JANUARY 26, 2023

“What’s Hot at SHOT” Online Video Series on GetZone.com

(ATLANTA, GA) -- Media Lodge, the outdoor industry’s leading digital media platform,

is proud to announce the launch of it’s annual “What’s Hot at SHOT” video series covering the most sensational products to hit the firearms industry this year. Jenn Jacques, Brand Strategist and Editor-in-Chief of GetZone.com, announced the launch live from the SHOT Show floor - a first since the series’ inception.

In the spirit of the company mission to remain on the front end of all things digital, the 2023 edition of GetZone.com’s “What’s Hot at SHOT” (WHAS) features exciting changes including the addition of Rachel Bee (aka Rapidfire Rachel) and industry expert Matt Foster as hosts. Additionally, executive producer Jenn Jacques hired production veteran Molly Carlson and her company Basecamp Creative Group to go beyond the traditional to find and feature new companies and revolutionary products in the firearms industry and up the game on what’s expected from the biggest show of the year.

“Our new approach to content is on full display with ‘What’s Hot at SHOT 2023’ and demonstrates the ongoing commitment Media Lodge has made to bring the best of the digital world to the shooting, hunting, and outdoors industry,” said Jacques. “I couldn’t be prouder of our production team and am so impressed by the group effort that brought this project to life!”

“We’ve got an arsenal of new digital tools to offer to industry marketers that bring the best of big media to us without the restrictive handcuffs. We’re humbled at the caliber and number of companies that continue to trust us to bring their story and products into people’s lives,” added Christen Everly, Media Lodge president. “It is truly an honor to do what we do within the industry, that’s something our team does not take for granted and I think it shows in each episode of What’s Hot at SHOT 2023.”

Now in its 6th year, “What’s Hot at SHOT” runs first on GetZone.com, the online video destination that takes you from targets to trophies - and everywhere in between. Additionally, episodes air across the Media Lodge Platform of websites, on social media, and on GetZone’s YouTube channel.

Included in the lineup of companies and products featured are:

1791 Gunleather

Matt Foster and Alex Toussieh discuss the new 1791 Everyday Carry Tool Organizers. 1791 Gunleather’s Tool Organizers are Built to Last! Handcrafted one at a time with full-grain leather, they’re available in four options: 1) EASY-SLIDE™ is made to slide onto belts up to 1.5″ wide and HEAVY-DUTY because it fits most heavy-duty multitools. Available with a LARGE FLEX LOOP for large accessories, or SMALL FLEX LOOP for pens/pen lights. 2) ACTION-SNAP™ is made to snap onto belts up to 1.5″ wide and HEAVY-DUTY because it fits most heavy-duty multitools. ACTION-SNAP™ is available with a LARGE FLEX LOOP for large accessories or SMALL FLEX LOOP for pens/pen lights. 3) ACTION-CLIP™ is made for action and quickly clips onto pockets, belts, and more. The DUO refers to the number of EDC tools it can carry. 4) POCKET - leather tool pouches that fit right in your pocket! Prices range between $19.99-$49.99.


A must stop on our tour of the floor was the Amend2 booth to see their Modular Chassis, which made its debut at SHOT Show 2023. Host Matt Foster and Justin from Amend2 unveil the Mini Chassis, which provides consistent bedding to the barreled action while the patented Cam-Lock system secures the mini chassis to the selected stock system with over 800 lbs. of force. Built to adapt to your needs this system allows swapping of stocks without loss of bedding or optic zero. Made from only the highest standard premium materials and components engineered for the harshest field conditions, the Modular Chassis is covered by the Amend2 lifetime warranty and proudly bears all components that were made and assembled in the USA.

Armscor presents the Pistol Category Roundup this year and will feature the RIA 5.0 an American-made engineering marvel in sporting pistols. The RIA 5.0 features a patented RVS Recoil System that maximizes barrel mass and linear movement for super soft recoil, unbeatable optics with two sight front options, a buttery smooth trigger enabling great accuracy in rapid-fire situations, a two-piece modular grip that combines the flexibility of polymer with the durability of a full-length aluminum receiver and a deeper bore axis to keep the muzzle flat under fire. MSRP for the standard model is $998.88.

Bering Optics

Jenn Jacques hit the Bering Optics booth first thing on day one of SHOT to talk with Slay Ishee about the long awaited SUPER YOTER LRF 3.0-24.0x50mm Thermal Weapon Sight. Hailed as the answer to your predator problems, the feature-packed SUPER YOTER R 3.0-12.0x50mm Compact Thermal Weapon Sight, VOx 640X480 core resolution, 12 µm pixel pitch with the LaRue Tactical® QD mount offers superior predator control at medium and long range distances.


Gemtech’s new Abyss 5.56 Suppressor was on full display at SHOT Show 2023, and Rapidfire Rachel has the full scoop. Featuring five of Gemtech's latest patent-pending technologies, the all-new Abyss 5.56 is destined to redefine the hard-use suppressor category. Its proprietary design reduces muzzle flash and decibels while also reducing gas blowback for improved user comfort and reliability. MSRP: $849.00

Lyman Products

Lyman continues to impress the consumer reloading community with its new Mark 7® Genesys Reloading Press. Matt Foster checks out the new product reveal of this high-performance powerhouse, which features an automated loading system making reloading easier than ever before. Mark 7® Autodrives from Lyman are the top choice for automating your hand-operated reloading press. The combination of our patented digital sensor technology, torque sensing motor, and JamSense™ technology ensures a safe and trouble-free loading experience. Sale price: $5,999.95 at markvii-loading.com.

O.F. Mossberg

The Mossberg PatriotTM LR Tactical is in the “What’s Hot at SHOT” spotlight as Matt Foster catches up with Linda Powell about the newest in the line of familiar Patriot bolt-action rifles. The new Patriot LR Tactical line from Mossberg is designed to achieve high levels of accuracy at extended distances in an adjustment-ready, customizable package— delivering target-finding precision at the range or on the hunt. Suggested retail price: $1,085.

Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson launched the M&P 5.7 the week of SHOT and Matt Foster gets a grip on the array of features in this new caliber in the M&P line. The New M&P 5.7 will light up the range and quicken your pulse. With its rotating 5” Tempo™ Barrel System, the new M&P 5.7 utilizes the ballistics of the 5.7 x 28 round in tandem with the repeatability of the Tempo System. Get worry-free consistency, in a 22+1 handgun. Take control and feel the fast. Price: $699.

Stag Arms
Your pursuit of happiness is achieved when Matt Foster and Stag Arms’ Ryan Donohue introduce the new Pursuit hunting life of rifles. Forged in the wild, the Pursuit rifles are available in both Stag 15 and Stag 10 variations chambered in .350 Legend, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Creedmoor, or .308 to accommodate whatever size game you are hunting. Built around a lightweight Hanson Profile barrel, the Pursuit allows you to feel comfortable bringing an AR out into the wild. These freshly-designed rifles come in the first ever Midnight Bronze cerakote, and feature an adjustable CTR stock with custom Stag Arms branded leather piece over the cheek weld. Prices start at $1,599.99.


Steambow is leading the revolution in tactical crossbows with the new AR-6 Stinger II. Rapidfire Rachel and Steambow company founder Gerald Missbach explore the updates to the popular Stinger that have made it now even better. With a completely redesigned base, new limb technology, a fiber optic front sight and an adjustable butt stock, the new crossbow was specifically designed for the repeating mechanism of the Stinger. The longer Picatinny rail allows a flexible positioning of the vertical foregrip. In combination with the butt stock we elevated the cocking of the Stinger to a new level. The all-new fiber optic front sight also accelerates aiming and eases it. Priced at $349.99.

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