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Tuesday : September 2 : 2014
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Walther Arms Selects New Rep Agency
Dunkin Lewis Agency has been selected by Walter Arms as the new marketing agency for the Northern region. The recent merger between HMT Marketing and Dunkin Lewis Agency will assist in creating a stronger market presence in the upper Midwest.
Mec-Gar Selects Epicosity
Firearm magazine manufacturer Mec-Gar USA joined with outdoor marketing and advertising agency Epicosity to begin a new creative and strategic partnership. Epicosity will begin work for Mec-Gar USA on creative development and media placement for the upcoming year.
Colt Extends Free Carhartt Jacket Promotion for Fall
Colt's Manufacturing Company is extending its current promotion with Carhartt. Announced earlier this summer, the promotion offers a free Carhartt to jacket to those who purchase a qualifying Colt rifle during the promotional period, June 15 through the now-extended deadline of September 30.
Fused Coatings Adds ValdyrTM Camouflage Patterns
Fused Coatings announces the addition of 3 all-new patterns to their extensive line of extremely durable, high quality finishes: Valdyr™ Woodland, Valdyr™ Arid, and Valdyr™ Transition.
This Week on Guns & Gear TV
This week, Guns & Gear TV features the new Hell's Canyon safe from Browning for ALL of your hunting firearms, the Range Officer .45 Compact from Springfield Armory plus more exciting guns and gear.

Kahr Arms
This Week on Gun Talk Television
This week on Gun Talk Television, host Ryan Gresham travels to Texas for a few days of hunting, looking for coyotes, bobcats, hogs... anything.
Action Target's New Modular Shooting Stall for Indoor Ranges
Action Target announced that it has released a new stall design for indoor shooting ranges. This new design, named the Defender™ Shooting Stall, allows range owners to customize the look and functionality of their ranges while maintaining crucial safety standards.
Condition Crimson Campaign Launches
Crimson Trace has launched Condition Crimson™, a consumer focused, multi-platform campaign that urges consumers to do everything within their power to be prepared. Whether that preparation is obtaining a CCW permit, or completing range practice or a certified NRA firearms class, today's gun owner is not fully prepared without the clear and undeniable advantage a laser-equipped firearm provides.
Leupold® Celebrates All-American Craftsmanship with a Gift
Leupold®, America's Optics Authority®, is celebrating American craftsmanship with an All-American promotion for customers. From September 1 to October 15, 2014, Leupold will send a Limited Edition, American-made Carhartt jacket, featuring the Leupold medallion embroidered on the chest, to everyone who buys an American-made VX®-3, VX-3L™ or VX-6 riflescope.
Remington Outdoor Company and Pelican Products Announce Strategic Partnership
Remington Outdoor Company ("ROC") announced a strategic partnership with Pelican Products, Inc. In the partnership, Pelican will create custom gun and accessory cases for each ROC brand, as well as Remington/Pelican branded outdoor gear including coolers, flashlights, and luggage.
SIG SAUER Added to Zanders' Catalog
SIG SAUER® and Zanders' Sporting Goods have teamed up to offer SIG SAUER handguns and rifles to the Zanders' network of outdoor sporting goods retailers. Based in Sparta, Illinois, Zanders' has provided complete dealer support to its customers since 1962.
Savage Arms Expands Line of Suppressor-Ready Rimfire Rifles
The bolt-action Model 93 FV-SR chambered in 22 WMR and Model 93R17 FV-SR chambered in 17 HMR weigh 5.5 pounds. Each are equipped with a heavy, fluted barrel which improves accuracy and dissipates heat quickly, an easy-to-use oversized bolt handle, and a 5-round detachable magazine.
ArmaLite Introduces Defensive Sporting Rifle™ Series
ArmaLite is pleased to announce the addition of its Defensive Sporting Rifle™ Series to its extensive line of rifles. This series includes three different models to meet every shooter's needs: Defensive Sporting Rifle™ 15, Defensive Sporting Rifle™ 15F, and Defensive Sporting Rifle™ 10.
Brownells Expands Preparedness Videos To Cover Work, Home And Car
Brownells has released a new three-part video series showing how to prepare for emergencies that could arise at work, at home and in the car. Each video covers potential situations and shows how to use specific supplies and gear - including products featured in the recently-released Brownells ESG Essentials Kits.
Ruger Launches Free Ammo & Mag Giveaway
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE-RGR) announces the launch of the Ruger Free Ammo & Mag Giveaway. Purchase any new Ruger LCP or Ruger SR22 pistol between August 28, 2014 and November 30, 2014 and qualify to receive a free box of Winchester ammunition and an extra magazine for their firearm, a retail value of over $50.00.
FMG's Online Editor Assesses Most Comfortable Holsters
Mark Kakkuri reviews the best rigs for carrying the less-than-dainty Sig Sauer SP2022 as well as the comfy combination of N82 Tactical Original Revolver Holsters and the snub-nosed revolver in the latest online-exclusive articles from FMG's online editor.
Editor's Notebook: Ancient Weapons?
Simply Rugged's new holster, the Shootist, has elements of old and new. The design pulls the gun in close to your side.
Rob Leahy, proprietor of Simply Rugged Holsters - formerly of Alaska and now of Chino Valley, Ariz., and his media/sales guy Bruce Warren were discussing how good it would be to get the company employees some handgun training. They make holsters, it's kind of important to know how these things will be put to use. They discussed this with a Gunsite Range Master, Ed Head, and between them considered it might be a good idea to have some writers come out and try the gear at the same time.

Buz Mills is always a genial host and his facility, Gunsite, is a premier training institution. With all the training done on-site, he's still willing to have media and product test events at the old home of the American Pistol Institute. Ruger is nearby and they make guns, HPR Ammunition is in Payson and they make ammunition. Crimson Trace was willing to provide Lasergrips and Lightguards for the guns - Simply Rugged makes holsters to fit guns so equipped - and Streamlight sent some handheld illuminators as well. Militec-1 provided the lube for the guns.

The guns were SR1911 Model 6702, the "Commander" variant. Ruger did it right with a 4 ¼" barrel length allowing the "conventional Commander" recoil spring/plug/barrel bushing combination. The match grade stainless barrel is made together with the bushing and both components travel together through the manufacturing and assembly process. The plunger tube is integral to the frame. Before anyone says "but you can't replace it," when was the last time you crushed a plunger tube and necessitated replacement? A slightly extended magazine release button helps those with a short thumb, the safety is slightly over size and extended (enough so that southpaws used these guns without starboard safety levers) and the beavertail grip safety has the extended bump at the base. I didn't fail to completely depress the grip safety once in about 500 rounds.

Rob issued each of us a copy of his Laminated belt, the Dual Defender Magazine Pouch and his new creation, the Shootist Holster. The belt was quite stiff as issued and wore in quickly over three days. The Dual Defender covered the magazines up to about 2/3 of the way, possibly leading some to believe they were secure but slow.

Reloads were practiced extensively. The Simply Rugged leather gear was plenty fast enough to get the job done.
The Shootist is retro. With qualities of the old A.W. Brill holsters made for peace officers of the Southwest and a design in some ways similar to the Mexican Loop holster that preceded them, the Shootist is made of Hermann Oak Leather and formed with a peculiar belt loop arrangement. Between the tanning process of the leather, making it nearly the equal of horsehide in stiffness, and the form of the belt loop, the holster brings the gun in tight to your side. It's no deep inside-the-waistband concealment rig, but it will work for casual concealment as well as being a great field and range holster.

Being old-fashioned, it'd have to be slow wouldn't it? When coupled with the high-cut Dual Defender magazine pouch, it'd be tough to be quick, right? Don't ask me. I shot the El Presidente clean - cold - on the morning of the third day. That requires, among other things, a draw and speed load. I won the shoot-off, also requiring a draw and mandatory speed load, the same day.

I guess it's quick enough.

The old and the new: a 1911 with an old style holster -- with Crimson Trace Lasergrips on the gun. This was the new green laser.
The importance of innovation in design and manufacture can't be understated. We were using 1911s, true, and new holsters with old styling. The ammunition, which I also give high marks, relies on innovative manufacture as well. What's old is new - when we approach with problem with fresh eyes and an open mind.

If you like leather holsters and support gear, you need to take a look at Simply Rugged Holsters. My fondness for the gear started when I saw that Rob was re-creating and updating the Roy Baker "Hidden Thunder" Pancake rigs. But he does so much more.

Put that together with Ruger guns and the outstanding experience at Gunsite and you have a real week to remember.

-- Rich Grassi

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