NOVEMBER 26, 2013

Liberty Safe Announces Free Monitoring for SafElert

Earlier this year, Liberty Safe and Elertus joined forces to develop the SafElert monitoring system. SafElert is one of the most innovative security devices to hit the market in years. The wireless device is placed inside the safe to monitor the status. The device connects to the Wi-Fi in your home or office, and will send notifications via email or text if any unexpected changes occur.

Now, Liberty is doing something rarely offered in the monitoring service business--- it has eliminated the annual monitoring fee. This means that once the device is purchased, e-monitoring services will be free for the life of the unit.

"People have enough monthly fees to worry about, we didn't want to add to it," said Kim Waddoups, Liberty Safe CEO. "We determined that our customers would be best served if we could offer this great service with no fees attached. We are pleased to announce that SafElert now comes with free monitoring service at no cost to our customers."

SafElert gives owners the power to monitor the status of their safes from their electronic devices. Should someone open the door, move the safe, or tamper with it, the SafElert system immediately sends an alert to the owner's cell phone, email, or other connected devices. Up to five different people can receive alerts of any changes. It also monitors the temperature and humidity inside the safe.

Bottom line: when customers buy a SafElert device ($199), they will receive automatic e-monitoring and alerts for free. Liberty Safes has the best warranty in the business, and now it has the best security monitoring to go with it. Valuables have never been more secure.