time to try), that the human eye takes right at .3 of a second to blink. Yeah. All those folks trying to get to that .15 second split want two rounds out within the blink of an eye. But how long does it take a determined attacker – or even a deer who doesn't know you're hiding 50 yards away with a .30-30 lever gun – to give up the fight?

It's a hell of a lot longer than .15 - .30 of a second. Even if he piles up like he was hit by a train, approaching in a big hurry is a quick way to get yourself measured for a marble hat – whether he's a whitetail or a drug-crazed maniac.

In any event, Dave fired his drill – five hits from ready at five yards into the triangle – and had splits between .25 and .33 seconds or so. When he poured it on, about .18 splits, his shots strayed clear of the triangle.

On the street, you're accountable for any and all projectiles issuing from the muzzle of the piece. They're all yours and they have a mighty high price tag – legally, ethically and morally. On the range if your hits shuffle out into C and D zones, and you did it quickly enough you still have a chance. On the street, there's no joy: it's either a peripheral hit – often worthless in a fight -- or a clean miss.

I'm not picking on USPSA either: the same goes for the -1/-3 zones in IDPA and nearly all of the NRA B-27 silhouette.

Don't shoot quicker than you can hit. Constantly assess the threat through the sights. Control the trigger. You can't miss fast enough to win – only enough to create a tragedy.

Carry a dozen guns and a cargo container of loaded magazines -- if you don't assess your work through the sights and shoot no faster than you can hit, it won't matter.

-- Rich Grassi

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