AUGUST 6, 2013

Lead Story

FBI Law Enforcement Officers Feloniously Killed preliminary statistics were just received covering the period Jan. 1, 2013 -- July 31, 2013. These are preliminary statistics and complete reporting will take some time. The data follow:

Total Officers Feloniously Killed during the period: 16

Total for the previous year for same time period: 23

15 killings were firearms related, a vehicle was used in one case. Of the 15 firearms-related fatalities, the location of fatal wounds to the front head were 7. The reported distance, threat to victim was

0 - 5ft: 6

6 - 10 feet: 2

11 - 20: 1

21 - 50: 1

51 +: 1

Distance not reported: 4.

One officer was off-duty, five were killed on day watch, four on evenings and 3 overnight. The shift was not reported in 3 cases.

Ambushes were evenly split. Three were premeditated/entrapment, three were "unprovoked attack" scenarios. One officer was killed with own firearm. Three officers fired service weapons during their engagements. 15 incidents were cleared. As there were 16 fatalities and fifteen incidents, it seems two officers were lost in one engagement.

Editorial comment: There is no safety in numbers. The fight begins before you're aware there's a fight. Sixteen cops paid this price so we'd learn something.