MARCH 23, 2023

Vortex Edge Launches YouTube Series for New Gun Owners

BARNEVELD, Wis. - It's no secret an unprecedented number of new guns owners have joined our community in recent years, including 5.4 million in 2021 alone. And, while resources like YouTube are full of useful content for gun owners in general, help for brand new shooters is harder to find. New to Guns is a YouTube series from Vortex Edge that fixes that problem, talking directly to new gun owners buying and using firearms for the first time.

In New to Guns, we take as close to a "zero assumptions" approach as possible while explaining the buying, owning, and use of firearms. Pistols, AR-15's, precision rifles, hunting rifles, and everything related to these guns will be covered in our weekly videos.

Because our crew has decades of firearms experience, and it's easy to take many of the things we consider "no-brainers" for granted, we encourage questions and callouts in the comments section. We're committed to responding to as many commenters as possible, making these videos an interactive conversation that's welcoming to new shooters.

Find New to Guns on the Vortex Edge™ YouTube channel. In coming episodes, we'll be buying new pistols both in-person and online demystify the entire process. We'll also talk buying ammo, accessories, optics, and of course putting it all together on the range for the first time.

Catch the first episode, "New to Guns - Why You Need a Pistol."

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