AUGUST 13, 2019

Odor Crusher Armor Clean Sale

Odor Crusher announces a sale on their Ozone Armor Clean starting August 1st, 2019. The Armor Clean is a complete body armor containment system that is 100% chemical free, designed using an all new and extremely effective battery-powered Ozone Generator developed based on NASA research. Body armor absorbs not only your perspiration and odor but even worse, the constant exposure to unwanted bacteria common in the line of duty. Body armor is typically difficult to clean, until now.

The rechargeable Ozone generator in the Armor Clean Bag eliminates harmful bacteria and odors first responders are exposed to everyday within 30-minutes. The bag is compatible with all ballistic and stab armor carriers and constructed of durable 1000D poly-fabric. The bag comes equipped with the World’s Strongest Coat Hanger, providing a compact cleaning system. Compatible with all ballistic and stab armor carriers, you no longer are required to use water, harsh detergents, or chemicals to clean body armor. The Armor Clean Bag is maintenance free with a 4-hour battery life and a 2-year warranty to ensure you can start every shift with a vest that is clean, safe and odor free.

From August 1st through September 15th, 2019, you can purchase an Ozone Armor Clean Bag for $129.99, a savings of $20 from the regular price of $149.99. For more information, visit

About Odor Crusher

Odor Crusher products feature scent-crushing Ozone Activated Technology based on research from NASA. This type of technology effectively removes all odors from your gear. Odor Crusher ozone generators produce on-demand ozone which is attracted to bacteria, viruses and other contaminants that cause odors. The ozone attacks and kills these odors and bacteria through oxidation, then converts it safely back into oxygen, leaving your gear scent-free.