JULY 12, 2018

Final Leg of 2018 PDN Training Tour

Final Leg of 2018 PDN Training Tour Underway

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN) - The final leg of the 2018 Personal Defense Network® Training Tour is underway, with over a dozen classes taking place in seven states.

Since its launch on March 22nd from the Ancient City Shooting Range in St. Augustine, Florida, the 2018 PDN Training Tour and its team of instructors have conducted more than 60 courses in over two dozen states.

Logging thousands of miles behind the wheel of the official Tour vehicle, wrapped in its distinctive Kryptek Raid graphics, PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus heads up a team of professional instructors who brought reality-based defensive training to hundreds of students across the Eastern, Southern and Midwestern United States so far.

The final leg of the 2018 Tour covers points West, with stops scheduled in New Mexico, Texas, Wyoming, Utah and California among others, featuring classes on Intuitive Defensive Shooting, Two Person Armed Defense, Armed Home Defense, Extreme Close Quarters Tactics, Rural Pursuit and Tactical Medicine, and more.

In addition to professionally-led defensive training, students who participate in a class as part of the PDN Training Tour receive special discounts on training ammo, product discounts and demo opportunities all thanks to the generous support of the following sponsors:


Angelfire Ammunition

CrossBreed Holsters




Mission First Tactical

Patriot Ordnance Factory USA



Springfield Armory USA


Viridian Weapon Technologies

Classes scheduled for the final leg of the 2018 PDN Training Tour include instruction from Alessandro Padovani, Caleb Causey, and Barret Kendrick, and concludes July 31st with a Fundamentals of Intuitive Defensive shooting class led by Rob Pincus in Maple Falls, Washington.  There’s still time to train!  Registration is open for upcoming Tour classes, but space is limited.  To check availability or register for a class, visit PDNTrainingTour.com.

About Personal Defense Network®

Personal Defense Network® (PDN) is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, offering a range of personal defense instruction to those serious about arming themselves for defense in every aspect of their lives.  Enlisting the professional services and experience of its network of Contributors throughout the United States, PDN provides high-quality personal defense articles and videos online, including Combat Focus® Shooting, an intuitive shooting approach developed by PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus.   In addition to its online presence, Personal Defense Network supports in-person class instruction through the PDN Training Tour, a months-long series of training classes offered at venues across the United States.  For additional information visitwww.PersonalDefenseNetwork.com.