NOVEMBER 3, 2022

Rossi USA Offers $25 Holiday Rebate

Rossi USA is proud to announce the Holiday Rebate, from November 1, 2022, through January 15, 2023, Rossi rimfire buyers can redeem $25 on all RS22, Gallery, and Rio Bravo Rifles.

To qualify, simply mail in the completed rebate form or online submission along with the product’s UPC code and a dated copy of the receipt or itemized sales invoice. The mailing address is Rossi USA Rebate, Dept. 13008, P.O. Box 5018, Stacy, MN 55078-5018. Rebate participants can pre-qualify online by visiting and check the status of a submitted rebate by going to, or by calling 844-567-8041.

Merging heritage and premium manufacturing with today’s small-bore renaissance is a bold line of Rossi pump-action, lever-action, and semi-auto rimfire rifles. Built on a rugged and ergonomic polymer or wood stock platform, these rifles have exceptional trigger performance for target shooting and small-game in the .22 lr caliber.

For more information on the diverse line of small-bore rifles, visit

About Rossi:

The Rossi revolution of firearm design and manufacturing started with the founding of the company in 1889 by Amadeo Rossi. Over the last 131 years, the Rossi brand represents a piece of firearm history and a tradition of excellence.

Over the years, firearms bearing the Rossi name have led the way in design and engineering, all the while remaining an affordable product without any sacrifice to quality.

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