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Tuesday : June 30 : 2015
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Renegade Holster and Leather Co. is out of business. The Wilderness Tactical used to sell their ankle holsters. Giving full credit to Renegade, The Wilderness now makes the Wilderness Renegade Ankle Holster, maintaining the tradition of quality from both companies while adding some enhancements. Available in both elastic- and leather holster bodies -- Garrity's Gunleather of Phoenix is making the optional leather holster portion for autos ontheir ankle base. For information see their website.
John Chapman Hired as CEO of RCS
Raven Concealment Systems officially announced the appointment of Mr. John Chapman as Chief Executive Officer, effective 15 June. Mr. Chapman, a.k.a. "Chappy," has over 22 years of industry experience, covering everything from weapons and tactics training, to corporate project management, general management, and product development.
Crimson Trace is Proudly American
Crimson Trace is Proudly American. The Wilsonville, Oregon based company designs and builds laser sights at its state-of-the art production facility. That facility—the only place where Crimson Trace Laser sights are made—also manufacturers and ships approximately 200 unique laser sights (with green or red laser diodes) and bright light products.
Safariland Acquires VIEVU Body Cams
The Safariland Group ("Safariland") yesterday announced that it has acquired VIEVU, a leader in body worn video and data management solutions. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

SureFire Releases New 2211X WristLight Built for Everyone
SureFire, LLC introduces the 2211X WristLight. The polymer-bodied 2211X is the lightest weight, most affordable member of SureFire's WristLight family. This compact light has a proprietary reflector that shapes the light from its LED into a wide, smooth MaxVision Beam at three levels: 300, 60, and 15 lumens.
IFC Brings Instruction to Lazy Triple Creek Ranch
International Firearms Consultants, LLC has partnered with the Lazy Triple Creek Ranch in Newdale, Idaho to bring world class shooting instruction to their customers. A variety of firearms training and education classes from a cadre of well known instructors specializing in Shotgun, Rifle and Handguns will be offered.
Pachmayr American Legend 1911 Stocks
Pachmayr announces additions to their American Legend Grips for 1911 pistols. The original Rosewood stock is joined by Tropical Purple, Tropical Passionwood, Evergreen Camo and others.
Swab-its Adds Old Glory Guns & Ammo To U.S. Dealer Network
Swab-its®, the makers of Bore-whips™, Bore-tips® and Gun-tips™, announced that Old Glory Guns & Ammo in New Hampshire has joined its rapidly expanding list of retailers.

Become a Swab-its Gun Cleaning Products Dealer Today
Since the launch of two sizes of Bore-tips® by Swab-its®, the Swab-its line of firearms cleaning foam swabs has exploded with new products such as Bore-whips™ and Gun-tips™, as well as expanding Bore-tips to include additional caliber offerings.
Federal Announces 2015 Tom Knapp Memorial Scholarship Winners
Federal Premium Ammunition and Champion Traps & Targets announced and congratulated the winners of the 2015 Tom Knapp Memorial Scholarship. Four recipients from Minnesota each won a $2,500 college scholarship: Emma Olson of Saint Michael, William Schroeder of Brandon, Jack Barsody of Onamia, and Dannyelle Moon of Ham Lake.
Register for the 2015 Trijicon Shooting Challenge
Trijicon, Inc. announces open registration for the 2015 Trijicon Shooting Challenge. The event will feature three days of dynamic shooting in evenly weighted shooting disciplines, ranging from pistol, rifle, shotgun and combined arm segments.
UTG Introduces Vanquish 700 Long Range Flashlight
UTG's new EL700 High Lumen Flashlight with L.I.B.R.E. (Light with Integrated Brightness Regulated Emitter) Dimming Technology places the amount of visible light firmly in the user's hand, giving you the freedom to adapt to your surroundings and granting you maximum situational control.
Alien Gear Holsters Feature Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee
The Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee backs every Alien Gear Holster and assures customers that their handcrafted gun holster will be of the highest quality and caliber. If any part of the concealed carry holster fails to meet their expectations in any way, Alien Gear Holsters will repair or replace it for free.
Editor's Notebook: The Apex Shield
The finished S&W Shield: Ameriglo CAP sights, Crimson Trace Laserguard and Apex trigger.
The project S&W M&P Shield had stock sights and a stock trigger for most of its young life. It took some time to get sights arranged. The Apex Trigger arrived pretty quickly. I'd installed a Crimson Trace Laserguard on the gun, but I still wanted sights better suited for my elderly eyes. The Apex trigger was a perk – as the stock trigger didn't bother me at all.

It also took some considerable time to arrange for extra magazines – but they've been readily available for some time now and I'd been putting a few back. The last item to arrive was high visibility sights. Mike Rafferty installed the trigger and S&W Performance Center put the sights in the slide. After it returned, I took the gun to the range but there was little joy.

The first range trip with the Apex trigger and Ameriglo CAP sights – designed by Dave Spaulding of Handgun Combatives – found me anxious to make use of the positive changes. The trigger was fine, not some light competition trigger, but very good for defense work. The original trigger felt round to me and I used the distal joint of the index finger to run it. The flat face of the Apex trigger seemed to even the load of trigger pressure.

Comp-Tac Minotaur MER
The problem is that I'd find the trigger would "stop" periodically while I was shooting. It seemed more prevalent when I'd lose contact with the trigger during a string of fire. It concerned me – stopping in the midst of a fight is a no-go. I left the range concerned.

After asking around about the situation, I took to some dry practice. I found it wasn't the trigger seizing up – with my grip and shooting style, I was failing to disengage the trigger safety. The original trigger was rounded, this one is flat. Pressing it – not "rolling" it back like a "double action" trigger – was definitely called for.

Shoot it like a 1911. Okay.

I made another range trip. I used the Comp-Tac Minotaur MERC holster to carry the pistol. A hybrid, the acronym is said to stand for "Most Economical Reliable Comfort." The cost is around $50 from Comp-Tac. Like hybrid holsters tend to be, it is comfortable. It has a wide range of adjustment, which is more than I need.

The standard clips fit the 1.5" belt, as to my preference. The way the holster was sent from the factory, I needed to adjust nothing – it was perfect as it came out. It may not be that way for everyone, hence the adjustability. The holster is terrific for concealment. Drawing and – as important – re-holstering were both trouble free.

The spare magazine I carried in a Comp-Tac single magazine pouch.

I loaded magazines with Herter's 115 grain FMJ brass case – I had a partial box of this ammo left – and had Black Hills 147 grain FMJ remanufactured ammo to back it up. To test my affinity to the gun, I posted a QIT-99 target from Law Enforcement Targets. Featuring a truncated FBI-Q "bottle" outline, it's allegedly the target of choice for the Bureau in their current qual course. As is my habit, I fired the 25 yard stage first – two strings of two rounds standing followed by three rounds kneeling.

I marked the hits, noting a low hit that was still inside the "bottle" outline, then began on the three yard stage. Three rounds in three seconds from the holster, fired with the dominant hand only comprises the first two strings. This is followed by a draw to three hits, dominant hand only, and three rounds support-hand only. Five yards features "3 in 3" from the holster, done in four strings.

Using more target real estate than desired, the FBI Pistol Qualification was still clean -- not bad for a small gun.
The seven yard stage has a reload-drill but, otherwise, you're shooting strings of three and four there and at fifteen yards.

The score ended at 60/60 in the "bottle." I used more target real estate than I wanted but there was no "trigger stopping" along the way. Between the pair of range trips and dry practice, I believe this little gun is ready for light duty.

Oh, I didn't notice the laser in the daylight. The Ameriglo CAP sights were enough and they helped me go a bit faster than was prudent: it looked "good," I shot.

The Shield was fine at the outset. I competed with a stock Shield at the inaugural IDPA Backup Gun Nationals. While I wasn't the most accurate or fastest, I learned a lot and the gun ran perfectly. With the new sights, I'm quicker to see them and the new trigger really does help in handling – once I figured out how to use it. Add the Crimson Trace "just in case" and we're in good shape.


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-- Rich Grassi

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