FEBRUARY 6, 2024

Mathews Announces 2024 Bridge-Lock Stabilizer Contingency Program

Mathews is excited to announce their all-new Bridge-Lock Stabilizer Contingency Program this year, giving both professional archers and amateur competitors the chance to win monetary payouts at ASA, IBO, and NFAA sanctioned events. Hundreds of Pro and Amateur archers will have the opportunity to utilize this program to advance their competitive archery careers.

“From our professional archers to undiscovered amateur competitors, we are proud to honor the world’s best shooters with our new Bridge-Lock Stabilizer Contingency program,” said Pro Staff Manager Derek Phillips.

Contingency program qualifying factors include:

  1. All contingencies will be paid in the value of US dollars after posting of official result by organization
  2. Mathews Bows and Bridge-Lock Stabilizers must be pictured on Podium to earn Contingency.
  3. Must use Bridge-Lock front, side, and connection branded components.
  4. All ties will be split within posted contingency.
  5. Online versions of replacements events will not be recognized for contingency

To learn more about tournament events and payouts, go to Mathewsinc.com/2024-contingency-program.

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