FEBRUARY 13, 2018

SIG SAUER MCX Virtus In April’s GUNS Magazine

Amidst a sea of Modern Sporting Rifles, the SIG MCX Virtus Patrol Rifle is a refreshingly different, re-imagined MSR based on Eugene Stoner’s legendary AR. Reports Will Dabbs, MD, in the April issue of GUNS Magazine, “The Virtus is so chock-full of newly imagined cool-guy stuff, it really needs to be its own species.” The feature-laden rifle sports a user-adjustable, gas-piston-driven action, and the 16-inch barrel is easily interchangeable for various lengths (including 5.56 NATO or .300 BLK). Will witnessed superb accuracy from a range of .223 factory loads — the most impressive of which was from SIG’s own 77-gr. Open-Tip Match with a group measuring just 0.5 inches.

“At this point in my life, I have come to recognize a superlative piece of machinery when I see it. I could find no fault with the MCX Virtus Patrol Rifle. I liked it, and more importantly, it really liked me,” he concludes.

Also featured is the FN 509 9mm. The pistol stands ready to serve — not only does it offer extreme controllability in rapid fire, the FN 509 lives up to its reputation for accuracy and reliability. In addition to the pistol’s thoughtful layout of controls (providing the ease of use a duty or self-defense gun requires) contributing editor Massad Ayoob also praises the gun’s pointing characteristics and ambidextrous magazine release.

April’s GUNS asks, “Is 8 Enough?” John Taffin believes it is with Ruger’s .357 Redhawk. It delivers portable power with a magnum punch and new 8-round capacity. In the “Rifleman” column, readers will find popular cartridges aimed at curbing coyotes, while the “Optics” installment offers “plane talk” on the merits of first and second focal-plane reticles. And in “Slicker Snubbie Part 1,” Payton Miller outlines a few alterations and/or additions to turn a Smith & Wesson J-Frame into a “J-Plus.”

The Defiance DMK22C from KRISS USA dominates April’s giveaway package. The .22 LR features a functional charging handle, 13-inch free-float alloy handguard, Mil-Spec buffer tube and DEFIANCE components. One lucky winner will also receive a Gerber Gear US-Assist knife, and a Battle Rope and Vision Series Airgun Cleaning Kit from Breakthrough Clean. Readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing for the package valued at $877.90 by visiting www.gunsmagazine.com/giveaway.

Hitting with a handgun may not be as easy as you think. George Harris offers “5 Tips To Better Shooting” in this month’s exclusive Online Feature. The April issue of GUNS is on newsstands now with a digital version available for purchase online at www.gunsmagazine.com/digital-version.