Galco's RifleMann Sling


With hunting season just around the corner, now is the time to get geared up
and start training with new equipment! We all want to make shooting in
the field as easy as we can, and one way to do that is with Galco’s RifleMann

Prolific outdoor writer and hunter Richard Mann came to Galco with a novel
idea for a hunting sling. His rough prototype allowed a hunter/rifleman to use
the sling in three braced positions. The first position is the traditional “hasty”
sling, as often used by the military and hunters. The second is the position
originally used with Galco’s Safari Ching Sling™, as preferred by many shooters.

Lastly, Mann’s original design allows the use of the more recent and modern “military sniper” technique, where the sling wraps around the strong triceps.

Christening the new design the RifleMann Sling, Galco made several
refinements to Mann’s design, allowing easier and simpler use. The addition
of thick padding makes it very comfortable to carry slung over the shoulder
in the field. Upon testing the new sling, Mann proclaimed it, “The best damn
sling I’ve ever used.”

Available in black nylon, the RifleMann Sling retails for $59, and makes a fine
addition to any hunting rifle.

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Mike Barham, Media & PR Manager
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