JANUARY 7, 2014

Tischauser Takes South Eastern 3-Gun Championship Victory

BLAKELY, GA - Team Stag Arm's Jesse Tischauser finished the 2013 season on top of the inaugural South Eastern 3-Gun Championship leaderboard. The South Eastern 3-Gun Championship was formerly the highly regarded Fort Benning 3-Gun Challenge. After a two year hiatus retired and current Army Marksmanship Unit members revived the Ft. Benning 3-Gun Challenge with great success. Since the match could not be held on the base at Ft. Benning as in years past match director Aaron Hampton chose the next best thing, The Legion Operator Training Group in Blakely, GA. This world class facility is purpose built to test any military, law enforcement, or competitive shooting skill set.

This year's match was a challenging 8 stage two day event with a plethora of challenges for all 3 firearms. "This match was a lot of fun. Since I had never shot at the Legion range before I didn't know what to expect. The facility is impressive to say the least! We shot our long range stage out of a 3 story tower out to about 400 yards and pistol out to 25 yards on an unknown distance range that stretches out to something like 2000 yards. It is a lot different shooting a pistol downwards at that steep of an angle. It's definitely something you can't practice at very many places", remarked Tischauser.

Tischauser posted stage wins on two stages picking up 919.81 of the available 1050 match points besting the second place finisher by over 40 match points and more than 5%. "I have been having a lot of fun late in the season. Everything is just clicking. My Stag Arms 3G, Swarovski Z6i, coupled with my Freedom Munition ammunition has been rock solid all year. I shot everything very well at this match, especially the shotgun stages. The new quad shotgun loading technique and my TACCOM LLC shot shell caddies have taken shotgun loading to a whole new level. That and the rest of my game has just kept getting stronger all year and continued right through this match," stated Tischauser.

The South Eastern 3 Gun Championship marked the end of the season for big 3-gun matches. Now all the attention in 3-gun turns to the $50,000 3-Gun Nation Rumble on the Range at SHOT Show. Team Stag Arms Jesse Tischauser and Kalani Laker have both qualified for the Rumble the past two years. It takes place during the SHOT Show on January 15th at the Clark County Shooting Park. "I worked hard all of 2012 to qualify then I had to miss the Rumble last year due to some personal reasons. So I am really eager to get out there and show everyone what they missed last year. Jesse and I have both been training hard for this year's tournament. We are sitting on opposite sides of the 32 man bracket. So don't be surprised if you see an all Stag Arms battle in the finale," commented Laker.

Stag Arms was founded in 2003 with the goal to manufacture reliable, 100% American made competitively priced Mil-spec AR15's. Since then, they have quickly become a market leader and one of the largest manufacturers in the United States.

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