NOVEMBER 23, 2021

Stephanie Kimmell Now Mag Life Managing Editor

GunMag Warehouse is proud to announce that Stephanie Kimmell has taken on the role of Managing Editor for The Mag Life blog.

Kimmell, a Sigma Tau Delta NEHS member and seasoned SEO Consultant, has previously contributed to a number of publications within and beyond the firearms/tactical industry.

Daniel Shaw, GunMag Warehouse Director of Training and CMO, explains:

“Steph has organically become a force multiplier for The Mag Life blog. She quickly became our go-to for emergency situations that require a high level of quality in a timely manner. There’s no one I’d rather have on our team to help us navigate toward greater success.”

Kimmell will be responsible for the day to day publishing operations of The Mag Life, coordinating the efforts of regular columnists and contributors, and assisting with long-term strategy.

David Reeder, who will continue in his role as Chief Editor, has this to say:

"Stephanie is, in a word, formidable. She's an editorial linchpin who has vastly increased the quality and tempo of our work - and she's responsible for improbable improvements to the team's communication and coordination. I cannot overstate the value of what she has contributed to our success."

Kimmell has already begun her new role. You can liaise with her via email at skimmell(at)gunmagwarehouse.conm.


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