MAY 18, 2023

Accuracy With Meprolight Adjustable Sights

Adjustable sights will make your pistol more accurate. This past November, the late Tiger McKee wrote “Adjustable sights for a handgun have advantages. They normally offer a more defined sight picture, which generally improves accuracy. The ability to adjust the pistol’s point of aim into alignment with the bullet’s point of impact is a plus, especially for target matches and competitive shooting where fractions of an inch make a big difference in your final score” (Tiger McKee, The Tactical Wire, Nov 17, 2022) Meprolight™ designed the tritium enhanced Mepro Tru-Dot® Adjustable Pistol Sights for those who demand greater accuracy. Windage and elevation adjustments on the rear sight allows shooters to zero in to compensate for bullet weight and distance. The highly visible sights provide faster target acquisition and the accuracy you need when it matters most.

Meprolight® combat-proven self-illuminated adjustable night sights enable you to upgrade your capabilities to hit stationary or moving targets under low-light conditions with dramatically increased hit probability. Test results by marksmen and journeymen level shooters have shown an increase of over 85% in hit efficiency. Mepro Tru-Dot® adjustable models offer a handgun sighting system for improved rapid instinctive aiming without having to transition from day to night use. Day or night, the shooter’s aiming reference is three solid dots, identical in appearance and location. Superior production methods and rigid quality control have made Meprolight® the first choice among law enforcement agencies, defense decision-makers, and major weapon manufacturers.

If you prefer fixed sights, and want to improve your defensive capabilities, you owe it to yourself to check out Mepro Tru-Dot Fixed Sights.

Self-illuminating day / nights designed to improve target acquisition in any lighting condition.

Meprolight® leads the world in OEM and after-market self-illuminated sights for handguns. Designed as an upgrade to existing front and rear sights, the highly visible Tru-Dot® adjustable sights and fixed sights are perfect for daylight, low-light, and nighttime conditions.

When it matters most, you want to know you have the best equipment and have trained for that moment when your safety or those around you is at risk. Trust Meprolight®. We do.

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