MAY 17, 2018

Lone Wolf Distributors Partners With Mule Deer Foundation for Conservation

Lone Wolf Distributors partners with MDF to raise money for Mule Deer conservation.

April 21st marked the 11th Annual Banquet held by the Bridger Bucks chapter of the Mule Deer Foundation. This also marked the 4th year that Lone Wolf Distributors has been involved and has contributed a custom-built pistol for the chapter’s banquet raffle. This year’s Lone Wolf-built raffle gun went for $2,500, which set a new record. The fundraiser raised a total of $40,000, which according to MDF’s Brett Hyde, will be appropriated for enhancement of critical mule deer habitat and migration corridors. 

Lone Wolf Distributors looks forward to future partnerships with conversation-minded organizations, like the Mule Deer Foundation.

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