JULY 10, 2018

GunLove Blog: For Those Who Love Things That Go Bang

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) - Introducing a new blog for gun nuts and those who stand up for the Second Amendment written by the people, for the people who love guns. Based in North Texas, GunLove is comprised of fellow gun owners, industry insiders, and professional outdoor media.

GunLove has built a place for gun owners to discuss all things guns and shooting. At GunLove, you’ll find breaking news, coverage of events and trade shows, —like SHOT Show and the NRA Annual Meetings—reviews of guns and gear, opinion pieces and feature articles.

Beginning January 2018 with live coverage of SHOT Show January 2018, GunLove has brought together every level of shooter from the beginner to the most advanced and steadily grown readership and subscribers every month since.

To reach GunLove, visit gunlove.com or email info@gunlove.com.

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About GunLove

GunLove is a group of writers—both amateur and professional—who love guns. We’re from different backgrounds, have different interests (other than our love of things that go bang) and are at different shooting levels—from beginner to professional competitor.


What brings us together?

Our love and respect for anything gun-related. We’re here to connect with other gun owners—learn from each other, share experiences and exchange opinions. To start receiving updates from GunLove, click here: https://goo.gl/ZRwiJ6.Then check your email and click confirm to subscribe to GunLove Blog.