MAY 14, 2019

Ruger’s SR1911 Competition Pistol In July/August Handgunner

“I think Ruger has a real winner here for we mere mortals,” pronounces Publisher Roy Huntington of Ruger Custom Shop’s debut entry into the 1911 market — andAmerican Handgunner’s July/August cover gun — the 9mm SR1911 Competition Pistol.

Along with Doug Koenig, the Ruger Custom Shop designed the competition-inspired 1911 with the looks and features expected in this platform: a stainless steel body and black nitride finish, 25 LPI checkering, G10 Piranha grips by Hogue and a Koenig Shooting Sports low-mass hammer.

Roy lends, “For any weekend competitor, local match shooter and even for some regional events, [it] represents a package essentially turnkey. … And truthfully, it’s a nice gun for any sort of shooting. It’s a beautifully fitted, accurate, easy-shooting American classic — built by an American classic of a gun company.”

The new Springfield XD(M) 10mm delivers plenty of power in an ultra-modern pistol platform. Will Dabbs, MD delivers the details on the XD(M)’s “unambiguous” stopping power after running both the 4.5" and Competition (5.2") test models through a compulsory range session. “We endlessly debate the details, but I literally cannot imagine a better tool for a full-bore gunfight,” he maintains.

Topping the impressive prizes in the issue’s Handgun Of The Month giveaway is a Les Baer 1911 Premier II Heavyweight. The .45 ACP boasts a double serrated slide, speed trigger and Commander hammer and sear. The winner will also receive a CRKT Seismic knife, D35 V2.0 Digital Camo flashlight from Fenix and a Camelbak Sparta bag. Combined, the package is valued at more than $2,700. Readers are encouraged to enter the drawing online for free by

More standouts of the issue discuss the palette of color and finish options available for a truly customized pistol. From Cerakote to color case hardening, Greg Derr paints the big picture in the Pistolsmithing column. Knowing just how painful loading moon clips can be, Jeff “Tank” Hoover shares a homemade remedy to save your digits in the latest Guncrank Diaries entry. Ever heard of a “pocket dump?” The online phenomenon encourages like-minded souls to share photos of their daily carry assortment. Roy Huntington gets in on the fun with a mix of micro, mini, medium and even “mondo” EDC options in The Insider.

Exclusively online, you’ll find David Freeman’s “Trigger Nometry: Slap ’Em, Squeeze ’Em, Press ’Em — Triggers Demystified,” and Wayne Van Zwoll’s “The Devil By Another Name. Words Matter. When are ‘Operators’ Simply ‘Handgunners’ — Or ‘Riflemen’?” Discover more by logging on Digital subscriptions and the July/August issue are available for purchase at Kindle and digital versions are also available.

CONTACT: Michael O. Humphries