NOVEMBER 3, 2022

AAC Signs New Sales Rep Teams

Huntsville, AL – Advanced Armament Company, known as “The Silent Authority” and the pioneering leader in firearm sound suppression since 1994, has signed three new sales groups to represent the company as it continues to expand its product portfolio and to grow market share in the competitive suppressor segment.

"The new sales groups will cover the Midwest, Southern, and Western regions," said AAC's Director of Sales, Malcolm Johnson. "We are excited to bring these well-known and respected organizations onto the AAC team to help provide our distributors and retail customers with the personal service they need to successfully meet their growing consumer demand for quality pistol, rifle, and shotgun suppressors."

Covey Sales & Marketing (Midwest region)

“We are excited to be working with AAC and leading their sales and marketing efforts in our region,” said Ken Johnson, Principal Partner, Covey Sales & Marketing. “The company’s wide range of premium sound suppression devices will complement the premium firearms brands we represent, allowing us to provide another level of sales and demo capability to the wholesalers, retailers, and end-users in our region.”

Proactive Sales and Marketing (Southern region)

"I would just say how happy we are to be a part of the AAC team and to be a part of helping the company grow," said Rodney Smith, Vice President of Sales for Proactive Sales and Marketing.

MSSM Group (Western region)

"The MSSM Group is extremely happy about our partnership with one of the longest tenured and most respected brands in the suppressor category," said Brad Ruddell, President, MSSM Group.

The implementation of this expanded sales force coincides with the launch of AAC's newest line of centerfire rifle suppressors — the Ranger 5 and the Ranger 7.

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About AAC

Advanced Armament Company (AAC) is a US-based manufacturer of premium firearm sound suppressors for a broad range of applications, including military, law enforcement, and civilian use. Since 1994, AAC has lead the industry in developing sound suppression systems for defense, competition, and sporting missions. AAC suppressors are made in the USA at the company’s corporate and manufacturing headquarters in Huntsville, AL.

“AAC...The Silent Authority.”

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