JANUARY 14, 2020

Springfield’s M1A Tanker in March GUNS

The shorty version of the revered M1A from Springfield is ready for anything from farm to field. Will Dabbs, MD, details the M1A Tanker’s efficiency and effectiveness in the March issue of GUNS Magazine.

Hitting the mark for military rifle enthusiasts, or those who want good firepower in a ranch- and vehicle-friendly package, the M1A Tanker sports a 16.25", six-groove carbon steel barrel and a chassis set within a full-length walnut stock. Loaded with 10 rounds of .308 Winchester, it’s a more than capable option for predator control, hunting and self-defense.

Dabbs notes, “With its shortened barrel and efficient muzzle brake, the Springfield Armory M1A Tanker takes everything righteous and wholesome about the classic M1A and shrinks it down to a more manageable length.”

According to David Freeman, the feature-packed 9mm Taurus G3 is “everything you need at a nice price.” The G3 takes the favored specs of the popular Millennium G2 series and enhances it with a larger gun with more capacity. Accurate, reliable and backed by a lifetime guarantee, David suggests, “I don’t believe you would ever regret adding one of these to your arsenal, even if it’s an arsenal of one.”

A handsome TriStar Arms’ Trinity LT Over/Under tops the March Firearms Package Giveaway. The 12-ga. shotgun features a laser-engraved aluminum receiver wrapped in Turkish walnut and sports 28" chrome-lined barrels. Additional prizes include a MEC Sizemaster single-stage reloader from MEC Outdoors, Pachmayr Blacktail folder knife and a firearm display safe from InvictaSafe. The combined value of the package is $1,858.98.

Readers are invited to enter the free drawing at www.gunsmagazine.com/giveaways.

More highlights from the March issue include “How To Keep Shootin’ Part 1: Handguns” — when age becomes an adversary there are options as John Taffin explains in Campfire Tales. In the Shotguns installment, Mossberg’s 590A1 Retrograde delivers back-to-basics firepower with the accuracy to defend your castle. And Frank Jardim praises American Tactical Imports’ Galeo — a recreation of the classic Galil in the Surplus & Tactical column.

In the March Online Exclusive (available at www.gunsmagazine.com), John Taffin highlights “Two Ruger Tens: 10mm SR1911 & Super Redhawk.” Digital subscriptions and the March issue are available for purchase at www.fmgpubs.com.

GUNS Magazine celebrates its 65th anniversary in 2020 — look for rediscovered articles from the past and new episodes from the recently launched the GUNS Magazine Podcast (available on Apple iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify and gunsmagazine.com/podcast/).