JANUARY 16, 2020

Meprolight Simplifies Zeroing


Meprolight has teamed up with Double Shoot™ to simplify and upgrade the zeroing process. The technology will be available shortly after SHOT Show 2020 through an upgrade being made to the Mepro Foresight app.

Using the Mepro Foresight app, shooters can save up to 10 firearm profiles so the sight can be used with various firearms without the need to re-zero. Through the Meprolight app, shooters will tap the “Auto Zeroing” button to initiate Double Shoot’s patented zeroing functionality. After a photo is taken with the user’s smartphone, the zeroing correction is calculated automatically and transmitted to the sight via Bluetooth, saving the need to move the reticle alignment.

“This technology shortens the time it takes to zero and, because up to ten zeroing settings can be stored, the Mepro Foresight can be moved from gun to gun thereby eliminating the need to re-zero,” said Bill Yerby, General Manager and VP of Sales and Marketing for Mepro USA. “This is game-changing as it saves not only time, but it saves money on the amount of ammo used to re-zero.”

For more information about the Mepro Foresight, visit: https://www.meprolight.com/product/mepro-foresight/

For more information about Double Shoot, visit: https://www.double-shoot.com/

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Press Contact
Bill Yerby

General Manager, VP Sales and Marketing

Mepro USA