MARCH 12, 2015

Lyman Introduces New Pro-Touch Reloading Scale

Lyman Products is proud to introduce the latest addition to our line of Reloading Scales and Powder Systems – The New Pro-Touch 1500.

Lyman's Pro-Touch 1500 scale features a large, touch screen display with easy-to-read 7/8" tall numbers and full size control buttons. The Pro-Touch 1500 is accurate to +/ – 1/10 grain over its full 1500 grain capacity. The dual spout powder pan allows for easy use by either right-handed or left-handed reloaders. The removable dust cover will protect the scale when not in use. The Pro-Touch 1500 will operate with either the supplied AC power adapter or with three AAA batteries (not included).

• Advanced Touch-Screen Technology
• 1500 Grain Capacity
• Accurate to 1/10 Grain
• Works in Grain or Gram Mode
• Removable Dust Cover
• Large, Easy to Read Digital Display with Full Size Control Buttons

Pro-Touch Desktop Reloading Scale (115V) (#7750718) MSRP: $99.95

Take a giant leap forward with your reloading productivity. The Lyman family of electronically programmable powder scales has a powder measuring system to meet any smokeless powder reloading need you can dream up. From the Gen5 Touch Screen Powder System with it's ability to recall up to 100 separate loads for instant use and dispense powder at 2 grains/second every time the pan is replaced in the tray with 1/10 grain accuracy . . . to the Micro-Touch 1500 Compact Reloading Scale that will fit in your pocket and run on three, AAA batteries when you need portability (or a little more room on your reloading bench.)

While Lyman Powder Measuring Systems are the most advanced electronic scales on the market, they are reasonably priced so you can knock more shells out— without shelling out. All Lyman Powder Measuring electronics are built with Lyman® E-Shield anti-static and anti-drift tech-nology to fully shield your scale against electronic interference from cell phones or other devices. Find just the right-sized Lyman scale for you at and make your reloading productivity go through the roof!

Available nationally through firearms and sporting goods dealers and mail order companies.

Liz Friedmann
Manager, Marketing Services
Lyman Products
860-632-2020 x334