APRIL 2, 2024

ERGO’s Foxbat “Retro” Grip Now Available for Left-Handed Shooters

ERGO announces the launch of the much-anticipated left-handed version of the Foxbat “ Retro” Grip. Originally crafted with right-handed shooters in mind, the classic Foxbat Grip has been a staple choice for precision shooting enthusiasts. Now, with the introduction of the left-handed variant, ERGO ensures that every shooter can experience the unparalleled ergonomic enhancements and precision engineering that the Foxbat Grip offers.


Prepare to be transported back in time with the classic Foxbat Grip for AR platforms. This old-school rigid plastic grip was crafted for precision shooting and became a legend at the range. The Fox Bat remains an excellent choice for PRS, Airgun, or any shooting sport where accuracy is paramount.

Boasting a more vertical grip angle than standard AR grips, pronounced finger grooves, and an exaggerated thumb shelf, the Foxbat is now the perfect long-range grip for right and left-handed shooters.

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