NOVEMBER 10, 2022

Liberty Ammo Teams with Union Sportsmen Alliance

Bradenton, FL

Liberty Ammunition is pleased to announce a partnership with the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA).

The partnership will include financial support for the USA commitment to conservation efforts. In addition, Liberty ammo will have a special offering for the more than six million active and retired AFL-CIO members that hunt, fish, or shoot.

“We are proud to support the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance mission. I was a coal miner back in the day and understand the role unions play in preserving our heritage. Union Sportsman Alliance is committed to uniting millions of union sportsmen and sportswomen to conservation and preserving the outdoor way of life that defines North America” noted Gary Ramey - CEO of Liberty Ammunition.

Walt Ingram – CEO of Union Sportsmen’s Alliance added: “Many USA members are avid shooters and hunters, and we are pleased to partner with Liberty Ammunition to provide them with a special discount on ammo that is proudly made in the USA. We look forward to working with Liberty Ammunition as we build this great partnership.”

About Liberty Ammunition

Liberty Ammunition is a leading USA manufacturer of self-defense ammunition for the consumer, law enforcement and government sectors. Liberty is the fastest ammunition available, creating a hydrostatic shock that eliminates the threat.

Liberty Ammunition is lighter to carry, lower recoil and hits harder than other brands.

You can find Liberty ammo only at leading retailers and distributors in the USA.

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About Union Sportsmen’s Alliance

More than six million active and retired AFL-CIO union members hunt, fish or shoot. Collectively, they make up the largest constituency of sportsmen and sportswomen in North America. As a union-operated, union-dedicated 501©(3) conservation organization, The Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA)is committed to uniting members into one community with a shared commitment to educate future generations, conserve healthy wildlife habitat, and volunteer time and skills to improve access for quality locations to hunt, fish and shoot.

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