JUNE 14, 2016

OSS Suppressor US Agency Test

U.S Govt. Agency Test Confirms OSS "Leaps Ahead"

MURRY UT - Operators Suppressor Systems (OSS) has released a video showing the results of U.S. Government agency testing conducted in January 2016.

The government agency is responsible for identifying, developing and testing the next generation of weapon suppression for DoD, Special Forces and tactical operators, and tested the OSS Flow-Through™ suppressor against the current best-in-class SOCOM baffle suppressor.

With a brutal firing table of semi- and full-auto fire, the suppressors had to deliver sub 140dB sound and flash suppression through 6 cycles of eight 30 round mags of M855A1 ammo.

Only one suppressor passed the test.

To watch the video and learn more about OSS suppressors, click here.

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