SEPTEMBER 15, 2020

Orchid Expansion Deepens Focus on Technology and Payments

HARTFORD, CT – Orchid Advisors is proud to announce it has expanded its operations to include business technology and firearm payment processing. A new entity, Orchid Solutions, will augment the Orchid Advisors firearms compliance business and will make an announcement next week regarding the launch of its first products. Orchid LLC, a new legal entity, is now parent to both business units.

Shaun Phelan, VP of Sales & Marketing at Orchid said, “Over the last fourteen years, I have worked to bring new technology into the Shooting Sports Industry. I am excited to use my past experience to help firearm manufacturers and retailers take advantage of the latest business technology and modern merchant solutions. With this expansion, the Orchid team is better positioned to improve regulated FFL operations and consumer transactions.”

The following outlines the legal entity structure and online presence of the expanded Orchid business.

Orchid LLC ( – the parent of legacy firm Orchid Advisors and the new legal entity Orchid Solutions. These entities will operate along-side their partner firm, FFL Law to provide FFL-focused software, services and payment processing by one integrated team.

Orchid Solutions ( – will release the first round of new retail and consumer-focused products next week. In addition, Orchid Advisors’ former FFLBizHub product has been rebranded as Orchid eBoundTM and is now included in the technology offerings of Orchid Solutions. All of the company’s software solutions are now available with an attorney-backed legal defense program from FFL Law.

Orchid Advisors ( – the legacy brand will continue to host the Firearm Industry Compliance Conference while addressing the daily needs of FFLs through ATF / Export licensing and ATF inspection support.

FFL Law ( – a partner company, FFL Law provides expert legal services for firearm business owners and operators. The firm is operated by Philip Milks who also leads Orchid’s firearms compliance practice and is a recent elect to the Board of Directors at the American Suppressor Association. FFL Law will provide direct support to the software, payment and services companies of Orchid LLC, amongst others.


Orchid LLC and its subsidiaries offer business and compliance software and regulatory services to the shooting sports industry. Orchid Solutions and Orchid Advisors, subsidiaries of the Orchid LLC entity, improve how firearm products are imported, exported, manufactured, distributed, and sold to consumers both in-store and online. For additional information, visit

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Orchid Advisors
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