JANUARY 5, 2023

POF-USA Partners With ExpertVoice

Phoenix, AZ Patriot Ordnance Factory Inc., a leading provider and manufacturer of the finest AR-type rifles on the United States commercial market, is pleased to announce a partnership with ExpertVoice. ExpertVoice, an advocacy platform, offers brands a scalable solution to grow awareness and increase sales by educating retail staff through their programs. While the partnership is still in its infancy, POF USA will utilize the ExpertVoices’ tools to further educate their dealer network, effectively turning sales associates into POF brand and product experts.

“From the very beginning, POF has always developed and manufactured industry leading firearm designs that are superior to our competitors in every aspect” stated Jeremy Selting, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, POF-USA. “The partnership with ExpertVoice will help to ensure that our trusted dealer network have the tools that they need in order to win at retail” continued Selting.

ExpertVoice works with brands in the hunting and tactical industry market segments to increase product awareness to drive retail sales. Utilizing their community of over 1 million individuals, a sale associates after passing a brand/product quiz qualify as “Experts”. These Experts, or retail associates, can influence buying decisions by recommending products more frequently to consumers. ExpertVoice targets, empowers, and engages these individuals on behalf of brands to provide specific product education, unique brand training, and product seeding.

Click on the link below to learn how to become a POF-USA product Expert:


All POF-USA product offerings are available for purchase through POF’s authorized dealer network. As has always been, and will always continue to be, all POF-USA products are 100% made in the USA by Patriots, for our Patriots. For more information about the company and product line visit: POF-USA.com

POF-USA is a leading provider and manufacturer of firearms known for revolutionary innovation and radical approaches, yielding the finest AR-type rifles on the market. For the last 20-years, POF-USA has continued to be driven by ingenuity, passion, quality, and a resilient American spirit that will never settle for good-enough. Today, POF-USA continues to be a market leader delivering a portfolio of regulated short-stroke gas piston operating rifles, as well as the newer introductions of direct impingement systems.

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