MAY 23, 2024

Optics Mounted Stealth Sights

Night Fision, a leader in advanced tritium insertion solutions, is pleased to announce their newest product: the Optics Mounted Stealth Sight.

Designed to solve the problem for firearms that have omitted a rear dovetail, the Optics Mounted Stealth Sights are a simple but elegant solution. Mounting using the same screw path used for the optic, OMS sights are designed to be paired with an optic deck and firearm. This first release has been designed to be paired with the Sig Sauer M17 and M18 that has a Holosun SCS320 mounted. Offering our classic lower 1/3 co-witness, the OMS sights will be there should you need them, but stay well out of the way of most of the window on your optic. Shipping in June of 2024.

Beyond their purpose-driven height, OMS sights offer the consumer several popular variations to select from: Yellow, Orange, and Black ring front sights can be combined with Black ring rear sights. Regardless of the combination, all variants feature narrow front blades that obscure less threat, and serrated faces to minimize glare from sun or handheld lights.

Like all of Night Fision’s sights, the Optics Mounted Stealth Series sights feature tritium vials that carry domed lenses optically engineered for superior visibility. The patented dome lens collimates the emitted glow from a vial packed with more tritium than most standard night sights on the market for a crisp green dot in dark conditions. Sight rings are made of ballistic polymer that is guaranteed to not chip, crack, fade, or peel under even the most adverse conditions. Night Fision night sights are CNC machined out of high-quality steel and lenses are constructed from the same materials used for bulletproof glass. All this attention to detail ensures their sights are the brightest available.

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