JANUARY 28, 2010

Orion Multimedia Announces Major Programming Block On SPIKE

Denver, Colorado - Orion Multimedia is proud to announce the groundbreaking television production of DON'T BE A VICTIM, for Spike TV, set to deliver the largest personal defense audience in history.

DON'T BE A VICTIM, the two-hour block of original programming from Orion Multimedia, will be comprised of 4 series and 3 branded vignettes. This block is more than just television programming, it will be a term of empowerment for all those who tune in. Every year in this country more than 1.3 million violent crimes are committed - 3,700 each day. Aggravated assaults account for more than 60% of violent crime, robberies 32%; over 25,000 property crimes take place every day of the year, almost 23% of them burglaries. The compelling question for viewers is simply: Will you be a victim? Or will you be ready to defend yourself and your loved ones?

DON'T BE A VICTIM will feature proven professional strategies, tactics and methods of self-defense, recognizing and avoiding threats, the latest in gear, security systems and weaponry, so that audiences will learn what it takes to be a modern-day guardian of their own homes, families, and lives. It's a block that will awaken a massive audience to the need to take charge of their personal security and to develop a plan to keep themselves safe at home, work, school and any place in between.

Through the accounts of actual individuals who have faced real danger, to expert insight and demonstrations, paired with archival video and dramatic recreations and re-enactments, DON'T BE A VICTIM will prepare the viewer for whatever may come. The 100 million households that Spike reaches will learn how one can take responsibility for their own safety and the defense of the property and the people they care about when trouble or disaster strikes.

The DON'T BE A VICTIM panel of personal defense experts, tactical instructors and law enforcement trainers is the most diverse and experienced ever gathered. Joining our distinguished panel is DON'T BE A VICTIM host, Gerald McRaney; second amendment advocate and star of such long running hit series as Simon & Simon, Major Dad, Jericho and Deadwood.

DON'T BE A VICTIM's 4 cutting edge series' will comprise of; What If? - How a tragic incident could have been different if the victims and/or bystanders involved were armed, trained, and prepared to defend themselves. When Your Life Depends On It - Vivid stories from armed citizens who turned the tables on criminals. Practical Tactical - Personal defense experts teach you how to stay alive. Conceal + Carry = Survival - Victims of crime vow "never again" as we follow them through a concealed carry training class. The three sponsored vignettes will comprise of; Even the Odds - Common sense tips on how to escape any life-threatening scenario. Predator Stoppers - A look at the latest firearms and gear for home and personal use. School for Survival - A weekly handgun and personal protection classes.

"It's unprecedented to have a network the size of Spike's 100 million homes carrying this kind of personal defense content," says Orion Multimedia President, Chris Dorsey. "With unmatched story telling, production values, and audience size, this block will not only help sponsors grow market share, but we'll grow the market as we awaken a massive new, mainstream audience to the need for personal protection products and methods."

Complementing the innovative television series, Orion Multimedia is also set to launch DON'T BE A VICTIM WebTV. The webTV network will be an outlet and hub for millions of people who refuse to be a victim. Featured on the site will be a community of experts, tactical demonstrations, product reviews, e-newsletters, survival stories and message boards to empower everyone to take charge of their own safety.

DON'T BE A VICTIM will begin airing on Spike TV, beginning Saturday, July 3rd and will run for 26 weeks from 9am to 11am Eastern.

Check local listings for airdates and times in your area.

For sponsorship information or more details, please contact: Chris Dorsey, President, Orion Multimedia, 720-891-4834 ,cdorsey@orionmultimedia.net