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Tuesday : December 1 : 2015
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Brownells New Product Review
Learn about the hottest new Brownells products from the best brands at the New Product Center. Hosted by Merchandise Manager Paul Levy, the videos review what's new, and remain at the New Product Center page for several weeks.
Atlanta Arms Launches 12 Days of Christmas Promotion
Atlanta Arms is launching a 12 Days of Christmas promotion on all ammunition December 1-12. They are also giving away another pistol and customers will be entered to win with purchase.
Expect the Unexpected with the ZULU Binocular from SIG SAUER
The SIG SAUER Electro-Optics Division contains what are destined to the highest performing products in the industry. One of these product categories, and arguably the most widely used and important, is SIG's ZULU Series of Binoculars.
Another #PDNLIVE Set for Tonight
Personal Defense Network (PDN) will host another round of #PDNLIVE tonight (Tuesday, December 1, 2015) from 8:00pm-9:00pm Central Time.

Pachmayr Slip-on Recoil Pads
Pachmayr's new slip-on recoil pad combines Pachmayr's patented Speed-Mount insert with the recoil control of the Decelerator internal design and material. The pad's material and design make installation easier than ever.
Wilson Combat's ELC Elite Damasteel Knife
The ELC Elite Damasteel is a limited edition of Wilson Combat's ELC Elite -- made with high performance stainless Damasteel and limited to 100 pieces. The ELC Elite is their highest performance version of our popular Extreme Lite Carry folder with upgraded steel, solid titanium frame lock and a stonewashed blade finish.
DeSantis Offers Holsters for Glock 43 with Crimson Trace
DeSantis Gunhide, a division of HELGEN Industries Inc., introduces 2 holster fits for the Glock 43 with Crimson Trace Laser Guard, LG-443: the Mini-Scabbard and the Nemesis.
Liberty Introduces the Cosmic Suppressor
Liberty Suppressors announced the release of their latest silencer design, the Cosmic 45 caliber multipurpose silencer. With a core of stainless steel, a titanium tube, and weighing in at only 9.5 ounces, this silencer is light but built to handle even the toughest of pistol rounds.

2A Armament Adds Wilshire Gun
2A Armament, the maker of precision AR15 rifles and accessories has announced that Wilshire Gun has joined its list of qualified retailers.Based in Oklahoma City, Wilshire Gun is a premier shooting facility, providing guests with first-class shooting range environments.
VZ KeyMod Grips
VZ Grips, maker of custom G10 gun grips, announced its newest product: the VZ KeyMod grips (KMG). The KMGs are attachable grip panels for your favorite KeyMod platform. They are precision machined in VZ's proprietary textures and G10 colors.
FBI Selects Aimpoint Micro Sights
Aimpoint has announced that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation is now issuing Aimpoint Micro Series Sights to agents in the Hostage Rescue Team and Defensive Systems Unit.
Doug Koenig Adds Custom Metal Products as New Sponsor
Doug Koenig adds Custom Metal Products, manufacturers of high performance AR500 Steel Shooting Targets as a new sponsor for 2016.
Nissan Renews as Official Press Room Sponsor of 2016 SHOT Show
The National Shooting Sports Foundation announced that global auto manufacturer Nissan will return for the third year in a row as the Official Sponsor of the 2016 SHOT Show Press Room. Nissan's North American headquarters is located in Franklin, Tennessee.
Into the Fray: I Won't Change
There is nothing politically correct about self-defense. When you face physical attack, it's not a pretty thing. As to being correct, you have a legal, ethical and moral responsibility in application of force. As Kevin points out in "Into the Fray," we're not here to change our language in describing self-defense.
Hogue's Holiday Savings
Hogue Inc. is announcing their Holiday Savings season. The savings start on Black Friday and will run until December 31, 2015. All orders purchased through the website or by phone will receive an automatic 10% discount.
Spirit of Blue Awards Safety Equipment Grant
The Spirit of Blue Foundation announced that it has awarded a Safety Equipment Grant to the Veazie (Maine) Police Department for the purchase of two AR-15 style rifles and essential accessories, valued at $3,713.30. The rifles were supplied by Maine rifle manufacturer Windham Weaponry and will initiate the creation of the VPD's patrol rifle program, a capability they do not currently have.
Tactical Walls Announces New Tactical Lamp
TacticalWalls has announced the release of the Tactical Lamp - a discreet new home storage solution for firearms, every day carry items and other valuables.
Perfect Practice with Crimson Trace
Teaching and training with laser-equipped firearms allows a number of lessons to be learned. In dry practice, watching the 'dot' during trigger manipulation can show movement of the gun. Learning the arc of movement, seeing the muzzle direction during the draw and reholstering -- there are a range of opportunities to learn through practice and instruction using Crimson Trace lasers.
Editor's Notebook: Smith & Wesson Performance Center Ported Shield
Immediately before the holiday break – and the accompanying ice storm – I was summoned to the premises of a licensee to take custody of a variation of the S&W M&P9 Shield. Recently announced, this is a Performance Center gun with the appropriate action work and slide engraving. The sights are fiber optic, red in back green in front.

Likewise, there are lightening ports cut into the top of the slide – 3 on each side, placed at 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock at you look forward from the rear sight. There is a single port cut through each side of the barrel at the same angle. Will a pair of exhaust ports make a difference in muzzle flip?

I have a photo taken by world class photographer Yamil Sued of me firing a 9mm Shield at the S&W Academy indoor range. Using range ball ammo, there is a decent fireball at the muzzle – that's without the Performance Center ports.

As I had a short time to get out and shoot, I quickly grabbed a gear bag and targets and headed to the range. Once there, I quickly set cameras out, stapled up a target and went through the ammo can I brought.

I had a pair of 115 grain loads and a 147 grain load – none of them new, but still good ammunition.

The Performance Center Shield ships with two magazines.
After ensuring the barrel was free from obstructions, I tried the trigger dry. Like other Shields of my acquaintance, this one has no magazine disconnect. The trigger was firm, not heavy, with short travel. I could feel the trigger reset.

Doing an accuracy test in a short time is never a good plan. I found that the heavy bullet load was the accuracy load out of the three loads tried on this first outing. I noted that all rounds shot low for me out of this gun on this trip. The first group fired was from standing, using a post for support. The other two groups were fired from a seated rest. Predictably, the rounds fired from the seated rest fared better.

The gun felt "snappy" on firing, like the slide was going faster than I was accustomed to on the other two Shield 9mm pistols I'd fired. The muzzle flip was relatively flat, but the others in the line seemed to "shoot soft" as well. The blast seemed to be more but that could be bias on my part – as I expected there to be more blast. That said, the ports in the barrel are small and there are two of them – looking at the three slots on the upper part of each side of the slide made me think at first there could be a like number of ports in the barrel.

The HI-VIZ Fiber Optic Sights were plainly visible in the daylight. The front sight has a green tube, the rear sight has a red tube on either side of the notch. Like the other Shield guns, this weighs in at around 19 ounces. The gun ships with one 8-round extended magazine and a 7-round magazine. As Performance Center guns go, the Shield is a bargain at $490 MSRP.

There was little perceptible muzzle flip with the PC Ported Shield.

A number of people would consider the ports problematic on a self-defense pistol. I'm less concerned with the ports than the fiber optic sights. It's not the fragility of the tubes – they're easily enough changed out and the sights still work without the light tubes.

It's my ability to see the sights in adverse lighting conditions. And before I get the tired – and inaccurate – "if it's too dark to see the sights, you can't ID the target" argument, that's just not true. In all my years, I nearly never worked in absolute darkness. There was always some light. When there wasn't enough, I had flashlights. I've been in a number of situations where the available light was on the suspect and all I could see of my sidearm was a dark blob in front of me.

In a target shooting venue, I was at the inaugural Smith & Wesson IDPA Back Up Gun Match and I got a loaner 9mm Shield. It had standard sights. On a number of stages, I could clearly identify the targets, but couldn't see the sights. After a stage, I got to look at the set-up over a team mate's night-sighted gun.

I'd rather have them and not need them than need them and not have them.

This early shooting test leads me to believe that the cuts in the slide could have lightened it to the point that I can perceive the difference in the speed of the slide. Lightening the slide's weight – though according to factory information, the guns all weigh the same – has the effect of lessening recoil, perhaps even more than the ports.

After the short initial shooting test, I went to work on the fifty yard USPSA-sized silhouette. Like other small handguns I've shot on that range, the Shield had no trouble staying on that large target.

I'm going to shoot it more and get you some better data. I'm going to check the weight of the PC slide and barrel with those from a standard Shield on my scales. I also have some gear to try out with the new gun – all in forthcoming issues of the Wire.

Table: Initial Accuracy Test, S&W PC Ported M&P9 Shield

Ammunition Brand/Weight/Type 25 yard five-shot group
Hornady 115 gr. XTP 4"
Federal Classic 115 gr. Hi-Shok 3 1/8"
Hornady 147 gr. TAP-FPD 3 ½"

-- Rich Grassi

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