FEBRUARY 6, 2024

1791 Outdoor Lifestyle Group Adds Revolver Holster Options

Miami, FL - 1791 Outdoor Lifestyle Group, a leading provider of premium leather holsters, EDC

tool organizers, and associated outdoor and sporting goods, is proud to announce new models

of their popular Revolver Holster, in both open-top (RVH) and thumb-break versions (RVHX).

Like all holsters in the RVH and RVHX line, these revolver-specific holsters are designed for

outside the waistband carry (OWB) utilizing a belt loop configuration. Handcrafted using 100%

American heavy native steerhide, new models are available to fit popular medium frame

revolvers with up to 3” barrels.

Handcrafted and molded by leather artisans, the new RVH4.3 and RVHX4.3 holsters will fit the

Colt Python .357/.38 six-shot 3” barrel, the Rossi RP 63 .357 six-shot 3” barrel, and the S&W 686

Plus .357 seven-shot 3", Model 19 .357 six-shot 3“, Model 60 .357 five-shot 3“, and Model 66

.357/.38 six-shot 2.75" revolvers.

The RVH4.3 is an open-top holster offering level 1, passive retention. To draw the revolver,

simply pull up on the firearm with firm pressure to clear the holster. For those looking for an

added level of retention, the RVHX4.3 with its thumb-break design provides level 2 retention,

requiring the user to release the retention snap before drawing the revolver.

The RVH4.3 and RVHX4.3 are designed to be as attractive as they are secure and functional.

Both models are now available in Classic Brown, Stealth Black, Signature Brown, or Vintage

colors, with MSRPs ranging from $61.99 - $71.99. For more information on the entire RVH and

RVHX line and other 1791 Outdoor Lifestyle Group holsters, EDC tool organizers and

accessories, please visit https://1791gunleather.com

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About 1791 Outdoor Lifestyle Group: Based in Miami, FL, 1791 Outdoor Lifestyle Group is a premier

designer, innovator and manufacturer of premium leather holsters, EDC tool organizers, outdoor gear,

and accessories. Combining true old-world craftsmanship with new world applicability, 1791 expertly

crafts leather goods that are as functional as they are attractive.1791 Outdoor Lifestyle Group

1835 NW 21st Terrace, Miami, Florida 33142, U.S.A.


1791 Outdoor Lifestyle group is an ardent supporter of, and passionate about, the Second Amendment.

This goes hand-in-hand with their passion for the art of gunleather and its representation of the original

patriots of this great nation. Housing and protecting coveted firearms with carefully handcrafted

holsters is akin to protecting loved ones and our cherished freedoms.

1791 always uses 100% Certified American, Heavy Native Steerhide, and their team incorporates four

generations of professional leather artisans into the mastery of both beautiful craftsmanship and

functionality found in each holster.

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Matt Foster

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